Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm pretty sure I've mentioned about 8,954 times how hot it is. The truth is, it hasn't been brutally hot until the last couple of weeks'.We've had a unseasonably, not crazy hot summer for the most part but geeze when it gets crazy hot, it's hot! I had a 7 mile run scheduled for Saturday & I knew I had to get started early. Friday night was a quiet night, just Dean & I & Cindy & Brad went to Caliente. I drank water all night & went to bed early. The clock was going off at 5:30.

So 11:05 average per mile was slower than last weeks 6 mi. but that's ok. The heat was bad. I think Saturday I'll be getting up earlier.

There aren't usually any interesting sights to see on my runs. I run through my subd. & check out which houses are for sale. There's the usual roadkill - armadillos,squirrels & possums but that's about the extent of it. Until Saturday.
That would be a crawfish with one claw. It was making its way across the street. He either escaped before being thrown in a pot of boiling water or was dropped from the mouth of a bird. I'm going with the bird thing because it's not really crawfish season & since he only had one claw that lends itself to the bird theory.I don't think I've mentioned lately, I HATE BIRDS! Sorry if that offends anyone but you know that whole to each his own thing. So yeh that was the highlight of my run.

Next up was some weed pulling. Seriously, we could employ a gardener & I don't think he'd ever run out of things to do. I honestly believe when we pull one weed, several sprout in its place. It's exhausting. Did I mention we were under a heat advisory? The weed pulling didn't last too long & I got in the pool to cool off. Thank goodness for the pool. After lunch I took a nap.We didn't have any plans for the rest of the day so I didn't have to wake up to get ready for anything. I had a delightful 3 hour nap. That may be my favorite part of half marathon training. I sleep really really good!

Once I woke up it was back in the pool & Dean grilled steaks. One problem with half training is that I'm ALWAYS hungry. Well, that's the case when I'm not training too. Anyway, my most favorite food in the whole world is french fries. I think I could eat them every single day & not get tired of them.

I had them with my steak. YUMMO!

Since we didn't go to Mass Saturday we got up early & went Sunday morning & had breakfast after at Another Broken Egg.

They had a really good latte! I had this egg scramble thing that had veggies, ham & bacon bits in it & a side of grits. It was delicious!!!

We didn't have any plans Sunday either. I may or may not have taken another nap but it was much shorter than 3 hours.

Dean cooked this on the grill

It's a drunk chicken. When I walked in the kitchen & saw this it kinda freaked me out. The first thing I thought of was the Thanksgiving Friends episode that Joey puts the turkey on his head. It was good but still weird.

I had to increase my mileage this week.

4.5 miles on Monday. I've been keeping up with the August 30 Day Challenge I'm participating in & also throwing in a couple of weight workouts.

Wednesday's run. It wasn't quite as hot as Monday & I went a tad faster but I felt sick when I finished. After about 10 minutes I was ok.

Yesterday, we booked our hotel for the half marathon. Now I just have to register for the race itself. I was waiting to make sure I was going to be able to do it & the price doesn't increase for a couple of weeks so I just haven't done it. I did see that there is a 10 mile option so if I don't feel like I'm ready for 13.1 I can do it.

I saw this somewhere yesterday & it made me laugh.

HAHAHA! I think most of us can relate to that right?!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Working Out

I like to post about my workouts because I can easily look back & see how I've progressed. Last week I followed the training plan for the Half Marathon that I used last year. I'm using Hal Higdon's Novice 1. I could probably move up from novice but I'm not going to. I haven't looked at the differences. I may switch when I train for the January race but I'm actually hoping that between Oct. & Jan.  I'll just keep doing a long run on the weekend so I won't have to start over.

Last week I had (2) 4 mile runs. I did those on Monday & Wednesday. I like the Mon., Wed. schedule because that gives me 2 rest days before my Saturday long run.  Thursday afternoon I went for a bike ride.

9.5 miles. I'm not going for crazy fast with these bike rides. I go fast enough to get my heart rate up & burn some calories.

Saturday's long run was 6 miles.

It was hot & I had all sorts of issues before I started. Mainly contact problems. Some days it just takes a little while to get them in & then one was bothering me. I decided to see how far I could go without looking at my watch. Some days looking at the watch makes the run seem slower, sometimes it doesn't bother me. The first time I looked at it I was at 4 miles. Yay! I looked again at 4.94. I looked again when I thought I was getting pretty close to 6 miles & was shocked to see I was at 6.1. I was planning to go to boot camp after but I had so many issues getting started that I would've been pushing it to get there on time & I was sooooo hot that I decided to just skip it. I got in the pool for awhile to cool off & it was delightful.

Once I got out of the pool I put on my compression socks & took a nap. I LOVE these socks. They really feel good. I ordered a pair of Calf Sleeves so I can wear them to work in the summer. I may like those better than the socks just because they're easier to get on.

I've also been keeping up with the 30 day challenge. It requires a ton of squats & my knees weren't loving that so I do squats some days & the rest of the time I do leg lifts or something.

I was up bright & early Monday morning for my run.
Another 4 miles & at a decent pace.

I didn't end up running Wednesday because I made the mistake of taking a Mucinex at noon with my lunch Tuesday. It's the only medicine that doesn't completely knock me out. So much so that I was wide awake at 1:00 am, 2:05 am, 3:00 am & 3:40 am. Around 3:45 I made the executive decision that if I wasn't awake on my own at 4:30-4:45 I wasn't running. Thankfully, I fell asleep & at 5:30 when I really needed to get up I didn't.  I slept another 20 minutes & then had to wear a ponytail to work. Oh well. I didn't make the same mistake yesterday. I took the meds at 6:30 with breakfast & you know what?? I STILL felt them this morning when I got up. It's so crazy the way I react to medicine. I wouldn't take it at all but I have stopped up ears that lead to me being dizzy so I have to do something.

I ran but I swear every step felt like I was running through jello.

My time reflected that too. Good grief! But hey, I got it done & that's what's important. I decided again to see how long I could go before looking at my watch - 4.11 miles. I'll take it.

Anyone training for anything??


Monday, August 18, 2014

The Weekend

Friday night was just like any other Friday night - Caliente with our crew. Everyone wasn't able to make it but we had a good time. We sat & talked until almost 10:00. Not a big deal except we got there at 6:30....

Saturday, Dean & I went to Mass & afterwards headed downtown. Scott & Lydia were running a 5K & Logan was going to do the fun run.

He was ready! He cracks me up. He stretched & did jumping jacks & ran around. We tried to tell him he was going to be worn out by the time the race started but he's 5 so you know how that went. The race was on top of the levee. That's the USS Kid behind Logan. He loved seeing the "big boat" & all the water.

At most of the races they blow an air horn to start the race. Logan is NOT a fan. He made Lydia ask the race director if there was a horn so he would know if he needed to cover his ears.

I LOVE this picture. The expression on his face says it all. He's SOOOO intense when it comes to racing. He gets it from his daddy. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body & was telling everyone that he came in 4th place. We're not exactly sure if that's true but he's got it in his head that he was. I wouldn't be surprised if he was counting people as he passed them.

After his race we watched his mom & dad.

That would be my brother. He finished 2nd in his age group. It's rare that he doesn't do really good in a race. It's so annoying....

Lydia did really well too.

Logan had a good time just sitting on the side cheering for all of the 5K runners. It was so cute to watch him clap & holler. If you remember he had signs for me when I did Rocketchix. Well, when they were getting in the car to go to the race he asked his mama where was his sign? So, note to self, next race make a sign for Logan!

After the race we took him for pizza & he came home & spent the night with us. I slept with him because I was scared he would wake up & not know where he was. I only got hit in the face once which apparently is unheard of when sleeping with him. I woke up Sat. morning nose to nose with a little face saying "tante, wake up" when I asked why he said "because it's morning!".

We brought him to eat beignets for breakfast. A few weeks ago he reminded me of the last time we took him to eat beignets. I have no idea how he remembers because it was a year and a half ago. He told me he wanted to go there again.

We had beignet fingers because they're a little easier to eat & a an order of regular beignets.

Of course he wanted the biggest beignet we had. He had powdered sugar all over him. After that we stopped at the store to do our grocery shopping. Dean thinks Logan will be an attorney when he grows up. The kid is a master negotiator. Dean told him he could have 2 hot wheels & he ended up with 3 and a Hershey bar!

Once we got home we watched some TV & went swimming.

He has absolutely no fear of the water & he's a great swimmer.

He jumped & dove & flipped & then he had Dean jumping with him & throwing him all over the pool. Dean was tired, Logan was not. Sadly, it started raining so it cut the afternoon a little short but we had a great time. Before he left Logan said "spending the night at Tante & Nonke's is so fun". What more can you ask for??


Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Weekend

I can say I've officially started Half Marathon training. I realized that it's going to interfere with some 5K's I was planning to do. Being that it's so hot I have to do my long runs on Saturday or Sunday so I can run early. I don't have time to run long before work. It's really time I retire. Working full time really gets in the way of a lot of things I'd like to do. Anyway, I won't be able to waste a Saturday run on just a 5K. How funny is it that I'm saying "just a 5K"??? So Wednesday was my second 3.5 mi. run of the week.

I'm trying to do more cross training this time around. The stronger you are the less injuries.
Thursday I went for a bike ride. It was the first ride with my new shoes & pedals.

9.26 miles. It was soooo hot. Good Lord! I realized something on this ride. I must remember to wash off my mascara before going for a ride. By the time I got home I looked like a raccoon & I had burning eyes. Another issue I had was the stupid dirt daubers, dirt divers, whatever. I think everyone calls them something different. Anyway, they're especially bad in our area this summer. Well, when I went to put air in my tires they'd made nests inside the little holes of my air pump that attaches to the stem of the tire. I spent 10 minutes with a safety pin getting it all out. So annoying & gross!

I came across this the other day & it spoke to me. I've had some drama with a so called friend recently who has decided she's not interested in being my friend anymore.

When I read this I realized how true it is & how much better off I am not having to deal with her.

After work Friday I stopped & got my nails done. I've been going to a new place the last few times & I really like them. They're faster with the fake nails, cheaper & do a better pedi. Hot stones included in their basic pedi!!

Friday night was our usual routine of Caliente with some of our neighbors. Here's a question - is anyone friends with their neighbors? Do you at least know your neighbors? Just wondering because we were talking about how we're all such good friends & some of our other friends think it's weird that we even know our neighbors names much less are friends.

Saturday the clock was set for 6:00 & I hoped to be out the door before 6:30. As luck would have it I woke up all by myself about 5:45. I was hoping to run 5 miles. The most I've ran in months was 3.5 because I'd been training for Rocket Chix. I'm following the same training plan I did for the other 2 Half's but I skipped the first week due to time constraints. I have just enough weeks to get trained for the October Half if I started with week 2. I thought I could do it but I was a little unsure because of how hot it was. Although, I started my training in August last year so I knew it could be done. They say running is so mental & I can attest to that.  
I ran 5 mi. YAY! I did bring water & drank frequently. It helped. 5 mi., in 53:41 min. I finished a little ways from home on purpose so I'd be sure to get in a good cool down. I walked 1.12 miles. I walked straight in the house got a grape Powerade Zero (my favorite) & got in the pool.

Some friends that I used to work with at The Advocate invited me to a free boot camp they go to. I wasn't sure about going after running but they assured me it's as hard core as you want it to be & nobody is going to yell if you can't/don't want to do something. Not to mention it's free! It's at a park & the guy that leads it is a trainer & owns a bunch of Anytime Fitness' in town. I'm so glad I went. It was a lot of fun. We worked out for 30 mins. & then they talked about nutrition for 30 mins. & gave us tips & answered questions. I'll definitely go back.

By the time I got home it was lunch & nap time! Dean says I should have so much energy from working out that I shouldn't need all of these naps. I don't think I really need the naps, it more like a reward for all of my hard work. I really enjoy sleeping.

Saturday night we were going to a wine dinner. The Knights of Columbus at our church were hosting it. We went last year & it was a lot of fun. This year would be better because the food was being catered by a restaurant in town that I love, Ruffino's. The food was amazing! Crab cheesecake, penne pasta, fried eggplant, stuffed artichokes, eggplant parmesan, bread pudding, chocolate beignets & gelato! So so so good!!

I've learned a few things from hanging out with the twenty somethings - how to take a picture! Always put a hand on your hip. Something about it breaking up your body & you look thinner! Also, stick your neck out. It feels awkward but you in the picture it'll will keep you from having a double chin! Dean thinks it's the funniest thing ever which is why we have the silly pic above.

And the normal one!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Catching Up....Again

Here lately I seem to be behind all the time. Oh well. Last week was pretty much a fail when it comes to exercise. I really tried to get up early every day but it just didn't happen. I was tired. I always feel better when I work out but I have to be able to crawl out of bed. 
I managed one run last week & that was Wednesday. Thursday we didn't really have anything to eat so we went to Walk On's. I did good with water & grilled shrimp salad but then this happened.

That would be Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding. It was really good. My plan was to only have a bite but of course that didn't happen. Oh well!  You can see Dean's hands in the picture as he patiently waits for me to take the picture. HA!

Friday Dean worked late so I went to Caliente with the usual suspects. 

Saturday & Sunday was a state tax free weekend so I took advantage of it. These are my new clip shoes.

I was happy to find a decent looking pair in my size. These have purple accents. This is what the bottom of the shoes look like after they put the pedal attachment on.

This is what the pedals look like.  Not that anyone is really interested in this but I was amazed the first time I saw it.

My first experience with clip shoes & pedals was when I was borrowing a bike from Cindy before I bought mine. It wasn't pretty. I didn't fall but that was only because I couldn't get clipped in. Cindy said there was an issue with those so I was hoping for a better outcome with mine. I put the shoes on yesterday & clipped in  & out my first try. I did a quick little ride down the street & was able to clip in & out while riding. It was all very exciting!!

Saturday night we ate at Lava Cantina. The food was good & my mango margarita was delish!
Deann's was called the Smooth Criminal. It was strawberry/banana.

I'm participating in another August challenge but I'm not sure how much of it will get done because I officially started my half marathon training today. I ended up skipping it Friday & Saturday & yesterday was supposed to be a rest day so I did the Saturday workout along with some weights & today I'm sore.

This morning I ran. 

3.5 mi.done!