Friday, October 8, 2010

The Kitchen

This week at Kelly's Korner  is Kitchens. I'm ready for new floors & counters. Sadly, Dean needs some convincing. Hopefully, we'll be able to make it happen. This is our corner pantry. The opening to the left goes into the dining room.
I love the corner sink. This is at the front of the house so we can always see what's going on outside. I bought the flower arrangement at Kirkland's & added the hydrangea's to it.
This is a piece I got a couple of weeks ago. I got the pumpkins at Hob Lob.
This is the kitchen & breakfast area from the end of the kitchen closest to the dining room.
These cabinets are between the fridge & the pantry. I've been thinking about making those doors glass front because those are the cabinets that have a lot of stemware. I need to do something with the lamp cord too.
This is one of my favorite things in the kitchen. It hangs next to the windows in the breakfast area.
A closeup of the cute little spider candle holder. I got these at Kirkland's after Halloween last year.
I'm also sick of the placemats. I'd like a runner but I haven't found one that I like. I've been throwing the idea around of attempting to make one. We'll see.
I seem to have a problem take pictures straight!
We put all of the corks from our wine in this jar.
Our server. The picture is another R.C. Davis print. The candy corn candy dish also came from Kirkland's. Sorry for the horrible glare. I couldn't get a good picture.
Still a glare but you can tell it's a swamp scene. I love R.C. Davis prints because there are all sorts of hidden things in the pictures. A butterfly here, a bird there. Just really neat.
That's our kitchen. I'm planning to paint the cabinets but I need to do a bit more research before I take on that job. It's not going to be easy.



  1. You decorate your home so beautifully, Traci. The kitchen is no exception. The picture reminds me of the Everglades in FL or maybe just swamps in Louisiana?...Christine

  2. What are you gonna do with all those corks? I really like your island.

  3. I love your kitchen Traci, it's beautiful! Your window treatments are so pretty, the whole kitchen is beautiful. Love the way you have it decorated!

  4. I LOVE everything about your kitchen, Traci! The corner window treatments are beautiful! I like your giant "B". Where did you get your big "B". I'm a B, too and love it! Your centerpiece is very, very, very pretty, too! =) I just adore your whole kitchen! And since you decorated it I guess I adore you, too!
    Have a great day!

  5. Of course, it came from Hobby Lobby!! And of course, California doesn't have one. Haha! I'll enjoy looking at it in your kitchen! Thanks for getting back to me on that. =)

  6. I love having the sink in a corner window...I would love to have that!!!

  7. Hi Traci! I love your kitchen! Your window treatments over the sink are gorgeous! So fun to see more of your lovely home!