Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Today is Outdoor Wednesday at always has great pictures on her blog & lots of people participate.

I took these Saturday when I was at  LSU with my sis-in-law & nephew. The ducks came out of nowhere & put on a little show. It was fun to see Logan staring at them wondering what the heck they were doing! This is one of my favorite pics.

After a few minutes of taking pictures of Logan, I looked up & here came this little family.

How cute is this?

These guys weren't the least bit scared of us. They just walked out of the water & hung out.  That one with the turquoise tail I thought was pretty.

I think this one was on crack or something the way he was acting. His hair was all messed up too.

I'm not a duck expert. Not even close. The only experience I have with them is watching them at the zoo when I was a kid & watching them run around  Dean's parents yard.  So, can somebody tell me if this duck is normal? That red on its face just doesn't look right to me & it was on the faces of those two in the above picture but it wasn't as bad. I didn't know if was a disease or some sort of contagious infection?? It was actually kinda gross looking.  I wonder if they need antibiotics???

I'll leave you with one last pic that I think is just sooo adorable.
Yeh, I know I'm biased!!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I Learned At Lunch

Today I had lunch with my friends at work, Aaron & Stan & my boss Dean. Sidenote - my boss & hubby have the same name, first AND last. Weird, I know. Anyway, we all went to a little Mexican place by the office. I had a taco salad & it was really good.

Somehow our conversation led to some random things. I have a knack for remembering ridiculous amounts of useless information that I'll never do anything with. This lunch provided me with even more useless info. Bright colored birds are male while the duller colored ones are female. Black birds, you know the ones that fly around everywhere, can be eaten.  Why you'd want to is beyond me. If you dig a hole when there's a full moon & put the dirt back in the hole, you'll have too much dirt or if you do it with a new moon, you won't have enough dirt to fill it up. Again, why anyone would do this is beyond me. If you go to the trouble of digging a hole chances are you have something to put in it & it's not the dirt you just dug out. Although, it does make me wonder if this is actually true. I said it was random.

Speaking of birds, I have a bird problem. We have too many of them. Those little black birds that I spoke of earlier. They land on the top of the columns in front of my house & build nests, have baby birds & poop down the front of my columns. They've even pecked a hole at the top of one column. I need to figure out a way to stop this. I'm willing to put out a bird feeder & bird bath if they'd stay away from the columns but I kinda doubt that would work. I don't know how smart or cooperative birds are. Someone suggested I put out the bird feeder because it would attract the squirrels which would keep away the birds. Someone else told me to put speakers at the top of each column & when they hear the talking they freak out & leave. Speakers? Seriously? That sounds like an awful lot of trouble to go to for birds. When I was watching Steel Magnolias the other night I did wish I could just sit in the yard & shoot at them like Drum did. That's how much it irritates me. I could deal with the nests but the poop is driving me crazy!

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride. I decided to do that since I haven't gotten new shoes yet. That wasn't very smart. It didn't feel cold but it was windy & riding a bike in the wind isn't good when you have sensitive sinuses. I rode for 30 minutes & went home. Then I had a pounding headache the rest of the night. At least I did some sort of exercise.

It's been a slow week so that's all for now.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

"We just live our life & move on"

Says the 11 yr. old, McKenzie. She lives next door to me & Amelia-Ann  lives next door on the other side. They came to bring us banana nut bread. You may remember that McKenzie made the best king cake I've ever had. She loves to bake & is really, really good at it. We sat & talked for awhile. They filled me in on everything going on at school & on the bus & what their plans are this week being that it's spring break. Amelia-Ann knows all so she keeps me updated on the goings on of Church, the neighborhood & school. I really enjoy their visits. Amelia-Ann also goes to bat for me with Dean for what I've now dubbed "The Great Puppy Debate". I want a puppy, Dean doesn't. Amelia-Ann wants a puppy, her parents don't. It would be in her best interest for me to get one. At one point awhile back she even told him she'd give him $200 to go towards the puppy. Once he explained to her that money isn't the issue she changed tactics. Tonight she told him she'd pick up the poo 4 days a week.

Today was such a pretty day! I went to 7:00 Mass & then came home & enjoyed a nap. I needed a nap because I didn't go to sleep until midnight last night because I got sucked into the greatness that is "Steel Magnolia's". Love, love, love that movie!! Not long after I got up Dean made it home from his fishing trip. I did some picking up around the house  & we ate lunch (fried fish & french fries, yum). I did our weekly grocery shopping & then went for a walk. I'm not sure how far I walked. I'm going to drive it & see. I know it was over 2 miles so I think that's good. I think I may need new shoes though. HAHAHAHA!! Anyone who knows me is laughing! Any excuse to buy new shoes!! Seriously, this morning when I got up my back was hurting a little & then while I was walking my feet were starting to hurt & I never used to have that problem. I didn't carry Logan around a lot yesterday so we can't blame him. I think it's the shoes so I cut my walk a little short. I've got to get some good music too.  I was using the Pandora app on my iPhone & about every second song is one I don't like. I've downloaded a few songs but I'm having a problem getting music from my laptop to my phone. I don't know what the deal is. I'm really confused because the music I  have on my laptop was stuff that I bought on my phone & then when I synced  the phone & laptop, all the music went to the laptop & is no longer on the phone. I've spent a good while, like 45 mins., on the iPhone website trying to figure it out & still nothing. That's a big deal for me. I'm the type of person that buys something new & just starts using it & figures it out as I go. Generally, this leads to me only using a few of the options available. I hate reading directions.  Technology is just not my thing. I guess I'll ask someone.

Towards the end of my walk I stopped at my friend Veronica's. I hadn't seen them in awhile & they were home which is a miracle in itself because she has 4 kids! One of them always has somewhere to be. Veronica's little girl, Abigail, is our Godchild. I hung out with them for a little while. Here's the little princess! Her twin brother Gavin wasn't interested in taking pictures. Come to think of it, neither was Abby. That's why this picture looks like it does. Oh Well!!

So, Dean was telling me about the fishing trip & he said that yesterday afternoon they watched "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days". SERIOUSLY??? I LOVE that movie. Like it's probably my favorite. It has Kate Hudson & McConaughey. I love them both & want them to get married. HOWEVER, I find it very odd that 4 men are at a fishing camp & that's what they chose to watch. How funny is that??



Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Walk on the Wild Side"

That was this years theme for the American Heart Association Heart Walk which was today. I joined my sis-in-law Lydia's work team. It was a beautiful day & not too hot or too cold. Lydia pulled Logan in his wagon & we did the 3 mi. walk. There were tons of people there. Even Subway Jared was there! I'm hoping this is the jumpstart I need to do some sort of exercise program. Here's Logan as we start the walk. He loves his wagon!

Logan is very busy as I've said before. By the end of the walk I was carrying 3 bottles of water & a pair of Crocs & his mama had a bottle of water & his little hat. All objects started out on Logan or in his wagon & at some point they ended up being thrown into the street for Tante (me) to pick up. I've played this game before so I know better than to give the stuff back to him!!

When we got back to the tent area there were snacks. Smoothie King had smoothies, Subway had sandwiches & there was jambalaya. Logan even had a snack.

I know he doesn't appear to be very happy but he LOVED the strawberry popsicle thingy.
This is me, Lydia & Logan once we finished the walk.

Logan had on his AG "Walk On The Wildside" t-shirt but this was taken after his 1st wardrobe change. Logan was having a photo shoot after the walk since it was such a pretty day.

 I love this picture except for the milky drool. He's still so adorable! Logan's Aunt Sista was doing his photo shoot & I was taking pictures of the photo shoot. Somebody had to be around to capture stuff like this!

This is one of my favorites! We took some pictures at the new Alex Box Stadium. There's a big bronze tiger in front of the stadium. Here he's got the tiger by the tail! I think he looks soooo cute with his little hat on backwards!!

Once the shoot was over I came home & mama & daddy came over. We had Canes for lunch. Soooo good!!!! We watched the LSU game. They won last night & swept the doubleheader today. It's great to get a sweep on the road!.

I don't have anything planned for tomorrow besides Church. Dean left yesterday on a fishing trip & he'll be home sometime tomorrow. I should probably clean house!! I hope everyone had a great Saturday like me!


It's Relevant Cause I Don't Know

Today was another good start to the weekend. I had lunch with my friends at work Stan & Aaron at The Chimes. I've been craving crab cakes for several weeks & I was finally able to have them today. They were soooo good. Being Catholic in the South is never a sacrifice during Lent!!

After work I went to the mall. I need to pick up something for Logan for Easter. I can't show it here because his mom reads the blog & lets face it, he's 10 mos. old so it's as much a gift for mama as it is for Logan. I had some coupons for Penney's so I went to see what I could find. I got this cute Liz Claiborne top.

The color doesn't show up very good in the picture but it's purple. I can wear it to work or I can wear it with shorts or jeans. Very versatile. Regular price was $36 & by the time I used my coupons I got it for $16. I don't remember what brand this one is.

I think it's just a store brand but I thought it was so cute with the embellishments on the shoulders. It's a pretty blue coloer. This one was regular $30 & I got it for $10.50. Not a bad deal.

I went to Borders & picked up a couple of books. Once again I had a coupon, Border bucks & a gift card! After my shopping trip I was off to the big city of Watson for our book club get together. Watson is kinda far out but from the mall I'd say it's a 30 min. drive. Well, on a Friday evening it turns out to be an hour & 15 min. drive. Needless to say I was late. Lucky for me we're the worst book club ever so it doesn't matter. We had lots of good food, crab dip, cheese & these fabulous little pinwheels. I'd eaten two when I realized that what I was eating wasn't seafood. Yeh, it was bacon & ham. Hmmm. I didn't eat anymore & figured it was ok since I didn't realize what I was eating.

As usual getting together with this group leads to a lot of laughs. Like a whole lot. I think I laughed off all the calories I consumed. We did talk about books but somehow we always get off track. I'm not sure how it happens. We always start off so well & then BOOM! Someone is talking about "being Jewish or just Jew-ish?", someone else is commenting about someone being prettier from "the head up", someone says they "want to kill Nicholas Sparks because his books make you cry & cry & then drink because you've cried so much" & yes, someone did utter the phrase "It's Relevant Cause I don't Know". The next thing you know people are being recruited for a Yoga class. Very weird but very fun! This is Adrienne & Brea.

 This is me & Andrea. She's the funniest person I know & I would love to be her in my next life. You cannot be around Andrea without laughing yourself into a stupor. HI-LARIOUS!!!!!!

Here's a picture of Wendy. She has 3 weeks left until we all get to meet little Emily Hope. In the last 2 weeks Wendy all of sudden looks pregnant. Her entire pregnancy she hasn't looked but a teensy bit preggo & now look! It's the weirdest thing. She's very excited!

I'm going to bed now. I get to see Logan in the morning!!!

Nite Nite!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Edward Wouldn't Want Me!!

The last couple of days have been great. That's sarcasm if you didn't know. Yesterday, was that yearly check up thing that's always a barrel of laughs. Today I had to have some routine blood work done. I'm not afraid of needles. Blood? Yeh, not a fan but needles I've always been ok with. That is until the last several years. Having gone through fertility treatments, blood work is a necessary evil & I now HATE it & needles. Luckily, I don't have to have it done often. The last time I had a lady that I thought just wasn't very good. It really hurt & it hurt worse when she took the needle out than it did going in. Today, I was very happy to not see that lady. UNTIL I see the words "Student Phlebotomist". Oh boy. I'm not saying that she wouldn't know what she was doing but it made me a little nervous because there is sometimes a problem finding a vein. I give her my right arm & tell her how happy I am that the other lady isn't doing it. I wanted her to see I had faith in her! Well, she sticks me  & it really hurt but I was ok. It sure seemed to be stuck in my arm for a long time. That's when she says "um" UM? WTH?? "It looks like we're going to have to go with the other arm". Why is that exactly?? "it stopped". Stopped? What stopped? "the blood".  What exactly does that mean? It means that the blood just stopped flowing. Just stopped, nada, nothing. Interesting. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. The other time I thought it was operator error but apparently it's my weird body. This is so strange to me. Last year when I had a biopsy I bled like someone stabbed me & now when they need blood, nothing. I'm a fan of the Twilight books & I always leaned to Team Jacob. It's a good thing because Edward wouldn't be interested since apparently I don't have enough blood! So what happens with the quarter of a vile that she got? It gets trashed because apparently you can't add blood from the other arm to it. Whatever. We moved to my other arm, I get stuck & it hurt bad again. She took 2 viles, taped up both arms & I was free to go but "carry your purse with your other arm".

We went to eat tonight at VooDoo BBQ. It was really good! I'm so ready for it to be Friday at 4:30.

I'm watching Grey's now & can it be any bloodier? I'm not liking the flashbacks either.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday's Suck

Of course having an awful Monday is better than the alternative but it's hard to remember that when you have a day like I have. I hate having bad days & I hate complaining about it because I know I'm a very lucky, blessed person that lives a wonderful life. BUT today wasn't good. I've been sniffing, sneezing & coughing all day. My eyes are all watery & I'll be passing out soon because I took a Benadryl. Everything is getting a little blurry already.  It seems like I just got over this. I'm sick of being sick. It probably has something to do with this weather. I'm not going to bore you by posting about how much I hate cold weather. We've been there, done that. I'm not going to talk about how yesterday morning when we left for Mass at 6:30 the temperature was at least 30 degrees colder than it was at 10:30 Saturday night when we got home or how the wind was blowing approximately 50 mph & chilled you to the bone. Luckily, this afternoon it was a balmy 70 degrees when I left work. Supposedly, the cold weather should be gone.  I'll believe it when I see it. To think I was considering a pedicure Saturday since it looked like it was flip flop weather. Oh flip flops how I love thee!!! I have 2 really cute new pair too.

Back to the bad day. 5 people were laid off today. While I wasn't affected it's still scary & sad. I hate to see people lose their jobs & as much as I complain about working I don't want to lose mine. Not because I'm one of those people that just loves my job but because the thought of looking for another job makes me sick to my stomach. I have some great friends at work too that I would miss.

So finally the work day was over. Yay, I could go home. Apparently, there are lots of people driving around town that don't feel the same way I do & they don't want to get home as fast as humanly possible. Yes, I'm talking about you, guy in the little SUV like car that sat through a green light waiting to make a left turn when there was NOBODY anywhere near you but waited for the green arrow. I'm sure the look he gave me in his side mirror was to show me he was boss & not moving if he didn't want to. You know what? I don't care, I blew my horn 'cause that's how I roll!!!

Then there's the school zone. I don't know who is in charge of setting the school zone lights but they're not doing a very good job. Everybody knew when the time was changing so why is it at 4:45 in the afternoon, the lights are blinking when the sign clearly says the school zone ends at 4:00? What's even more frustrating is that going the opposite direction they fixed the sign the other day.

When I got home I found yet another piece of mail from the federal government. This time it's a post card. Any idea what it said??? It said that I should've received my census paperwork in the mail a few days ago & to please fill it out & mail it back otherwise I'd be arrested. This brought me to question just how serious they are about enforcing the arrest thing. Filling out the form is no big deal but I'm curious. I suggested to Dean that we not fill it out & just see if they will actually come arrest us. I really don't think they will. If they do then once we're bailed out or whatever we can go on Sean Hannity's show & talk about how ridiculous it is when all the riff raff is running around breaking the law killing people & such, the feds are arresting us for not answering a few questions. Dean quickly squashed this idea.

So while all of this isn't really, really horrible & I know there are people out there much worse off than me,, it is a bad day for me & I'm glad I'm home!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Met Monday

A few weeks ago I made some Easter/Spring Wreaths for cousins/friends Cassie & Leslie. I  forgot to take before pictures but I just used the olive branch wreaths & silk flowers & things I found at Hobby Lobby. The colors didn't show up very good in the pictures but you get the general idea.

This is Cassie's wreath. It's all pinks & greens & I used 2 different types of ribbons to make the bow. I fixed the Easter eggs so that they can be taken out of the wreath after Easter to make it a spring wreath. It doesn't show up to well but I have some cute little green butterflies attached as well.

This is Leslie's wreath. It's  done in yellow & green. I also used 2 types of ribbon to make the bow.

I'm linking to Met Monday. Check out 

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Why Don't We Work 2 Days & Have A 5 Day Weekend?????

Sunday is here. Of course you know what that means. Tomorrow is Monday. Yuck! Whoever came up with this work 5 days & be off 2 needs to be shot. This weekend wasn't a busy one which I guess is a good thing. I got a lot of rest. Friday night we went to the LSU game. They lost. I think that was the first game this season that I stayed the entire 9 innings. I'm wondering if I jinxed them. Baseball people are very superstitious you know. After the game we were talking with friends & I was able to try on this.

This is the 2009 National Championship ring the LSU Baseball team got. It's HUGE!!!!!

Saturday, I planned to go the game but the closer it got to gametime the more it looked like it was going to storm. I was not sitting in the rain. Been there done that & it's not happening again! I decided to take a nap. 4 hours later I woke up. Yep, I said 4 hours. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that BUT I figure if I slept that long I must have needed it. When I got up it was time to go to our friends Dennis & Jackie's. Luckily, they live 2 houses down so there's no travel time. Our old neighbors moved to New Mexico last year & their 3 girls were in town for spring break. We were getting together to visit with them because they were going home today. The game was on TV so we watched the end. They won. I wasn't there, hmmm.

I just realized that all the good pictures we took aren't on my camera.  This is Sarah, Allie, Amelia-Ann, Emily & Alli. Sarah, Emily & Alli are the girls that live in N.M. I really miss them. They're so sweet & they were always around. It's been hard to get used to someone else living in their house. Especially because we never see the new people! We were there along with 3 other houses on our street. The evening quickly turned into a vacation planning meeting. The 3900 Crew (that's what the teenagers came up with last time we went to Disney since all of our addresses are 3900 something) is planning a December trip to Disney. I'm very very excited! I love Disney & Universal!!!

This was the men giving their 2 cents on the trip. They had lots of opinions.

You can tell by the look on Sheri's face that this was one of the ridiculous suggestions one of the men had. Amelia-Ann set them straight real quick! She too had an opinion!!

Today I taught Sunday School. I just never know what I'm going to get. There was the week that the little boy told me he didn't have a mom because she died & this week I had a grandma tell me that if  her "soon to be former son in law" was to show up I was not to let him take his little girl. No biggie there, you just say if you didn't sign the kid in you can't sign them out. If he gives me too much trouble I've got secret service across the hall because the Governor's little boy is in the 5 yr. old class. Nana proceeds to tell me that her daughter is going through a very, very bad divorce & she's getting a restraining order tomorrow. This particular kid always gives me problems. She's very outspoken & doesn't have a shy bone in her body & she also doesn't listen well. Today was really bad. I just keep thinking that maybe her behavior is her trying to get attention due to the situation at home. Who knows. At the end of class the kids play & I was attempting to get them to pick up the toys by saying that "mama's & daddy's would be there soon". The little girl says to me "My nana is picking me up. My mom isn't feeling well AGAIN. She's sick AGAIN.  Sick sick sick. My daddy can't come because the policeman said he can't come around because my daddy says he's going to kill people". OK, Child Psychologist I am not, BUT WTH???? Why oh why would you tell or let your kid hear that??? I think this is just the beginning of lots of issues.

After Sunday School I did our grocery shopping  & I'm listening to the game. Nope, I didn't go again because today is FREEZING & the wind is blowing AGAIN at about 50 mph! I was so excited thinking spring was here. Well so much for that. At 10:30 last night when we came home it was like 70 degrees & at 6:30 this morning when we left for Mass it was 38!!!! Supposedly, it's supposed to be warm again Tuesday. We shall see!! I hope everyone had a good weekend & has a good week!


Friday, March 19, 2010

How Many People Does It Take To Pour Concrete???

Last night Dean & I went to dinner. We decided on Mexican. We really like Casa Maria & La Carreta. Dean's choice was Casa Maria but I wanted La Carreta because I wanted one of these.

That's a Rumrita. I LOVE these things. Besides, La Carreta is a little bit closer to our house & we wouldn't have to fight the awful traffic on College Dr. I have to deal with traffice everyday coming home from work & it's not my friend. I like to avoid it whenever possible. Off we go. There's lots of road construction going on between our house & anywhere we want to go. It should be fantastic when it's done but not so much now. So, we ate & I had a Rumrita & we left.  It was all delicious as usual! We weren't far from the restaurant when traffic stopped & was barely creeping along. There were construction workers at this particular intersection on our way but surely now that it's 7:15 they're not working anymore right? WRONG!! Not only are they still working but now there's 2 big concrete trucks on the scene & they're pouring concrete. I have a very strong dislike for this particular concrete company because one broadsided me when my Expedition was a mere 6 months old but I digress.  When we finally get close enough to see what's going on, this is what we see.

 I know this isn't the greatest picture. I was taking it with my phone through the window of the truck but I enlarged it so you can see. It's just a bunch of guys standing around. I don't think anything irritates me more than a whole bunch of people at a construction site standing around doing nothing. UGGGHHH!!! So, we get a little closer & there's this.

Yep, MORE people standing around doing nothing! Out of all these people (there had to be like 20 at least) 2 people were actually working. They were the ones spreading concrete. One guy that looked to be about 150 yrs. old lit up a cigar but I wasn't able to get a picture because at that point the light turned green & we were finally free to go. That's another thing. The red light is working fine but there's ANOTHER guy (also not in the picture) that is standing right below the light next to the first car at the red light holding a stop sign & when the light turns green he moves. Now, is that REALLY necessary??? Now I know why construction projects cost so much. There are a gazillion people that have to be paid.  Hopefully, I can make it home from work without a traffic incident.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Maybe??

Today I'm joining the Outdoor Wednesday party at A Southern Daydreamer.

One of our friends sent us this picture last week.

It's official. There's nothing left of Alex Box Stadium. I posted a few weeks ago that it was in the process of being demolished. So sad. My friend summed it up, "Wow…brings a tear to the eye doesn’t it? How appropriate that the skies are dark in the background. The baseball gods had to shed a tear over this too." For those that don't know Alex Box is the baseball stadium at LSU. Last year the team moved into their new, multi-million dollar facility, the "New" Alex Box Stadium. When August & football season gets here the real Alex Box will be a parking lot.

On to happier things. We've actually had some really great weather the last several days! Maybe spring is going to be here soon! 

The Camellia's have been the first to bloom. I was  worried about them because we had a colder than  normal winter. At one point I was scared that everything in the yard was dead. I also have a white Camellia bush but the majority of the blooms were blown off by the hurrican force winds we had this weekend. I hate that it happened but these are my favorite so I'm glad they didn't blow away! I don't know what the proper name is but when we bought them the lady called them "Peppermint Camellia's".

The Pizzazz (Lorapetalum) are blooming too.

These are one of my favorite plants. They look so pretty the majority of the time. I love the way the leaves look really green part of the year & then they change to red & purplish at other times.

I'm really, really hoping that this means spring is around the corner! I'm ready to swim!!!!!

I Need Better Mail

Yesterday, when I got the mail the census was there. Earlier in the day I'd talked to my mom & she told me hers was in the mail yesterday too. That's when I realized that what I got last week from the census people wasn't the actual census like I thought. (See how worried about it I am, I haven't even opened it). It was just a letter to tell you the census is coming. What a wonderful waste of tax dollars. At one of the first LSU baseball games this year they actually did an advertisement during the game for the census. Really? Makes no sense to me. Not only that, but someone that had something to do with the census threw out the first pitch. WTH??? On the envelope in really big letters it says something about you being a felon if you don't fill it out & send it back. The word "felon" may not have been used but it was something like that. My question was, if they know where to send it & they can arrest you for not filling it out why don't they know how many people are around? Dean said they don't know how many people live at each address. OK, that's a valid point but it seems like they could get with one of these companies that sends all that junk mail & figure it out. Or, how about this, everyone born gets a SS#, why can't they get with those people & figure it out? It's all the Federal Government. Well, maybe I just answered my own question, it's all the Federal Government. I'm sure someone would argue that everyone isn't born in a hospital & everyone doesn't have a SS#, which I suppose is true but do you really think people that are having babies in random places & aren't following proper procedure are going to be intimidated by a letter that comes in the mail or listen to a TV commercial?? I don't. It's no big deal to fill out the form, I just don't understand why they have to spend so much money telling everyone to do it. I'm also really tired of hearing that commercial on the radio that tells you all about how if they didn't know how many people lived in a area there wouldn't be enough red lights. Whatever dude! We have plenty of red lights in my area & they aren't cycling right as it is.

I've said before how much I love for UPS & FedEx to stop at my house. Last night we were in the kitchen & Dean asked me what I ordered. I didn't know what he was talking about because I haven't ordered a thing. He said UPS was about to drop something off. Sure enough, the doorbell rang. I knew not to get too excited. Good thing, it was a letter from our mortgage co. telling us that we qualify for a lower interest rate if we'd like to re-finance. Oh boy!

That's all for now.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I know, I know, I've just had 2.5 days off but I was really busy! WARNING! This is a long post with lots of pictures!

Friday I had a short day so when I left work I went to World Market. I wanted to get some martini glasses & a shaker & I had a coupon. I found these.

So cute!!

Friday night Dean's cousin Cassie & her little boy Cody went to the LSU baseball game with us.

This was Cody's first game. I think he had a good time!

Aside from watching the game & seeing his picture on the scoreboard, we ate.

Soooo good! The icing is my favorite part! This is Cody with Dean.

Unfortunately, LSU lost but Cody didn't care!!

Saturday, I had to get up early because I was going to the St. Patrick's Day parade with Allison & her family. They picked me up at 8:00. The parade was at 10:00 & even being that early we had a really hard time finding a parking place. Well, I should say Joey (Allison's hubby) had a really hard time finding a parking place. He dropped us off with the rest of the crew & went to park. This is Cael on the way with his first treat of the day. He wanted an entire pack of Oreo's but his daddy talked him into a Cookies 'n Cream Hershey bar!!!

I stopped Friday night & got daiquiris for us to bring to the parade. We had mudslides, the breakfast of champions!!

This is some of the group. We passed the time waiting for the parade to start taking pictures. This is Jill, Nancy, Amy, Me, Allison & Sally.

Allison's little boy, Cael, wasn't the least bit interested in the parade. He was very busy.

He was also very interested in eating! Here we are with the treat of the minute.

This is Jill's baby Preston. He just turned a year old.

I could've just sat & watched people all day. There were so many interesting sites at this parade. Like these people.

I really don't understand what the point of this was or who they're supposed to be. Maybe the Krewe of Cutoffs??

This is me & Allison after the parade with a bunch of the stuff we caught. We both had to take a bunch of stuff off because we couldn't stand up straight!

We were starving by the time the parade was over so Allison, Joey, Cael & I had a late lunch at Brewbachers. It was delicious. They dropped me off at LSU for the ballgame after lunch. LSU managed to pull out a win after losing Friday night. After the game we went home & Lydia & Scott dropped Logan off. We got to babysit him for the first time. We had sooo much fun! He never stopped moving! He was walking all over the place but if he wanted to get anywhere in a hurry he got down on all four's & took off crawling. We went across the street to show Logan off to our friends. They have a yellow Lab & Logan loved her. He laughed & cackled! Sooo funny! He really liked the cabbage beads I caught at the parade.

He's a big fan of the remote too. Don't think you can fool him with one that doesn't work either.

He must have really liked the noise he made when he patted his hands on the seats of the bar stools because he kept doing it & smiling at me.

Logan likes to take a bath too. I can't wait until the pool gets warm enough to swim. He's going to LOVE it! Of course everytime we tried to get a picture of him in the tub when he was laughing he looked at us like we were crazy when he saw the camera!

He has a new trick & he's very proud of himself.

He claps!! It's so cute!

I love his little pj's. We had such a good time playing with him all night but he was very excited to see his mama & daddy when they came to pick him up.

Sunday morning we went to 7:00 Mass, which was really 6:00, which is entirely too early! I was exhausted so I took a nap when we got home. By the time I woke up & ate lunch it was time to go to the LSU game. Our niece & nephew are on spring break this week so they're staying with Dean's parents. Drew came to the game. He wouldn't allow me to take his picture. This is all I could get. At lease it's proof he was there.

Once we got home from the game, (LSU lost again), our friend/cousin by marriage Leslie came over with baby Sam. She enjoyed the cabbage beads too!

She played awhile & then just chilled a bit.

So, as you can see, I had a very busy weekend. It was so much fun but maybe I'm getting too old for all that fun in one weekend because I feel like I could really use a nap!