Monday, June 30, 2014

Colorado - Part 1

I'm back. I'm having a hard time getting back into a routine. I think it's a combination of not sleeping, not sleeping in my bed, not being home & things just being crazy busy.

I don't have the pictures from my good camera yet. They're still on the camera. I'm going to work on that this week.

So a week ago this past Friday I was packed & ready to go. Instead of taking a Benadryl & going to sleep early to be ready for my 2:30 am wake up call I was at Caliente with some of our peeps having a Jose Special. It was delicious but not exactly conducive to a 2:30 wake up. I ended up with 4 hours of sleep Friday night. Not good. Luckily I was able to sleep on the plane. We arrived in Denver at 7:40 am. It took a little while to gather all the luggage & to get the rental. Speaking of, the new Suburban looks like the Munsters car. Every time I saw it I thought of a hearse. Not cute. We decided to take a tour of Sports Authority Field where the Bronco's play. It was super interesting. We had a really good tour guide & heard all sorts of interesting tidbits.
We were able to go all over except into the home locker room. I don't really understand that. It's not like it's football season but that's ok. By the time the tour was over I'd been awake for more than 8 hours & I needed food. Preferably lunch. We found a cute place.
I had pulled pork nachos & a wedge salad. So so so good! The drink was delicious too. You can't really tell from the pics but downtown Denver was adorable! The hanging baskets of flowers were so pretty. It was a little like Bourbon St. but it was very, very clean & apparently not much crime because there were chess games & all sorts of other things left out on tables for everyone to enjoy.

We walked around a little bit downtown before heading to our condo in Winter Park which is about 1 1/2 hrs. away from Denver. I slept a little on the ride before Dean woke me up because I was missing the views.

This was the condo we stayed in. The people that own it are friends with my friend Cindy. It was 3 stories with 3 Br's & 3 1/2 Ba's. It was super cute!! The picture on the left is the view from the balcony. The kicker was that it didn't have A/C. Completely unheard of when you live in Louisiana. 

Once we got settled at the condo we headed out to buy groceries. I was very happy when we got there & there was a Starbucks in the store! I'm pretty sure we saw no less than 852 Starbucks on our 5 day trip.


Friday, June 20, 2014


What's better than a Friday? A Friday that leads to vacation!! At this time tomorrow barring any unforeseen issues we should be in a rented Suburban driving from Denver to Winter Park. It's very exciting!

Aside from our "fun" workouts, you know hiking, biking & white water rafting, the only exercising I plan to do is keep up with the 30 day challenge.That shouldn't be too hard. Cindy's doing it too so we can hold each other accountable.

I ran yesterday morning. It was TOUGH. 5:00 am, 93% humidity. What the crap??? Now I remember why I like running in cool weather.

I packed last night. I've said it before I HATE PACKING. It's especially hard when going to a place that has entirely different weather than what we're currently having. You know, like Colorado. The forecast for  next week has the highs in the low 70's & lows in the 40's. I packed a whole bunch of stuff. Like a whole bunch. Completely over packed. BUT it's better to be safe than sorry & we're flying Southwest so you know bags fly free!!! I don't think Dean is overjoyed by my packing but he hasn't been the normal packing Nazi. This is also the first trip that I've packed more tennis shoes than anything else!!!

So anyway, I'm pretty sure you won't be hearing from me until we get back. Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Fun!

All the workouts are going well. Thursday after work I swam 20 laps which is about 225 yards. For my race I have to swim 200 yards. I was slower than I wanted to be but I was relieved that I could do it.

Friday morning I went for a 3.1 mi. run. 
Saturday, aside from the 30 day challenge & pulling weeds & planting flowers, there weren't any traditional workouts. BUT all that bending & squatting was a workout for sure.

Sunday morning I went for a bike ride. The first 6 mi. I rode in 22 mins. It was great. However, then I had to turn around & go back. Horrible head wind & it took me 25 mins. for the last 6 mi. I've learned to really dislike wind & hills.

After the ride I ran. I only made it a 1/2  mile but it's better than nothing. I have to get working on that. At that point I was just glad it was over & I could enjoy the rest of the day.

Our parents, Dean's mawmaw, my brother & sis in law & Logan all came over & Dean fried fish. His fish is the BEST!
Scott & Logan

 Logan swims like a fish but he can't float. I think the problem is he has to be still & that's just not his thing.

Logan is up for pretty much anything. I cringed every time Dean threw him in the air.

He's always up for a selfie! As usual somehow we didn't manage to get any pictures of our daddy's. I even did good & had my "good" camera out. I took a few pics & then the battery was dead. Epic fail! I have too many things to keep charged.

Monday was a complete rest day & it was fabulous!! I had a dentist appt. this morning so I actually was able to sleep until 5:45 & go for a run at 6:00! It's really nice to run in the daylight!!

Much better time than the other day.

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Friday Eve

My Road ID came in this week. If anyone wants to order one use this link & you'll get free shipping.
 Mine has my name, birth year, address, Dean's name & cell & my mom's name & cell. I still had a line left & a lot of people put funny little sayings. My friend Cindy's has "If you're not first, you're last". I went with "Never say never". It's kinda my mantra lately. I'm doing a lot of things I swore I'd never do - run, wear a swim cap, wear a helmet, etc.....

Cindy sent us the picture the other day. It's the view from the backyard of our next vacation spot!

We're going to Colorado! We leave June 21st. This was a spur of the moment thing. We just booked the flights Monday night.  Thank goodness for Southwest! Our friend Cindy has a friend whose parents have a condo in Winter Park & they're letting us use it. How awesome is that? There will be 6 of us. We're planning to hike, go white water rafting & to a Rockies game. I've never been to Colorado so I'm really looking forward to it.

I've been keeping up with the 30 day Challenge I'm doing & I ran Tuesday morning.
It was super hot & humid. 81 degrees at 5:00 am. I had to keep reminding myself of this while I ran.

Today I had an early meeting at work so I wasn't able to run. I'll do that in the morning. I need to swim when I get home. Rocketchix is quickly approaching.

It's that time of year again - we have to watch for snakes when we go outside. Dean took the trash out last night & he was gone forever. That would be because he spotted a snake. He attempted to kill it with no luck. I swear I think someone was punking us. Dean thought the snake took refuge in the rim of my truck. I had to get in on the passenger side & climb over to start the car hoping when I backed up he'd fall out. Of course not. There was poking, prodding & even driving around the block with no luck. Who knows where the stupid snake is.

At 12:30 this morning I woke up to the sound of a car horn blowing. You know like what happens when the panic button is pressed on your car remote? My first thought was that the snake fell out & somehow managed to make it go off. It was actually my neighbors truck. It just randomly went off. It's happened before but during the day. It's annoying when it happens in the middle of the day, you can imagine what it's like in the middle of the night when you're in a deep sleep!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Moonshine Jungle

Saturday morning Dean was going to his parents & he left at 5:45 am so that he could go with his dad to run crawfish traps. I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up & got ready for a bike ride.
I went 12 miles at an average pace of 3:43  per mile. I pushed myself but I did it. Next up was Day 7 of the 30 day challenge & then I got ready for our day in New Orleans. Allison has an aunt that lives "uptown" in NOLA so we stopped in to see her & then the 3 of us went to lunch. We had poboys at Parasol's. HOLE IN THE WALL but sooooo good! The firecracker shrimp poboy was amazing.
Literally, a hole in the wall. Parasol's has a smoky bar room that we mistook for the restaurant. The bartender knew we didn't belong & asked if we were looking for the restaurant. I use restaurant in the loosest of terms. It was next door. If you wanted a cocktail to go with your poboy you just opened the little door & ordered. I had ice tea. The ice was in a small ice chest sitting on the counter.  NOLA is full of these type of places but the food is so good.

Next up was the Swizzle Stick bar. It's inside the Loews hotel.
We had some "champs" as Heather Dubrow of Real Housewives fame would say.
Then I had a French Martini. It was delicious!! Allison's sister & another friend met us here.
Allison, me, Amanda & Christina. We hung out here for awhile. The A/C was cold. It was 100 degrees in NOLA Saturday & it felt every bit that hot.

We checked into our hotel & got ready for dinner.
We had to pass the time while we were waiting on the street car. This is probably pic number 973 that we took at this location. My eyes always looked funny. They were either closed or halfway closed. I'm in serious need of an eye lift. That's where the sunglasses came in.

We had dinner at The Palace Cafe. If you're familiar with New Orleans restaurants, this is a Brennan Family restaurant. I'd never been.
More drinks while we waited for a table. Champs & Chambord is seriously my favorite drink.

On to the food. SOOOO GOOD! This my friends is crabmeat cheesecake.

Incredible!!! For my meal I had the Shrimp Tchefuncte.  

Popcorn rice (I don't know what the difference is between it & regular rice but it was soooo much better), shrimp, mushroom sauce. Soooooo good!!! 

Of course we were running just a tad late so we grabbed a cab outside the restaurant & he brought us to the arena for the concert. This cab driver has a lot to learn about getting someplace in a hurry. We made it in time though. 

That's a picture of Bruno on the screen. Our seats weren't the greatest. When I say not the greatest I mean we were 3 rows from the top. We were on the side of the arena so we didn't have the worst seats. We could see & hear so it was fine.

Bruno with The Hooligans.

This was right before the encore which was Gorilla. Bruno puts on a really, really good show. I'm soooo glad we went. After the show was over we just wanted water. We were hot & thirsty. Luckily there was a Rouse's nearby. We also ended up with 32 oz. fountain Dr Peppers at 1:00 in the morning. That could have something to do with the not sleeping very good Sat. night. That & the party in the hallway outside our door at 3:47 am........

Sunday we had brunch at Tivoli & Lee. The service was awful.  

Allison had a bloody mary & I had a mimosa. It took 20 minutes to get the drinks. The food was fine. Nothing special. I wish we would've stuck with our original plan to go to Atchafalaya. I've never heard a bad word about it. Oh well. Live & learn.

We stopped at PJ's to get a coffee treat for the ride home.

This is a Wedding Cake Velvet Ice! Delicious!!!!

Once I got home & crashed on the sofa I realized that I was awake for 20 hours on Saturday. WHA???? No wonder I was exhausted.  In retrospect starting the day with that 12 mi. bike ride might not have been my smartest move.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Five

I don't about y'all but I'm ALWAYS ready for the weekend & this week is no different. So I'm linking up with Carolina Charm.

1. This week we booked a cruise! YAY! We'll fly to San Juan & then cruise to St. Croix, St. Maarten, Antiqua, St. Lucia & Barbados! We've never been to any of these places so I'm super excited. The only problem?? The trip isn't until May. Yes, like 11 months from now. Ugh!!!

2. I absolutely love the fact that our office closes at 2:00 on Friday's! Love, love, love!! On the agenda today is a mani & possible pedi!

3. I'm very excited about being in New Orleans this weekend. Allison & I are going tomorrow & hanging out before going to the Bruno Mars concert tomorrow night! So fun!!

4. I LOVE my new bike! I went for a 12.6 mi. ride Wednesday & I was so much more comfortable on it since it's actually my size.

5. Last but certainly not least is Caliente! I love the food but more than that I love the fact that everyone knows us there. I love being a "regular" & I love, love, love that I can text the owner ahead of time so we'll have a table & won't have to wait!

What are y'all loving? Any plans for the weekend?


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Up for a Challenge???

I mentioned that my friend Cindy & her friend came up with a 30 day challenge for June. There are a lot of challenges all over FB but some of those have you doing the same exercises everyday. I'm no expert but everything I read says not to workout the same muscles on consecutive days. That led them to come up with their own.

Each day you do either the Upper Ab Workout, Lower Ab Workout or Chest/Tri Workout & you do a plank & superman everyday.

It's a short workout which is great too.

The first few days you don't do anything longer than 30 seconds. If you want to make it more of a challenge you can do multiple sets. Yesterday, I did days 2 & 3 because LSU played Monday night & I didn't have time to do it before the game & I surely didn't do it after when I needed to sleep. BTW, they lost. So annoying.

I haven't ran since last week. Between the rain & the games causing us to get home late I haven't been able to drag myself out of bed. After work today we'll go for a training ride & then run. Apparently, in the triathlon world that's called Bricks. So that's what we'll be doing today. Tomorrow I'll get up early & get day 5 of the challenge in & I'll throw in some weights. Friday morning I'll run & Saturday morning I'll ride.

Sunday is up in the air at this point because Saturday Allison & I are off to New Orleans for the Bruno Mars concert!! I'm sooo excited. We're staying in NOLA Saturday night. I tried to convince Allison we should bring our bikes & go ride through Audubon Park Sunday morning but she's not jumping on that bandwagon. HA! Sometime soon I'm going to have to suck it up & swim. I've swam some laps but I need to get serious about that part of the training. It's the part I'm most concerned about too.

OH - Have y'all seen these things?
It's called a  Road ID. If you want to buy one, use that link & the shipping will be free. I'd heard about them when I first started running but didn't think I needed it. A couple of friends posted about them on FB in the last couple of weeks & I decided to order one. I'm by myself a lot during my runs & now that I'm biking I thought it was a good idea.  They have lots of colors & several different types. Of course I got pink!!!

Congratulations Aishlea! You win the algae!!

Happy National Running Day!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Wow What A Weekend!

I can't believe another weekend is over. I also can't believe it's June. Thursday night we went to Caliente with a portion of our usual group. 225 is a local free publication in our area that covers all sorts of things that go on in Baton Rouge. They had a Hot Off The Press party Thursday night for the latest edition at Caliente.

Jordan, Steph, me, Cindy, Jackie & Allie 

Friday when I left work I went straight to the LSU game. I hate that they play the first game of regionals at 2:00 but thankfully, this year our weather is so crazy it wasn't hot. After the game we went back to Caliente for dinner. Yeh, 2 nights in a row but the thing is it's convenient & doesn't take forever. Dean wanted to go back & watch the next ballgame so we ate & then he brought me home.

Saturday morning Cindy & I went on for a training ride.
Cindy lives a couple of blocks away. It's exactly 12 miles for us to leave from her house, go to the levee, ride to the Mississippi River Bridge downtown & turn around & go back. I love riding on the levee because you don't have to deal with cars! Just people running & walking & other bikers. There was a terrible head wind on the first part of the ride. You don't realize how tough it is to keep up your speed with that kind of wind. On the other hand we were really going fast on the way back.

I've been thinking that I want a new bike. I have a mountain bike - not that I've ever ridden in any mountains but that's what I have. Anyway, it's old & I've really enjoyed riding the road bike that I've been borrowing. I started thinking that I'd really like to ride more & I would need my own bike. The road bikes are a funny thing. Each brand sizes differently so a small in one brand might be a medium in another. It makes it hard to shop online.I didn't know what size I was. Just that the borrowed bike was a little bit small for me but was totally doable with what I was using it for. I decided to get sized at a local bicycle shop. So Cindy & I went after our ride Saturday. Remember I was just getting sized unless there was a great deal.

Guess what?? There was  a great deal!! This is the same bike Cindy has, just a newer model & she loves her bike. I didn't want the fanciest of fancy & I don't plan to do a bunch of crazy races so this was perfect for me. There were only 2 left & they were on sale for almost 35% off. The only catch was whether or not it would be my size. I rode around the parking lot & lo & behold it was perfect! I'm excited! Now I just have to learn to clip in.......

Since LSU won Friday they didn't play again until Saturday night.

Dean's never overly thrilled to take a selfie but he indulges me. My hair wasn't fixed like that, we had hurricane force wind Saturday night. Not that I'm complaining because day 2 of regionals was almost perfect weather. I swear that never happens! Usually, it's in the upper 90's with crazy humidity, I get sunburned & I have no make up left by the time I get to our seats. LSU won again so the next game was Sunday at 7:00.

I'm sure y'all have seen all of the challenges going around on Facebook. My friend Cindy & a friend of hers came up with an ab challenge. We did Day 1 yesterday by the pool.

It was challenging but doable & the best part was that it didn't take long. I can feel it this morning too. It's always more fun to workout with friends.

Me, Cindy & Steph. After the workout we went for a shorter, slower, just for fun bike ride so I could ride my new bike. It's amazing how different it feels than the little bit too small one I've been riding.

Last night we were at the ballpark until like 10:45 because LSU can't seem to hold a lead. We left after the 9th inning with it all tied up. They lost it in the 11th so we'll be back tonight. I needed to run this morning but there was no way I was getting up after going to bed at 11:30.

What did y'all do this weekend?