Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Break

Unintentional but a break nonetheless. There really hasn't been much going on. Working out, eating, work, start over. 

Last week I managed 3 runs & a couple of workouts. 

I'm trying not to pay attention to pace because it's HOT. Like really, really hot. Yes at 4:52 in the morning it's hot. 90% humidity, over 70 dew point. Just miserable.  That would also be why only 4 miles was ran. 

Friday night we went to Caliente with some of the group. It's been awhile since we were all together so that was fun. 

Saturday, I did some shopping with my friend Suzy. She had surgery on her Achilles & is in a cast & can't drive so I played chauffeur. We had lunch at Mellow Mushroom. It was so good! I love their pizza crust. 

Saturday night we had friends over to plan our trip to Napa. 

Planning a trip to Napa has to involve wine. We're going in October. 

Dean takes trip planning very serious. Everyone loves vacationing with Dean because he does all the thinking! All we have to do is pack & show up.

A sign of a good night!

Monday morning I got myself out of bed & managed 5 miles. It was hot but better than last week. Thank goodness!

I don't know why my watch says yesterday. This was today. I must have hit something. Cindy is training for a triathlon & hates to run but she needed to do some intervals so I went with her. My plan was to just walk but I ended up doing the intervals with her. Run a minute walk a minute after a mile warm up. The time definitely goes by faster doing intervals & having a friend. 

Next up for us is a trip next week to Boston & New York. I've never been to either & I CANNOT wait!