Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pretty Random & All Over The Place

Another busy weekend & no home internet has led to a blog lapse.  Thankfully, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Friday when I left work I went straight to my parents new house. I went across the street to see Logan for a little bit. He was in such a good mood! He does a lot of hugging now which is really sweet. Back across the street I went to join in the painting fun! We made a lot of progress & were able to take Saturday off which worked out well because I had our Fantasy Football Draft. I also had birthday gifts to buy so I stopped at Target on the way to Allison's for the draft. The toy dept. at Target on a Saturday is NOT a place I ever want to be again. It was madness. I picked out some gifts & got out of there as quick as I could.

The draft was a lot of fun for about the first 2 hours then, not so much. That's what happens when you have the 12th pick & the draft starts an hour late because one of the guys had to go to a shower with his girlfriend but that's another story. Anyone wondering how many picks per round there are?? That would be 12. Yep, we were last. This is when you see how differently the men think. They all kept telling us that was good because we get 2 picks in a row the whole draft. For those of you not up on the latest fantasy football draft etiquette, it goes picks 1-12, then 12-1 & continues that way for 16 rounds. Well, it's not good to be last & it doesn't matter that you get 2 picks in a row because basically you sit there figuring out who you want only to have them all taken when they get to you & then you have to come up with 2 players. The ONLY time this can be considered a little bit of a good thing is the first round. If you're still with me being last means you sit & sit & sit & then you pick & then you sit & sit some more & then pick. It makes for a boring draft. Oh, there actually is another time when it's good to be 12. In the 15th round. That means you get the last pick of round 15 & the first pick of round 16 & then you're done. At that point you get to eat. Not that we didn't eat before & during! There was some really good food. We had pizza, wings, dips, chips & cookies.

This is the draft board.
We're fancy huh?? Don't be too impressed, the board kept falling off the wall.

Andrea was Vanna. She was in charge of putting all picks on the board. She did a fabulous job & of course she had running commentary which was absolutely hilarious!! Remember, she is the FUNNIEST person I know!

How did we fare in the draft you ask? Well, we think so-so. On paper we have a decent QB, Philip Rivers. We'll just have to wait & see. We did decide to forgo the "No Thugs" rule that we put in place last year. We're sticking with the name though. There was some debate about what a thug actually is. Yes, a guy that has 6 kids with 8 different women isn't exactly high in the moral fiber area but he's not a thug. Same goes for the players that accidentally shoot themselves. I say thug because you have a gun on you in a nightclub but then again you didn't shoot anyone but yourself. See the dilemma? We'll see how the season plays out. Wendy & I really want to win so we can shut up some of those men that think we don't have a clue. 

Here's Andrea & her fiance Andrew. They've joined our league for the first time.

When I got home Saturday night Dean informed me that the internet wasn't working. The power went out for just a minute & when it came back on it wasn't working. This isn't an end of the world type problem because I do have my iPhone. Dean unplugged the modem & we were just going to see if it would start working again. We went back to Central Sunday to paint. We were also able to visit with Logan again. 

He thought he was something else. He climbed up here all by himself. Of course his daddy was right there. Logan is a little daredevil. What I didn't get in the picture is when he got to the top he let go & put both hands in the air. I see a lot of emergency room visits in his future!

Sadly, when we got home & plugged the modem back in the internet was still not working. I had to call AT&T. Of course I was connected to someone in India or Saudi Arabia or somewhere. Luckily, this guy spoke pretty decent English. It was just like when I have a computer problem at work & we call the IT guys. They say reboot & think that should solve all problems. Needless to say after a 30 minute phone call he's sending us a new modem. Hopefully, that is the problem. It should be delivered via UPS today.

Due to the fact that I stayed up too late Sunday night watching Swamp People, I couldn't stay up to watch the Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show. I knew that I needed to watch it this morning because all my peeps would want to discuss & they talk about it on the radio. I wonder what it says about me that I put my hair in a ponytail so that I'd have time to watch before work this morning?? Did anyone else watch??? Danielle is INSANE! I can't wait until next week!!! I wish they'd just put the shows on back to back nights. All this waiting a week is crazy nuts!

So I guess that pretty much catches me up on what's been going on. Not too much excitement.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everyone Can Relax!

The authorities were able to talk down the naked man that was on a bridge yesterday threatening to commit suicide. 

(photo courtesy of one of the fine photographers at The Advocate)

I have so many questions/comments about this. I guess first & foremost is why exactly did this guy feel the need to kill himself naked? I jsut can't figure it out. What was said to him that made him decide he didn't want to die? The answers to those questions were not released to the public. Um, ok. The guy can expose himself for the public but no info will be released except that he's 65 yrs. old which is the one tidbit I'm least interested in. Why didn't someone cover him up once he got off the bridge?? There's bound to be a blanket in that fire truck or one of those police cars. Just a really strange situation.

The last couple of days has been cool. When I say cool I mean it's 89 at 5:00 with no humidity so it actually feels like it's 89 & not 115.  I decided to take advantage of the nice weather & pull weeds. I was out there for 20 whole minutes before I started to sweat! It was almost pleasant!! I wonder if it has anything to do with Mercury being in Retrograde??

This is what we're having to eat tonight.

We've had these before & they're really good. Just thaw it out in the refrigerator during the day & put it in the oven. Really simple, right? Yeh, those of you who know me know where I'm going with this. Last night Dean said that he was going to cut the grass today so he would preheat the oven before starting & when I got home I could put it in the oven & set the timer. I'm perfectly capable of handling that. So, when I got home the oven was preheated & I stuck the pie in & set the timer for 20 minutes. Then I went to pull weeds. After I was out there about 15 minutes Dean asked me if I'd remember to put the pie in the oven & set the timer. I mentioned something about having it set for 20 mins. Judging by his response, that wasn't correct. I came in & read the box & it needed to bake for an hour. There's some debate as to how last nights conversation went. I know he told me to set the timer for 20 minutes & he knows that he did not tell me any such thing. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No More Traffic!!

I didn't realize that it had been a week since I blogged. I still don't have bathroom pictures. I hope to remedy that at some point this weekend. That trip to Hob Lob I had to make finally happened yesterday. Well, let me back up. It happened for the first time Friday night. Dean & I had dinner at Casa Maria which just happens to share a parking lot with Hobby Lobby. After we ate we walked over. The candles weren't on sale. I refuse to buy candles at Hob Lob if they're not on sale. Simply because I know they will be on sale in the near future, probably the next week. Sure enough in the ad in Sunday's paper all the candles are 50% off. I went yesterday & fought ridiculous traffic to get there. What happened? All the red candles have been moved to the Christmas area of the store & they weren't on sale. Needless to say I was a bit perturbed. I made an excutive decision after it took me 35 minutes to get home from Hobby Lobby which is a 15 min. drive tops. I will not be making stops after work anymore.

Seriously, it's always something. Yesterday, an 18 Wheeler overturned on the interstate & it was closed for like 14 hours so that meant every surface street in town had even more traffic than normal. Today there was a naked man threatening to jump off a bridge which caused a lane of a major road to be shut down while they attempted to talk this guy down. This may sound really insensitive but I don't think the guy really wanted to jump. If he did, he would've. I think the talking him down was a waste of time & manpower. I'm just thankful I don't have to travel that way. Can you imagine driving down the road & seeing a naked man on a bridge???

We had a very busy weekend. My parents closed on their house Friday so Saturday morning we headed over to do some painting. I should add that Dean & my parents headed over to the house & I headed to get my hair cut & highlighted. Once that was done I joined them. We  painted & painted & painted some more & we're not done but we're getting close. Sunday was more of the same. Scott was able to get their yard cut & the front landscaped. It looks so much better. Am I the only one annoyed when people don't clean the house & cut the grass before they move out?? It just seems like a crappy way to welcome someone to their new home.

The house is across the street from Scott, Lydia & Logan which means we saw a lot of the little man this weekend.
  He'd just woken up from his nap which is why he was being so still. He's CONSTANTLY on the move.

See what I mean? At one point he grabbed a paint brush & headed straight for the paint. He didn't seem to understand that it wasn't as fun as it looked!

I just thought this one was too cute! He loves to go for wagon rides.

This weekend aside from painting, I have my Fantasy Football Draft. Wendy & I are once again teaming up. We hope to have a better team this year since we know more about what we're doing. 

Wow, I didn't realize life had been so boring lately!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There was a casualty!

We're done with the lights!! Wooo Hoooo!!! So happy! We finished hanging them Monday & as of this morning when I left for work they were still there.  I really like them. I don't have pictures yet because I need to make a Hob Lob stop to pick up some new candles. Unfortunately, I didn't make it out unscathed.

My poor, poor nails! You can't really see but the second nail is a little chipped too. This happened because the inside of the glass globes is some sort of rough material & when I was screwing in the light bulbs my nails were in the way. I think doing one or two would've been fine but I had (3) 3 globe lights. Needless to say I need to have it fixed. The color is OPI's "Your Villa Or Mine" & I really like it so I'll just stop by the nail place & have them re-paint the 2 messed up ones.

I did a good deed today. Well, some of you may argue the point but it was a good deed in my eyes. Let me back up. I don't like cats. Like, I really, really don't like them. I never have. I'm a dog person & always have been. It oogs me out the way cats walk all over everything. This morning when I got to work there were a couple of people standing around the car of a co-worker looking under her hood. I just figured that she was having some sort of car trouble. As I started walking to the building she told me that she'd driven all the way from Central (about a 45 min. drive) with a cat under her hood. I asked if it was alive & she said yes, it meowed the entire drive. Of course I busted out laughing at that. Sorry, I couldn't help it. You have to admit it's a little funny. Anyway, they couldn't get the cat out. My thought was to just leave the hood up & go about your day. The cat found a way in, he'll find a way out. When I got to my office I told one of the ladies that works with me about it. She's a HUGE animal lover/rescuer. She keeps food, cages & meds in her car just in case. People are always dropping animals off to her. She moved to the country so that she could have a rescue organization on site. I thought she may entice the cat with some food. Off she went & off to the window went me & a couple of other co-workers to watch how this played out. The next thing we know, "Rescue Lady" is laying on the ground under the car & a couple of people are holding umbrella's over her because of course it started raining. The next thing we know one of the guys that's attempting to help takes off running. That's a whole different story in itself. This guy's nickname is Barney Fife. He was the "security" person at our office & his truck was stolen while he was on duty in the middle of the day but I digress. So, he comes running back & we see that he has either a wrench or a screwdriver. He joins "Rescue Lady" on the ground & the next thing you know she's up with the cat. Apparently, the cat had climbed into the front bumper  that runs around the corner of the car by the tire & made himself at home. Security guy was running to get the tool because rescue lady was holding the cat by his feet so he would stay put until they could get the bumper off. 

Some of you may be asking how that was a good deed for me but they may still be down there trying to get the cat out if I wouldn't have notified "Rescue Lady".


Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Laid Plans....

You know what they say about those.....So, I attempted to hang all of the towel bars & stuff in my bathroom only to discover that I someone managed to lose a couple of screws. No problem right? WRONG. I didn't lose the regular size screws. I lost the teeny tiny tiny ones. I still didn't think this was a problem, Dean did. I'd just buy some replacements at Lowe's. Dean said he was sure they didn't have them. I assured him that he was wrong.  Well? Yeh, I was wrong. Typical. They don't have anything even close. Needless to say the towel bars haven't been hung. This could lead to me just buying new which I didn't want to do because for some reason that stuff is really expensive! I bought replacements for the other two bathrooms before I knew the greatness of spray paint so I'd really like to make this work. Please don't ask how I lost them, I have no clue. I thought I was being very careful.

Friday night Dean & I had dinner at The Chimes. I love love love The Chimes but once LSU is back in session there's no going there without a really long wait. It's practically on campus. We really enjoyed it. When we got home my new lights had been delivered! I was excited, yet a little nervous. I was really hoping they were what I wanted this time. I knew they weren't going to be so willing to give me return shipping again. No need to worry, I love them!

Saturday, Dean & I were watching our Godchild Lane. We had big plans. It was a beautiful day & we would spend it in the pool. Only one problem. Lane wanted nothing to do with the pool. This is what he wanted to do.

WATCH MOVIES!!! Not good ones either. There was no Toy Story or Princess and the Frog. It was Batman & Justice League. Blech!! I read while he watched these wretched movies. It was pretty funny watching him. When he would start to get sleepy he'd switch positions. This was one of his favorite spots.

I could hear my mom's voice in my head saying that was too close to the TV. HAHAHA!! Needless to say it wasn't a real exciting afternoon!

Speaking of reading, this finally came!

I was very excited! I'd ordered the case & light from eBay & it came in Friday so I was just waiting on the Nook. If anyone's in the market for Nook accessories I highly recommend eBay. The light & case were $17.99 & free shipping. They have the cases in all colors but of course I went with pink. I've been playing with it & I've downloaded & started reading a book. So far it's great!

Our friends that live next door came over Saturday evening to eat. Dean did BBQ ribs & they were soooooo good!! I'm not a big rib eater but these were delicious!!

Back to those best laid plans....Sunday after Mass we made a quick trip to Lowe's to get a few things we needed to hang my new lights. Of course I make things difficult by buying lights that have a different base than what we had before. This meant caulking, sanding & painting before installation. No biggie though. After all, we've changed out practically all the lights in the house, we know what we're doing. Yes, well, we know what we're doing but that doesn't mean a whole lot. We finished all the caulking & painting & everything was in the process of drying when Dean left for our Homeowners Association meeting. I was planning to go but I had a headache & it was way too hot for me to go sit outside. Our subd. is having a big debate over batting cages in peoples yards. When I say "our subd.", I mean one lady is aggravated that her neighbor has one. 2 Hours later Dean came home muttering about how that was 2 hours of his life he wouldn't get back. Apparently, the only thing that was decided was that nothing was going to be decided. Good grief. Oh & homeowners dues are going up. Just what I wanted to hear.

So, Dean's home & it's time to hang lights! Well, the screws the light manufacturer provided are too long so the base doesn't sit flush against the wall. Dean has a ridiculous amount of screws & nails but of course none of what would actually work. Isn't that always the case?? It's 6:00 & neither of us are interested in making another trip to Lowe's. What did we do? Took the lamp out of the guest bedroom & used it in the bathroom & I went to Lowe's at lunch today & got what we needed. We think.... Hopefully, we will get everything hung this evening.

OH & I just remembered that with all the light commotion we forgot to order an ice maker. Something else to add to the to do list.


Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's Thursday!! I wish it were Friday but we're a lot closer than Monday. There hasn't been a thing going on this week. Very dull. Despite some awful rain I managed to get all of my bath accessories (towel bars, rings, etc.) painted this week. I intend to hang it all up today. My plan was to do that yesterday but when I got home I had to assist Dean with the ice maker. Remember, it's not working. Our refrigerator has the freezer on the bottom & we determined that it would be easier for me to sit in the little space & take out the ice maker. It was surprisingly easy. Dean wanted to look at it before buying a new one to make sure there wasn't some issue that he could fix. There was some ice clogged up so he cleaned that out & I reinstalled it. Yes, I know, to be a fly on the wall watching me do this. I have friends that are probably rolling on the floor laughing at the thought of me with a screwdriver. Anyway, it's reinstalled & according to the owners manual we need to wait 24 hours to see if it's going to work. If not we'll be buying a new ice maker & I'll be installing it!!! Maybe I could sell tickets to watch??? Anyway, the reason I didn't get the bathroom stuff taken care of is I thought one project using a tool per night was sufficient.

Unfortunately, the lights I ordered from CSN weren't what I thought they were going to be. The color was off (when I say off, I mean a completely different color than what it said online) & I just wasn't crazy about them.  I called them to see what I needed to do to send them back. The guy I spoke with was really nice & helpful. I explained that the lights are silver & online it says they're Mocha. He sent me shipping labels to return them at no charge since he said they misrepresented the item online. I'll be dropping them off at the UPS store on my way home from work today. I did find some other lights that I really liked so I ordered those. Also from CSN. According to the FedEx website, they'll be delivered tomorrow. I was happy to hear that. Hopefully, all will be well with them & we'll get them hung this weekend & then I'll have before & after pictures to show.

I'm also waiting for this to appear at my doorstep!

It's a Nook eReader. I can't wait for it to come in!!!! I read A LOT! I've debated on buying one for a long time & since the iPad came out the prices on these have gone way down. I know it will be so nice to have when we go on trips. I won't have to pack a bag just for books! I don't know when I will get it. Unfortunately, it's coming via the USPS. Their tracking leaves a lot to be desired. All I know is that at 11:00 last night it left Memphis. I'm hoping it gets here tomorrow. Does anyone have an eReader? Any hints or tips? I hate reading directions!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I HATE Mondays!

Really, I do. Especially, after not doing anything fun over the weekend!

With all of the painting going on over the weekend I forgot about the comment that was left on my post about my new rug & FedEx.

"Hello, This is FedEx LaShelia. I am delighted to hear that your new rug has arrived. Did you know that if you are expecting a delivery and you have a tracking number. You can either visit us online at fedex.com and go to tracking or call us at 1-800-463-3339 to request an email notification for your shipment. What that does is send an alert to the email addresses that you enter, to notify that there is either a problem with the delivery or that the package has been successfully delivered. "

I busted out laughing when I read this. My friend Wendy & I have been discussing it today & just can't stop laughing about it. Why? I have no idea. It just seems really funny!!! I do know all about the website, tracking number, etc. I KNEW what day the rug was to be delivered, I just didn't know WHEN they delivered it! Wendy thinks FedEx has a dept. that does nothing but scour the internet for FedEx mentions. Apparently, UPS doesn't have the same dept. because I haven't heard a word from them! HAHAHAHA!! I swear this is just so funny to me. I know I'm easily entertained.

For those of you that asked for pictures of the painted bathroom, they're coming. I've ordered new vanity lights which should be here tomorrow & I need to hang the towel racks. Once I have everything done I'll post pictures. According to my tracking information, the lights are coming UPS!!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Few Things

I'm exhausted. More on that in a minute.

The ice maker is in fact broken. I do not like filling ice trays. I use a lot of ice so I'm filling trays alot. Hopefully we'll have a new one soon.

It's not even 8:30 & I'm in bed & will surely be asleep by 9:00. Pathetic? Absolutely! Yet I will still be asleep by 9:00.

The reason for all this exhaustion??

Yep, that's a can of paint. I decided to paint the master bath. I've been planning to do it for awhile. Dean went to Texas this weekend to fish in a tournament with some friends. I decided to surprise him with the paint job! Normally, I have all these big ideas on things I want to do & Dean is my voice of reason. He's also the setter upper of whatever project I've got going. Since he always helps me without complaint, well with minimal complaints, I wanted to give him a break.

With only one unscheduled trip to Walmart & one to Home Depot, the bathroom is finished! I guess I shouldn't say finished. I'm finished painting. I still have to hang towel bars & things. I'm in the process of spray painting all of that stuff. Here's a sneak peek.

One thing I hated about painting without Dean is that I had to clean the brushes & rollers! He always does that part. I was ready to just throw everything in the trash! After I did all that I lugged the ladders back to the utility room & put everything up. I didn't want to leave anything laying around to let Dean know what I'd done. I wanted to see his reaction when he walked in the bathroom & saw it. So what happens when he gets home? He goes in the utility room to put up his fishing poles & immediately asked me what I used the ladder for. WTH??? I asked why he thought I used the ladder. "Because it's not in it's place", he says. Ugghhh the beauty of being married to someone so observant! What's really bad is that I made sure I put all of the painting supplies where they belong so he wouldn't notice. Oh well. He was impressed that I did it all myself. Tomorrow I will be doing nothing!! I need to get a manicure. My very pretty "Dancing in the Isles" polished nails now have a brown tint!

See why I'm exhausted???


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FedEx Came!!

My rug came in yesterday! I LOVE it!! I was a little nervous picking it out online. I put it in the foyer & took some pictures but none of them are all that great. They were taken with my iPhone. I think I need the iPhone 4.

I have no idea when the rug was actually delivered. The FedEx guy didn't knock. It's so weird. If I have something from UPS they deliver it at 8:00 at night & they ring the doorbell & take off like they have wings. FedEx delivers earlier but I have to keep going to look out the door to see if the package is there. Anyway, it's here, I love it so that's done!

This was the first time I'd ordered from CSN & I will definitely use them again.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fed Ex where are you???

I really thought Allison was going to be livid when she saw this picture.

I personally thought it was greatness. I don't think Allison agreed but to quote her, "I've taken much worse pictures before"!!! Isn't it great to have friends with a sense of humor??

I also forgot to mention that the only plumber we needed last weekend was Liquid Plumber. I don't know what was really going on but everything works as it should now. Well, sorta. At least in the bathroom anyway. Apparently, the ice maker has decided that it's not going to work. Maybe. We're not completely sure. We have ice, just not as much as normal. We're currently in a holding pattern waiting to see if it's going to make ice. Does everything just stop working at the 5 year mark??

Today I went to the dentist. It was just for a cleaning & everything was good. I'm not a huge fan of dentist appts. but at least I wasn't at work. I rewarded myself with a chocolate shake from Sonic. HAHA!!

Is anyone watching Real Housewives of NJ? I watched last nights episode this afternoon & I just don't even know what to say. Danielle is crazy. Kim G. is crazy. Theresa is completely over the top. I've never heard of a dance floor at a Christening. I did LOVE the baby's pacifier though!!!

I'm currently waiting on Fed Ex. The rug I ordered is supposed to be delivered today. I'm very anxious to see it. I'll post pictures once it arrives.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Evil Genius

Saturday morning Allison, Cael & my mom came to swim. It was really hot & the water was soooo great!  It was actually a little chilly when we first got in. That's unbelievable being that it hasn't been cooler than 97 this week. Cael had a great time!

I don't know how many times he jumped off the side. Sometimes with floaties, sometimes without. He wanted us to catch him. After the first few times of that we figured out to back up when he jumped so we wouldn't be injured! He'd go under, come up & say "I don't want to go under" & then do it all again. It was hilarious!!! Unfortunately, we didn't figure things out soon enough & I have a bruise that's a lovely shade of purple on my stomach & my arms are killing me from all of the catching!

Finally, he let us take a break & he played with Dean. They took turns throwing the diving sticks & going to get them. Here's Cael giving Dean instructions.

Cael was worn out. When we got out of the pool he asked us for a "soft place to sleep"!!!

Last night Wendy hosted "The worst book club ever". We certainly didn't do anything to dispel this name. At one point we were all playing Words With Friends with each other on our iPhones. We pretty much laugh & eat the entire time. It's sooo much fun!!!When Brea said that we're "kind of unconventional. We all read what we want & talk about everything besides what we've read!!" she nailed it. Last night we spent a lot of time talking about Andrea's unconventional engagement, something called "Uncrustables" that I'd never heard of & the "Evil Genius" that is Andrea. Notice a pattern here? Andrea is right in the middle of it all! I can honestly say she's the funniest person I know. This was Allison's reaction to something Andrea said.

 She's going to KILL me for posting this picture BUT it'll be worth it. It's a fantastic picture!