Thursday, March 28, 2013


Let's talk sports bras. I'm in the market for a new one. I'm pretty sure what I look for in a sports bra is different than what most other people look for. See, I don't have tata's that need to be tamed or a handful that needs to be contained (for those that don't know those are name brands). This may be TMI for some but I barely have any boobs. In fact, if it wasn't for my lovely fibrocystic disease I'd probably have less. That brings me to my problem. I need a sports bra that is padded. You laugh, but they're not easy to find. They're necessary too. Otherwise, I look like a man. They just make you flat as a pancake if you don't have much to work with & there aren't pads. I have a couple of Reebok bras which are ok but they give you the whole uniboob look. Not pretty. Although, uniboob is better than no boob. I have a couple of that brand that starts with an M that I can't remember right at the moment. I really liked them. I liked the way they fit & I was lucky enough to find some at TJ Maxx for $12.  That's the one good thing about not needing a sports bra for all of the regular reasons, I can find them pretty cheap. The problem with those bras is that the padding is removable. I don't really get that. If you need the pads you're not going to remove them. I didn't think it was a big deal but after they've been washed a lot the pads start to come out during the wash cycle. How this happens is a mystery. Kinda like the whole one sock always disappearing. There's a very tiny spot to put them in & out. It's HARD to get them back in that spot & arranged correctly. I need a bra that has pads that aren't removable. I really don't think this is too much to ask. I plan to look online but I thought I'd ask for suggestions here. Maybe it will save some time. Oh & I'd rather not pay $50 for one.

My workouts for the week:
Sunday - 4 mile run. I got a little faster
Monday - Weight workout while watching the finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Please Lord tell me the rumors are just rumors & Faye WILL NOT be part of the cast next season.
Tuesday - Yoglates
Wednesday - 3.5 mile run. I got a little faster. I had 1 mile that was 10:39!
Thursday - Yoglates

Good Friday is a holiday for my company for the first time ever! I'm very excited!! We have big plans - At some point I have to run 3.5 miles. I have a coupon for Dick's & JCP so I plan to use those. I don't like to let coupons go to waste! We'll have lunch & then there's the little thing about picking up 40 lbs of chicken. More on that later.

Good thing I've kept up with my workouts this week because  my eating has been a little sketch. I had 2 Groupons or Living Socials or whatever that are expiring this week so we had to use them. We had Mexican Tuesday night & it was DELICIOUS!! Not low calorie but good. Tonight we're going to Capital City Grill.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We went to LSU's baseball game Friday night. It was a bit chilly & I ended my night in the truck. HA!

Saturday morning Allison & I had mani & pedi appointments. We'd bought Groupons awhile back for a new place.
Wine was included! I'm usually a red drinker but for some reason white seems more like a middle of the day wine. On my toes I picked OPI's Koala Berry. I like it a lot. Bright & summery is what I was going for.
I did a Shellac color on my fingers. I think it was called Rose Bud. I like it a lot too. Yes, I know you're supposed to match fingers & toes but I live on the wild side! Besides, it hasn't gotten out of the 50's this week so me & my Yoglates neighbor are the only people even seeing my toes & I'm not seeing them much because I have socks on at home. This is so typical I swear.

The place we went to was nice. They do all sorts of things like eyelash extensions, massages, facials, etc. Once our nails were all done we decided to have lunch. On the way we stopped at one of my favorite little stores, Varsity Sports so I could get new running shoes. I had to order them because they didn't have my size. Stupid narrow feet. I picked up some energy bars & a pair of socks & when I was paying Allison was asking if I had to pay for the shoes & I told her no that you pay when they come in. The guy that works there said they do that just in case something happens "but nothing ever happens". And there we go. He just jinxed me. Let's reminisce about the last year - DSLR camera ordered online & stolen lost by USPS & just a few weeks ago I ordered my glasses & either UPS or USPS lost those. I don't have a very good track record.

For lunch we made our very first Chipotle visit. It was good but I was actually a little disappointed. We have Izzo's in Baton Rouge & it's soooo good. Chipotle was good but nothing special & they don't do nachos because they don't have queso. HUH?? WTH??? You're a Mexican restaurant & you don't have queso? Isn't that un American?? Well, I guess it would be un Mexican. Chipotle,  I think you're just a little fake Mexican joint.

I saw a really easy recipe on Facebook the other day so I decided to try it.
Use 2 bags of berries (12 oz. bags). I guess you can use whatever kind you'd like.
The recipe calls for a white cake mix but I actually had a yellow cake mix in the pantry & I just read something about expired cake mixes being a mold hazard & can kill you. I don't know if it's true. It was something I saw on FB too. I know I've mentioned before that all I need to know comes from FB, Twitter & TMZ.

All you do is spray a 9x12 or 9x13 (I don't remember but I doubt it makes a difference) pan with Pam or whatever you use, pour all the berries in the pan & then pour the dry cake mix over the fruit. I smoothed it out & made it look pretty & covered the berries. Then take a can of Sprite/7-Up or Diet Sprite/7-Up & pour it over the cake mix. I used Diet 7-Up. Don't stir or anything, just pour & then bake for like 45 mins. at 350.

This was the finished product. Not real pretty but I didn't care. It was for me & Dean. See the white powder looking stuff? That's cake mix that didn't dissolve. The recipe said to use a can of  7-Up but next time I'll put more than 12 oz. The final result? It wasn't bad. It wasn't my favorite but I think that's because of the fruit. There were some raspberries & cranberries thrown in & those aren't my favorite.  Dean says it's good. I would make it again but I think I would just use all blackberries or all peaches or all blueberries like a true cobbler. Also, if you eat the proper serving size this is really a low calorie dessert. It makes 16 servings.

Sunday our friends down the street had a crawfish boil. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I do like boiled crawfish but if I have it once a summer I'm good. It's just way too messy & I don't like to have to work for my food. We have invites to 2 more boils in the coming weeks so I'm holding out for one of those. Sunday I wasn't in the crawfish eating mood but I went to visit.
My absolute favorite part of a crawfish boil is the mushrooms. Soooo good!! They soak up the seasoning so good. I had a few for a snack.

Sunday after Mass I had another 4 mile run. I was actually a little faster than I've been. Yesterday, I got up & did weights & this morning I went to Yoglates.

All in all it was a delightfully relaxing weekend!

Anyone have any easy low calorie dessert recipes?


Friday, March 22, 2013


It's Friday & for awhile this week I didn't think I was going to make it. Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday, Wednesday I thought it was Thursday. Awful!
Today while I was perusing blogs I came across this picture on Paige's blog.
She says this is the best almond butter ever! Even better than Trader Joe's. Now, I haven't had either brand but I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of the first Trader Joe's in my area solely for the purpose of tasting it. And the 2 Buck Chuck I keep hearing about. Currently, I buy the Marantha brand that they sell at Walmart. I really like it but from what I've read it's not one of the better ones. Interesting. However, I didn't post this picture to discuss the greatness that is almond butter but because the label disturbs me so much. WHY WOULD YOU PUT A PICTURE OF A NASTY LITTLE CREATURE ON YOUR LABEL??? ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S A FOOD LABEL???? Seriously, Once Again food people, FIRE YOUR MARKETING PEEPS IMMEDIATELY!! I will never ever buy this. (Sung to the tune of Taylor Swifts We're Never Ever Getting Back Together). Raccoon's completely ooog me out. I used to be one of those people that thought they were cute & I made of fun of my dear friend Allison for her fear of them. THEN this happened & I completely got what she'd been saying all these years.

Speaking of almond butter, I've mentioned that I put it on english muffins for breakfast & sometimes for a snack. Well, I discovered something the other day. Normally, I don't toast the english muffin but the other day I had a couple that were less than fresh so I put one in the toaster oven for a few minutes & added almond butter. So so so so good! Not only is it good but the almond butter spreads much easier when the english muffin is warm. It's like my new favorite thing.

The only plans we have this weekend are the LSU Baseball games but who knows if that will happen with this weather. It's raining of & on & it's supposed to get worse. I also have a mani/pedi appointment tomorrow at the new blow out bar in town with my friend Allison. We bought Groupons awhile back so I guess I'll be traipsing out in the rain. Luckily, it's for a Shellac mani & pedi so there's no chance of them getting messed up by the rain. I'm ready for a bright spring color.

Yesterday morning I went to Yoglates & when I got home from work I did a weight workout for my arms. This morning I ran 3 miles. Tomorrow is my rest day & Sunday I'm supposed to run 4 miles again. I hope the  weather cooperates.

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend??


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day

Why is Wednesday called hump day? Anyone?? I think there's some saying about getting over the hump but I don't know. I've never been very good with sayings. The one I'll never live down is the whole fat lady singing thing. I made the comment as a teenager how I've never seen a fat lady singing at the end of anything so I don't get the saying. My family thought this was hilarious & labeled it a blond moment. I could never make them understand that I KNEW it was a saying but what I was trying to say was that it didn't make any sense because THERE ISN'T A FAT LADY SINGING AT THE END OF ANYTHING. Stuff like that just doesn't make sense to me. I guess maybe I'm too literal? Anyway, I'm glad it's Wed. & the work day is more than half over. YAY!

We've had a delicious meal the last 2 nights.
Sunday night Dean seasoned a roast & I put it in the crock pot Monday morning before I left for work. How about that teamwork?? It was good but not as good as the last roast which was one of the best roast ever cooked. I made quinoa & I put a bag of seasoning blend in when I cooked it & we had frozen green beans. I've recently decided that I'm a fan of frozen veggies. They're so good. It's like they're fresh. We had this Monday night & Tuesday night & yes we will be having it again tonight because this roast obviously came off of a large cow. Dean's variation of the meal last night was rice instead of quinoa. He can only go without rice for so long. I also made us each a small salad so we had lots of veggies last night.
This is the news of the day in Baton Rouge. Community Coffee is FINALLY making K-cups. This was a huge deal on Facebook. It's not a big deal to me because I started my coffee drinking with Starbucks but Community is a local company that everyone LOVES. People bring their Community with them when they travel. Kind of like how the New Orlenians feel about Chicory. My only experience with Community was a few weeks ago when I stopped after Race for the Cure for a Guilt Free Turtle Latte. It was really good so I guess I'll try out some CC's K cups.

Friday I had another appointment with the eye doctor. Red eyes was the issue. She had changed the solution I use but that didn't done anything. She said my eyes look good & that it must be allergies. Go figure. After my appointment I went to Ulta. I had a coupon for a free gift because of the points I earned the last quarter & I needed some hair stuff.
No, I didn't need nail polish. This one is OPI's My Address Is Hollywood. I did my toes & i really like it. I was planning to buy a bottle of Butter London polish because it was on sale for $9 & it's normally $15 so I was going to try it. Note to Ulta Marketing or whoever is in charge of setting up the displays - putting nail polish by the perfume where it normally isn't is not a good strategy. Especially, when there's a small display when you walk in the front door. This made me think that was all that was left. I looked by the other polish & there wasn't any. I didn't bother to ask because I've done that before only to be told "everything we have is out". Later when I talked to Wendy she told me where the rest of it was. BY THE PERFUME. She'd been by there earlier Friday. I decided it was better that I didn't find it. I'm sure I would've loved it & really, who needs $15 nail polish?? Not me. Also, fellow Ulta shoppers, coupons can no longer be used on OPI. sigh. There were signs all over that store that said "Effective March 13th OPI is an exclusion & coupons may not be used". So annoying. Seriously, they're making it very easy for me to just shop at Amazon. Not to mention every time I go in there it looks like their was a raid on OPI polish. I just can't imagine that many people happen to be in a nail polish frenzy on the days I choose to shop. I think they're not restocking. On to my free gift. I was a level 4 this quarter & there was a list of stuff I could choose from. I was interested in 4 of the items on the list & they didn't have any of them. sigh. That's when I found this.
It's Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm. The color is Fresh Plum. Not my first choice. This was the ONLY tube of this stuff in the store. Well, unless it was over by the perfume. I was tired of being in the store looking for stuff they didn't have so I just took it, paid & left. I LOVE IT!! The color isn't bad. Basically, it's tinted lip balm. Not as glossy as gloss but balmier than lipstick. Does that make sense? Next time I'm at Walmart or somewhere else that I despise I'm going to see if they have one of the other colors.

This weeks workouts so far:
Sunday - 4 mi. run
Monday - Weights & squats & push ups (I just did my own thing)
Tuesday - Yoglates
Wednesday - 3 mi. run this morning & I'll do weights when I get home.

I'm going to reward myself for my 2 workouts today with a vanilla protein smoothie. HA! I'm going to make it with the vanilla almond milk & see how I like it. I'll report back.


Monday, March 18, 2013

I need it to be Friday

I'm well aware that it's Monday. I need it to be Friday. The weekend was blah. Dean's uncle passed away Friday. It wasn't unexpected, he was in his 80's & had Hospice. It was a relief. He'd suffered so much & now he's in a better place. Cancer really sucks. Saturday was his funeral. That was emotionally draining & exhausting.  I woke up early to get ready & that's when Dean discovered on the front page of the newspaper that it is in fact being sold & the deal will be done by June 1st. I work at the paper. Maybe it's no big deal, maybe it'll be a good thing, maybe not. We don't know. I don't have a problem with change. My problem is more with the unknown. Needless to say it wasn't even 7:00 am & I was already stressed out. We got home around 3:30 just in time for a snack & then we left again so we could make it to Mass.

After Mass we stopped for our "flash mob briefing" at Caliente. We were starving.
Dean & I started with these, "The Jose Special" which is normally blue but in honor of St Patrick's day they were green. They were also delicious. Mine is the smaller one. Dean would've had to carry me out of there if I drank that big one. I had the fish tacos. That may be my new favorite which is really weird because I'm the person that always says that I can't understand why people want fish in their taco's. Well, I understand now. DELISH!!!

Our neighbor, Amelia-Ann wanted to go for cupcakes after dinner. I was on board. I didn't care how many calories or how bad they are for me. After the day we had I needed a treat.
I had the peanut butter cup cupcake. It was a tough choice between it & "Tipsy", which is the margarita flavor. I had a sample & it was really good!

Sunday morning was a run day. 4 miles. The longest run I've ever done. I wasn't sure how I'd do because my calves & shins were bothering me from wearing heels for so long Saturday. It went fine. 4 mi. in 45:47. Yes, it's slow but I'm more concerned with distance. For now anyway.

I tried this for the first time this morning.
I like almonds, I like almond butter so I thought I might like almond milk. I got this 4 pack of little individual juice box type things & I had one this morning. It was good. It was different but good. I'm not going to stop drinking milk but I like having other choices that are healthy. I think it would be really good in a protein shake too.

Sadly, it's still Monday.....


Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm not really sure who is to blame, Uncle Si or Dean. For those of you that don't know Duck Dynasty comes on Wednesday at 9:00 & 9:30. That is also my bedtime. Yes, I'm a maw maw & don't get all judgey. I do get up at 4:45 in the morning. DD is set to always record on the DVR. I was all set to go to sleep at 9:00 & watch when I came home today. Dean went to LSU's game last night & stayed home. When he got home I was in bed reading. He proceeds to turn on Duck Dynasty because he didn't want to wait until today to watch. Normally, I can sleep through anything but I know the second I hear Uncle Si's voice I'll start laughing & I'll be awake so I don't even bother trying to go to sleep. If you have it recorded & haven't watched yet, I have one word for you - Godwin! You'll see what I mean when you watch. So funny! So at 10:00 I'm finally going to sleep. I was very close to staying in bed this morning but I didn't. Off to Yoglates I went. But I was tired. I should've fixed coffee when I got home but I was in the mood for chocolate milk. My morning went by fairly fast but I knew after lunch I was in trouble. Thankfully, a co-worker wanted coffee. I was very excited!
This is  a Caramel Macchiato non-fat. I'd never had one before. I never knew what the difference was between a latte, mocha, macchiato, etc. I did a little research & apparently, it's all about the order the ingredients are put in the cup. Seems weird to me but whatevs! I really really liked this.

Remember I got these last week?
I wore them for the first time last weekend & I NEVER WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF! OMG!!! They are so comfortable. Very cushiony (is that a word?). I wish they had the support I need so that I could run in them. If you're one of the lucky ones with neutral feet & not jacked up feet like me I highly recommend these for running.

I've mentioned just about every week how we eat at Caliente at some point during the weekend. Sometimes it's just us & sometimes it's the whole neighbor crew.  I got this text last night from my friend.
Maybe we go too much?? Jessica owns Caliente & she's ALWAYS there when we go. This led to multiple text messages among the crew which led to us planning a "get more details briefing" (Dean's idea) Saturday night at where else?? Caliente. I don't care what the details are, I'm not interested in purposely embarrassing myself. The rest of the crew seems to have no problem with this. Sigh.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


And I'm tired of it!!! One day it's 70, the next it's 40. ANNOYING!! No, this isn't any different than any other Louisiana winter but that doesn't make it less annoying. Friday night & Saturday night Dean & I went to the LSU games. They won. Yay! It was cold though. Friday wasn't too bad & I had such high hopes for Saturday because the weather was supposed to be warmer. Then there was wind. Really?? Where our seats are the wind was blowing directly into our faces. It was cold. Sunday I woke up bright & early at 7 am. Which we all know was really 6 am. My head was pounding. Well that's lovely. It was definitely a sinus headache. My mom pointed out that Saturday's wind was probably the culprit. Needless to say I missed the Sunday game. I watched a lot of House Hunters.

I did manage to run Saturday morning.
How is it that Tamra's hair looks perfect WHILE she's doing Zumba?? I saw this picture on Twitter. I can assure you when I'm doing Yoglates or running there isn't a hair in place.
After my run I made a protein shake. I love these. I use skim milk, a frozen banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, peanut butter & a scoop of french vanilla protein powder. I forgot I had frozen blueberries in the freezer so I threw some of those in. I'm not a huge fan of blueberries but I know they're fabulous for you. The smoothie didn't really have a blueberry flavor which was fine with me. I love my Magic Bullet. I know a lot of people just use their blender but then there are a million pieces to clean & I don't have a ton of willpower so if I used the blender I would be making a much bigger shake! This is the perfect size.

Dean & I did a lot of work in the yard Saturday. We trimmed a bunch of stuff & he cut the grass while I pulled weeds. I had anticipated a lovely sunny day. In reality I got a blah overcast day. I'm ready for spring.
For lunch I made an egg & cheese sandwich. Occasionally, I have this for breakfast. It's so good. I use a multi grain english muffin & I toast it & melt a piece of cheese on it. I add bacon bits & a scrambled egg. It's sooo soooo good. I know bacon isn't the greatest for you but I buy these bacon bits that are made from real bacon, not processed & they're not greasy & I just sprinkle some on the sandwich. You can taste the bacon but not get a ton of fat & calories. It really adds a lot of flavor.

Daylight savings time is killing me. I always have a problem getting used to it. My sinuses are still bothering me so I'm taking some meds & that isn't helping the tiredness. I broke down & got a Dr Pepper at work today. All in moderation right??


Friday, March 8, 2013


That would be a Duck Dynasty reference. People, if you're not watching it you are missing out. HILARIOUS! Dean says Phil is one of the great philosophers of our time. I personally love Uncle Si. Anyway, I'm "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY" that it's Friday!!

Last night we went to Caliente. We should see about becoming investors we eat there so much. We were celebrating our friend Dave's birthday a few days early.
We like salsa!

I know I've mentioned the fact that I think aliens have taken over my body. You know the exercising, the running, the signing up for a HALF MARATHON?! Well, I don't think anything proves it more than these
See, I saw these somewhere. I think on a blog & I LOVED them. I really love all the bright color tennis shoes that are out there. The problem is these are not shoes that I can run in because I have jacked up over pronating or pronating (I don't know the correct terminology) feet. They would have to be "every day" tennis shoes. I don't need every day tennis shoes because I'm the person that never wears tennis shoes except to run or work in the yard. Or am I??? Apparently, now that the aliens have taken over I want to wear tennis shoes every day. My real life peeps are freaking out as they read this.  OK, so the other problem is that since these are a good running shoe for people with normal feet, they're the price of good running shoes. I don't need running shoe priced shoes for every day wear. Follow? I've searched & searched. I like nothing but running shoe priced shoes. sigh. That's one thing the aliens haven't changed about me. I still like the most expensive stuff.

Tuesday was my lucky day. I found the shoes on Amazon $23 cheaper than everywhere else. Hmmm. Then I looked at this big sale ad that Shoe Station had in the paper. Y'all, I LOVE Shoe Station. Well, there wasn't one pair of shoes in that ad that I wanted. I was in my closet looking around & I realized that I had so many shoes I couldn't even come up with any I wanted besides the tennis shoes.  It was a sad day. Dean didn't have near the reaction I was expecting when I shared that with him. He just said "oh". Really?? After all the comments over the years about my shoes &" oh" is all I get?? That's when I decided I needed cheering up. I had a $25 Amazon gift card so that made the shoes an even better deal. Plus the fact that I won't need any shoes this summer means I'd be saving money by buying the tennis shoes so I bought them. Free shipping of course! They were delivered yesterday. I can't wait to wear them!!

My workouts this week:
Sunday - Much deserved REST day after 7 days in a row of workouts
Monday - Jillian DVD
Tuesday - Yoglates
Wednesday - 3 mi. run - First run of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon training program
Thursday - Yoglates
Friday - Yoglates

Tomorrow I'll run & it's actually supposed to be a pretty weekend so we'll work in the yard & go to the LSU Baseball games.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I can see!!!

This week sinus issues have reared their ugly head. It's not awful but I've been self medicating with the hope that it won't get worse. The last 2 nights I've been asleep for 8:00. Yep, you read that right. It's a miracle I made it that late. Sinus meds totally knock me out. During the day I take Mucinex. For some reason it's the only thing that doesn't knock me out. In fact it keeps me awake but I still feel sleepy. Weird. Because of that I had this
and this

the last 2 afternoons.

Let's talk about these
Seriously, they're going to be the death of me. I purposely only ordered 1 box. I ordered Dean a box of a different type that I'm not interested in. Well, they were delivered Sunday & my box was gone yesterday. I tried to stick to the serving size of 2 cookies. That lasted Sunday. Monday I was contemplating eating the rest of the box so they'd be gone. I decided that I didn't want to be sick so I refrained. This leads me to a problem. It's virtually impossible to go grocery shopping in this town right now because you'll be assaulted by a zillion little girls trying to sell you more cookies. They park themselves, along with their poor moms who have better things to do than hang out outside of Walmart peddling cookies, in front of the store & ask you as you're going in the store AND out of the store if you want cookies. I don't know about you but they wear me down. I might make it in the door without buying a box but the chances of me making it out without any is slim. The only solution may be to get Dean to do all the grocery shopping until they're gone. He has no problem saying no. Not in a mean way.

A few weeks ago I went for my yearly eye exam. Yes, I'm 39 yrs. old & my eyes still change EVERY YEAR! So annoying. I'm scared to death the day will come when the Dr. says "Nobody makes contacts in this strength". This year the Dr. found some minor issues with my eyes & told me I needed to cut down on the amount of time I wear my contacts. Apparently, 16 hours a day isn't real healthy. This led me to get new glasses. The pair I have are probably 5 prescriptions old. Now, there's a story here. Imagine that. I ordered the glasses the week before Mardi Gras. It should take a week to get them but maybe a few days longer since they were going through New Orleans & they completely shut down for Mardi Gras. No biggie. It's not like I'm wearing them to work or anything. Sooo, 2 weeks later we find out that the post office has lost them. I personally believe someone is walking around Jackson, MS in my glasses. Probably the same person that has my camera. I digress. This isn't the first time I've had an issue with the post office & I'm sure it won't be the last. My glasses had to be re-made. I picked them up yesterday.
Yes, they're Coach. HAHA! I don't need Coach glasses. The problem is because my vision is so bad I have to have all sorts of fancy things done to the lenses so they're not as heavy or as thick, etc. There are only certain frames that work well with those lenses. I will admit I was disappointed when the Michael Kors didn't work for me. Anyway, I think for glasses they're cute & I won't be mortified if I actually have to wear them out of the house.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Race for the Cure

Saturday was cold!
I wasn't real excited about the fact that I'd be running in this. Luckily, the race didn't start until 9:00 so it was around 40. I tried to think about the fact that regardless of how cold it was I was able to run & not having to deal with cancer like so many people out there were. Cold is better than chemo!!!
This is only the 2nd 5K race I've done. The first was back in November 2011 when my hip was hurt & I ran anyway & then could barely walk after I crossed the finish line & didn't run for 3 mos. I finished in 35:20 this time. I want to be faster but I'm trying not to worry about that. Distance is more important. I don't know that I'll do this race again because it was so incredibly crowded. I saw someone with bib number 11,240! It wasn't as organized as I would've thought either. The main problem is that it's a 5K run/walk & everyone was grouped together. It took me 2 minutes to get to a point where I could actually run & that was only because I got out of the mass of people & followed some others through the grass so I could get started. What a mess. It seems like the easy solution would be to have the runners start first & then have the walkers start. Oh well.
My friends Suzy & Maria ran too. They're way fast. Suzy runs a 22 minute 5K & Maria said her fastest was 24 minutes. They had jambalaya while waiting for me to finish! HAHA! There was a jambalaya cooking competition & my friends from work were participating. It's always really good & Saturday was no different. More proof that my taste have changed. I used to not like jambalaya, now I do.

I figured out that I really do like races because there is so much to see. The race was through LSU's campus which is really really pretty so I enjoyed that but the sights I saw were really priceless! There were the people in costumes which were cute but there's nothing like seeing a weight lifter looking dude running in a skirt that isn't a costume, a man in his 50's that was wearing old school sweat pants that were about a size too small with a turtle neck stuck in, BUT hands down the best outfit was the guy that passed me wearing booty shorts that said Destin across the butt. Thankfully, he was wearing tights under them. It was a little deflating to be passed by him. Luckily, I didn't think about that until just now.
On the way home from the race we were good & cold again so we went through the CC's (Community Coffee is a locally owned coffee company in Louisiana & CC's is their equivalent to Starbuck's) drive thru for a guilt free turtle latte. Really good!

I rewarded myself with a nap when I got home & Mexican food after Mass. YUMMO!!!