Friday, September 30, 2011

Wooo Hoooo It's Friday!!!!

We have a pretty low key weekend planned. A wine tasting dinner tonight & Amelia-Ann's 13th birthday party next door tomorrow evening after the game. The rest of the time will be spent watching football & reading. Maybe even a nap!  What's everyone else doing?

I went to Yoglates yesterday afternoon & finished off Week 7 of C25K this morning. It was HOT! I'm looking forward to the cooler temps we're supposed to have next week.

Yesterday, I made my second crock pot dinner. Chicken & Dumplings. I forgot to take pictures but it was delish! I don't know if they compare to real homemade chicken & dumplings. Probably not but I haven't had those so these were great.

Here's the recipe:

4-5 Chicken breasts
2 tbsp Melted butter
2 Cans cream of chicken soup
1 Can of water
1 12-oz Can of biscuits
Seasoning to taste. I used Cajun seasoning.

Cook everything together for 8-10 hrs.
Quarter the biscuits & put them in for the last 45 mins. & put on high.
Stir & enjoy!

I'm linking to Flip Flops & Pearls Recipe Swap

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weigh In Thursday

UGH! I hate to even type these words. I gained 2.6 pounds. I knew I shouldn't have had that second piece of shower cake. I guess the fried food didn't help either. Sigh. Oh well, I've done well this week. Of course I generally do well during the week. The weekends are the problem. I'm going to try & do better this weekend. Although, we're going to a wine tasting tomorrow night. The meal appears to be fairly diet friendly. With the exception of dessert, chocolate Cabernet butter cake. I also plan to have nachos while watching the game Saturday. I've been craving them for a couple of weeks. I have multi grain tostitos so that's something. Other than those 2 meals, I WILL eat good. 

Today will be my last Yoglates class for the week. 3 days in a row is tough but that's just the way it worked out this week. Tomorrow will be the last day of Week 7 for C25K. It's really hard to believe I only have 2 weeks left & I'll have made it through the entire program. I honestly didn't think I'd make it.  I also registered for my first 5K this week. It's November 5th. There's no turning back now!

I have another meal cooking in the crock pot today. I'll post about it tomorrow. This one involves chicken.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"A Crock Pot Revolution!"

That would be a direct quote from my friend Allison!! A couple of weeks ago I talked about how we went to Sam's & only bought food which is unusual for us. Well, I remembered that we didn't just buy food. We bought this.
It's 6 quarts & also came with a "little dipper" & a carrying case. All for $40. Can't beat that. This was around the time that I was seeing crock pot stuff all over Facebook & my friend Allison had cooked several things in hers & raved about how good & easy it wa. Being that I'm not a cook & need all the help/easy recipes I can get I decided to try it. Today was the day. My first crock pot venture was a roast. This is what it looked like before I turned it on this morning.
Not real appetizing but you get the idea. This is the finished product at 6:00 when I got home from Yoglates.
It's really hard to take a picture of meat. Anyway, it turned out DELICIOUS!!! I made rice to go with it. That in itself is no small feat. Yes, I used a rice cooker but I've been known to screw that up. Not this time though! I made an entire meal & it was good!!! Roast, rice & gravy & green beans. They greatest part about this is that it took hardly any time at all! The roast was so tender it was falling apart. It would be great to make a BBQ beef sandwich with.

Here's the recipe:

2-3 lb. Roast
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (the dry mix)
1 packet Italian dressing mix (the dry mix)
1 packet Brown Gravy mix
1 cup of water

Place the roast in the crock pot
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl then pour it over the roast
Pour water around the roast. Do not pour over the roast.
Cook on low 8-10 hrs.

I cooked mine for 10 hrs. & then it switched to warm for an hour.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night was our usual out to dinner night. We went to a local BBQ place called Couyon's. I had a really good pulled pork sandwich. I love that they gave me a pile of dill pickles with my sandwich. I don't know what it is about BBQ but I HAVE to have dill pickles with it. YUM!! We walked next door after dinner & had frozen yogurt at Swirl.

Saturday I was up fairly early & pulled weeds while Dean cut the grass. It wasn't too ridiculously hot so that made it a lot better. I ended up taking a nap & just hanging out for most of the day. We went to Mass & then came home for the LSU game. Several of the neighbors came over to eat & watch the game. Anyone know what this is?
If you guessed frog you win!!! Notice I said frog, not frog legs. I thought you only ate the legs. I learned differently Saturday night. I've tasted frog legs before & I tasted again Sat. night. They really do taste like chicken but they're actually better I think. I didn't eat more because it actually looks like a headless frog. I couldn't really get past that. Dean also fried shrimp so that's what I ate. One of our neighbors, Dave, whose wife was out of town brought this.

He made it & it was DELISH!!! It was cheeses, artichokes, mushrooms & salami. Those olives you see are stuffed with Feta cheese. YUM!!!

The Tigers won so it made for a fun night. Next up is Kentucky at 11:20 am Saturday. For those non LSU peeps, LSU fans DO NOT like day games & especially not 11:20 ones. The game is in BR. We live about 3 miles from LSU so suffice it to say we'll be at home Saturday. Traffic is a nightmare & the road that our subdivision is on is a major thoroughfare to & from LSU. After the game contra flow is in effect so it's easier to just stay home. I'm already planning nachos for lunch while we watch the game. I've been craving them for a week & it's perfect football watching food.

Sunday I was going to a cousin in law's baby shower. I was going with my mom so I got to go hang out with Logan for a little while. He has a sinus infection.

Poor little pitiful thing. That didn't last long though. He was in a good mood & we played with trucks, he showed me how to work the DVD player & how he can tumble. Which led to him wanting me to tumble. Luckily, I distracted him.

Logan now doesn't want anyone to leave once they get there. When I told him I had to go he kept telling me "no, take shoes off".  He knows if you don't have shoes on you can't go outside. It was pitiful.
The shower was very nice. Baby Landry got all sorts of adorable stuff. She's going to be a really well dressed little girl.  I love shower food & It didn't disappoint. There were pinwheels (love!), finger sandwiches (why is it finger sandwiches taste better than regular sandwiches?), dips & this
Isn't that the most amazing cake ever??? What's even better is it came from Ambrosia Bakery. All my B.R. peeps know that they make the most amazing cakes! Again, this did not disappoint. It was so good I had 2 pieces & they were both loaded with icing. YUM! My cousin tried to send me home with cake but I refrained. I took one piece for Dean & that was it.

On a related note, Weigh In Wednesday will be moved to Thursday this week due in part to the shower cake & (I'm scared to weigh) & part because I have something else to post about tomorrow.

Yesterday morning I started Week 7 of C25K. I really can't believe I've been doing it that long. It doesn't seem like it. As of Friday, every run is at least 25 mins. straight. It went well Monday. Today I go to Yogalates for the first time this week.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend!

I love that song & I heard it on my way to work this morning & haven't been able to get it out of my head. Normally, if I even think of the Zac Brown Band song Chicken Fried, it sticks in my head & everything else leaves but that hasn't even worked today. Oh well. Lots of randoms today.
  • This morning was the big 25 minute run to complete week 6 of C25K. I did it. No stitch either. I felt one possibly coming on so I concentrated on my breathing & that seemed to keep it at bay. YAY!!!
  • Dean is off today & I really hate to have to go to work when he's off. So it was even more impressive that at 4:45 when I woke up I got up.
  • I went to Target at lunch to buy a baby gift for a shower I'm going to Sunday. I got some cute stuff. I'm not like the rest of the free world that has this love affair with Target. I'm just not impressed & I don't see what all the hoorah is about. I don't love Walmart either. In fact, I really despise it but the prices are cheaper than Target & it's closer to my house. I only went to Target because it's easier to get to from my office.
  • I'm trying to decide where I want to go for dinner. You know it's Friday & that means out to eat.
  • Made it to Yoglates 4 times this week. I'm sore. In a good way. I'm not sure if it's from the extra class or the increased running.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday!

I said last week that I think I've hit a plateau. Well, I'm happy to say I've lost 2 pounds this week. YAY! Although, I'm not getting overly excited. I feel like I've gained & lost this 2 pounds for awhile now. Let's see if I can keep it off & lose a little more in the upcoming week.  I've already gone to Yogalates twice this week & I'll be leaving shortly for class. I plan to go tomorrow too. I ran Monday & this morning. The weather was better today than Monday. Not nearly as much humidity or it was cooler or something. I did get a "side stitch" today. I had to do (2) 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in between. The stitch hit me about 7 minutes into the first run. I made it through but was worried I wouldn't be able to finish the second run. I used the 3 minute walk for some deep breathing which I keep hearing is good & was able to complete the last 10 minutes without a problem. My next run is Friday morning & it's  a 25 min run with no walking. Wish me luck. If anyone has any tips on the whole stitch thing I'd love to hear them. From everything I've read it's all about your diaphragm & breathing. I read something about not landing on the same foot every time. I have no idea how you go about fixing that & I'm not about to try. That's waaaayyyy too much thinking for me. I'm lucky I can breathe.

Not much of a post but I have to note this stuff or I won't stay motivated.  Not to mention there's nothing else going on this week.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Rest Day!

Dean pointed out that I did 2 Yogalates classes & a run in a span of 24 hours. I need a rest day! Which is what today is. No morning run, no afternoon class. I'm just going straight home after work & I'm VERY happy! As good as I feel after I workout it's still nice to do nothing sometimes.

In my last post I mentioned that we had house guests this weekend. Our friend Katie, who lives in Houston, came to town for a friends shower. We were excited to see her but we were even more excited to get to meet her baby Quinn! She's 4 months old & just too cute.
This was Quinn's reaction when "Hey Fighting Tigers" was on the radio. She looks pretty happy! Katie is an LSU alum but Quinn's daddy is a Notre Dame alum & he'd called after they actually won a football game & sang the alma mater to her. This was the result of that phone call.
Isn't she so cute? She loves sucking on her fingers & thumb. It's really adorable. Quinn still sleeps a lot so that left a lot of time for visiting with Katie. Dean grilled steaks & we sat around drinking wine & catching up. Sunday morning when Dean & I got back from Mass we watched Quinn while Katie went. She slept the whole time so that was easy. She's very happy when she wakes up.
Here's Dean & Quinn. She has her daddy's skin which if you can't tell is the typical fair Irish type!
Between the lighting & the iPhone the pics aren't very good but my phone was always handy. Dean cooked crab cakes for lunch & OMG they were sooooo good!!!! Like, just as good if not better, than any restaurant. Katie & Quinn left Sunday afternoon to visit in New Orleans. We were sad to see them go but were very happy we got to spend some time with them.  


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well that 3 day weekend flew by. I've said it before, sometimes I don't like being busy on the weekends because they go by too fast. Of course I don't want to hang out doing nothing either. I need to start a countdown to retirement.

Friday morning I wasn't dizzy anymore. YAY!! I went out to do my last run for week 5 of C25K. This was the 20 min. run. That would be 20 mins. with no walking in between. I was scared. I did it!!! It wasn't that bad either. I was so proud of myself.

We did a Sam's run Friday morning. This time we actually only bought food. That rarely happens. The weather was gorgeous! We went to Red Zeppelin which is a local pizza place & had lunch outside on their patio. We decided that we wanted Mexican for dinner so we went to La Carreta. Love, love, love!!! We ate on their patio also. There are very few days in Louisiana that are perfect weather days to eat outside. I wanted to take full advantage.

Saturday we were up early to go to my brother & sis-in-law's camp. It's about an hour & a half from our house.  We went boat riding.

Logan loves the boat! He was so cute. When we are on the pier & he hears a boat coming he stops whatever he's doing & just listens & then he sees it & says "there's da boat", it goes behind the trees & he looks at us with his little arms out & says "where'd it go?" & then it comes out from behind the trees & he says "there it is!" Soooo freakin' cute!!!

While Logan loves the boat, I on the other hand, haven't been a fan. The boat scares me. Of course I haven't actually been in a boat in like 30 years probably. Well, Logan wants to ride so of course I'm going too.
My first boat ride as an adult. It wasn't bad at all. I'd do it again. We went to Gros Marina. They have a little store, a little bar, they cook & sell food & sometimes have bands. The specialty is Lulu's Cherry Bomb Daiquiri. It's soooo good!!!! Very fruity. Funny how I like all of these fruity drinks but I don't like fruit. Weird.
I think it's really pretty out in the bayous & lakes. 
This is the marina. I thought it was cute how they have little parking spaces for the boats. They also have electrical outlets in case you need to charge the battery.
There's even a gas pump for the boats. Logan was enjoying his Blow Pop!
A "No Wake Zone". Logan doesn't care for those because that means we're going slow. Logan's not a fan of slow, nor does he do anything slow. When he was tired of waiting he got right next to his daddy & reached over & pressed the button for the gas. That kid is HILARIOUS!!
Had to include this one just because he's so cute!!! We went back to the camp & Scott fried fish for lunch & we hung out awhile. Then it was home to our house guests. That's a future post. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

My winnings!

Last weekend Dean & I each won a quarter on our football boards at work for the LSU game. $50 each!! Wooo hooo!! Dean's won before but I never have. Very exciting stuff. Being that I've lost this weight all of my winter clothes are too big. I went to the outlet mall Sunday. I didn't find a ton of stuff but I got a few things.
With all the recent working out I have a fondness for workout clothes. They have some really cute stuff out there. This is a dry fit jacket type thing. I'm sure it will come in handy for runs on cool days. It was marked down plus another 40% off. I bought it at the Reebok store, which I've come to love in the last few months, much to the chagrin of the 12 yr old that was telling his mom "I don't like Reebok, I like Nike".  Spoiled brat. HA!
More cold weather gear. I got this one at the Gap. It's LSU gold (bright yellow for non LSU fans). Not dry fit but too cute not to get. Also on sale. While at the Gap I also got 2 pair of dress pants. They were 50% off so they were only $22/each. They only had my size in black & grey. I would've loved a couple more pair at that price.
 Another Reebok purchase. The pictures of all this stuff isn't great. This shirt is LSU purple. It was on sale for like $7. Can't pass that up. It's dry fit too.
 Then it was off to Ann Taylor. Everything in the store was 40% off. This sweater vest thingy is a burgundy/wine color. I thought it would look cute with a long sleeve shirt underneath with leggings or jeans. I got it for like $15.
This cardigan also came from Ann Taylor. It's bright pink. I can always use a cardigan. It's always cold in my office.
Then I got these beauties!! LOOOVVVVEEE them!! This was a Shoe Station purchase using a $25% coupon. I don't shop at Shoe Station without a coupon. When Dean saw the shoe box he rolled his eyes but these were a need based purchase. I PROMISE! The casual brown shoes that I have are old & wearing out. I thought these were the perfect replacement.  On a related note, I bought a new wallet at Shoe Station too. I was transferring everything into it only to discover that it's too small so I'm bringing it back. BUT, while I was moving things around I found something I'd lost. A $100 Walmart gift card. I shouldn't say I found it because technically it wasn't lost. I KNEW I put it in my wallet but then I couldn't find it. It had slipped all the way down in the credit card slot. Needless to say I was very excited to find it.

Today we had our benefits fair at work. There are all sorts of door prizes & I managed to win (2) $25 Visa gift cards!! Apparently, it's my lucky week. I need to buy a lottery ticket.

Today is our Friday. LSU is playing tonight at Mississippi State so we decided to take off tomorrow. We knew we'd be up late to watch the game. LSU is winning at the moment 16-6. Tomorrow's plan includes a run that I didn't do today due to this stupid dizziness, a trip to Sam's & who knows what else. I did go to Yogalates today. I don't know if all that hanging my head upside down got the fluid in my ears moving around or my steroids just happened to start working between 4:30-5:30 but I felt good all through class & much less dizzy afterwards.

Random enough post??


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm up .6 this week. It's not much but not a loss which is a bummer but  that's ok. I think I'm at a bit of a plateau. Yesterday, I was up a little before 5:00 am & got my run in. I'm on week 5 of C25K & this is the first week that the run changes 3 times in a week. Day 1 was 5 min. runs & yesterday was (2) 8 minute runs. I was really scared about those but I did them without much of a problem. YAY me! Next up? Run for 20 mins. without walking. EEK! I'm scared. Thankfully, I got up yesterday & got day 2 in because this morning when I got of bed I was soooo dizzy. I was feeling fine but suspected there was something going on with my ears. I generally have ear issues first & then it turns into sinus. I was able to get a Dr's appt. & sure enough fluid in both ears. I'll be stopping at the pharmacy on my way home from work to pick up yet another round of steroids, nasal spray & something for the dizziness. Oh joy. The only good thing I can say about this is my Dr. said the meds for the dizziness will make me sleepy so take them at night. Good thing because the steroids keep me awake. Anyway, I don't think there's any way I could've ran this morning.

The ENT's office called with the results of my CT scan. Everything is fine. They didn't see anything to be concerned about. I was thankful for that. It would really suck to know that I've been dieting, losing weight & exercising only to find out something's wrong with me.

I also went to Yogalates yesterday. After this week I'm going to try to not run & go to class on the same day. I could tell my legs were tired when we started class. I have to do both tomorrow but that's just how my schedule worked out this week.

Tonight we have dinner with the neighbors for one of the guys' birthdays. We're going to a new place in town, Fat Cow. They have "gourmet burgers" & other stuff. I keep hearing about the greatness of the "duck fat fries". Not a very appealing name but I was assured they are truly greatness. We will see.

I went shopping Sunday. I was planning to do a post on what I bought but I didn't get around to taking all the pictures yet. This is the only one I've taken.
It's a thingy to put my phone in that goes on my arm. I've been wanting one & I found this one at the Nike Outlet for $12. I was very excited!


Monday, September 12, 2011


Not a fan of Monday's. Luckily, today has gone by pretty fast. I had my CT scan Friday & it was fine. There was trouble with the IV. My veins roll but it wasn't awful. The weirdest thing was when they put the contrast in the IV. They lady doing the test warned me that I'd feel warm all over & I would feel like I was wetting my pants. HUH??? Well folks, that's EXACTLY what it felt like. Wendy, you didn't tell me about that part!!! Anyway, the feeling subsided after a few minutes & everything was fine.

After the test I stopped & got my nails done. Dean fried fish & some of our fresh shrimp for dinner. I made a poboy. It was soooo good!

Saturday morning I went to walk the lakes. We had a big crew going. It was me, Allison, Andrea, Jennifer & Sally. It was a gorgeous day & the humidity was still low so it was a really nice walk. I had to do my first Hob Lob run in awhile & on the way home I stopped at Starbuck's. It's practically next door to Hob Lob! I went home & pulled weeds. I definitely think I got my exercise Saturday.

Saturday evening we went to Mass & afterwards out to dinner. Our neighbor Amelia-Ann went with us. Her parents were going to the LSU game & she didn't want to go. We ate at Sammy's & it was soooo good. Poor Amelia-Ann had been playing in a soccer tournament all day so she was exhausted. It wasn't long after we got home that she fell asleep.

She doesn't look very comfy to me but she was sleeping hard. It reminded me of me. I've been known to sleep in odd positions too.

Dean & I are each on football boards at our offices. I never win. Dean has won a couple of times. Saturday was our lucky night. Dean won the 1st quarter & I won the 2nd quarter. That's $100 people!! I was so excited. Sunday, I spent it but that's another post.

Sunday morning Dean got up early to go to his parents so he could go out with his dad to check is crab traps. They caught 18 dozen. He brought me some home just the way I like it....already peeled! I love crab meat in salads. I did day 1 of week 5 of C25K Sunday morning too. Then it was off shopping. Like I said, another post.


Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday!

So excited for the weekend. We don't have plans but the weather is supposed to be beautiful & I'm just happy not to have to be at work. I'm leaving in a little bit for my scan & the fasting is killing me. No food isn't an issue but having nothing to drink is really, really hard! I keep reaching for my cup.

Yesterday, Dean's parents went to Dulac, LA to get us all some fresh shrimp to freeze. They go every year & load up. We get an ice chest full which is 40 lbs. Shrimp is my favorite! Dean's parents deheaded them for us so all we had to do was put them in containers for the freezer. We were almost finished when I remembered to take pictures.
Here's a close up. The shrimp are big.
We put them in these plastic quart containers & fill them with water.
See how big?
Funny story. Dean is from a place called Bayou Pigeon which is a few miles down the road from Bayou Sorrel. If anyone watches "Swamp People", you've heard of Sorrel. Jr. & Willie live there. We pass Jr's doublewide going to Dean's parents. Troy Landry doesn't live far either. People say Dean has an accent. I don't hear it. I guess because I live with him. When we were in Dallas, Dean was talking to someone he knew & someone that was with them said "You sound like Swamp People". I thought this was HILARIOUS!!! Everytime I think about it I laugh.

BTW, I did get up at 5:00 for a run. It was in the 50's & actually a little chilly!

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weigh In Thursday

I didn't have time to blog yesterday. I gained a pound this week. No surprise there. We ate & drank in Dallas.  There was BBQ & lots of Mexican food. I even indulged in a 3 Musketeers on the way home. There aren't a lot of healthy snacks at the convenience store in the middle of nowhere. (They didn't even sell lottery tickets). I do get credit because all they had was a 2 pack of full size bars & I only ate 1. Yay me! Small victories people.

I've done well with my exercising this week. Tuesday & Wednesday I went to Yogalates & I'm going again this afternoon. Yesterday morning I got up at 5:00 when Dean got up & I went for my run. It was Day 2 of Week 4 of C25K. We've been having great weather this week. It's been in the 50's in the mornings. It was so great to run & not feel like I was suffocating because of the temp & humidity. This week is alternating 3 & 5 minute runs. 5 minutes is hard. 3 minutes was hard last week so I'm hoping by tomorrow 5 will be easier. I'm planning to do another 5 am run in the morning.  Next week each day is different & the week ends with a 20 min. run. I'm nervous just thinking about it.

Between the exercise & the weight loss I seem to have much more energy than I did before. I was out the door a little after 6:30 this morning & was able to run by the grocery store & pick up some things before going to work. 

I'm having my CT scan Friday afternoon. I'm not thrilled about this because they put an IV in so that they can put some contrast something or other in. I've said before, not a fan of needles when veins are involved. Another issue with the scan is that because of this contrast stuff I have to fast for 3 hours prior to the test. They said it can make me sick if I've eaten. I can handle the no food. A lot of the time I don't eat an afternoon snack. The test is at 2:30 so I'll just have to eat an early lunch. The problem comes in with the no drink part. That's going to be awful. I ALWAYS have a drink. These days it's water most of the time. I'm going to have to hide my cup so I don't accidentally fix a drink. I'm already planning to reward myself with a Sonic Dr. Pepper after the test.  Which, incidentally, brings me to another issue. There's an ugly rumor going around that Sonic is doing away with their styrofoam cups. NOT GOOD SONIC!!!  Apparently, in the Baton Rouge area they've already started this. At one location you can request a styrofoam cup but I don't know if that's forever or just until they run out of cups. I'll find out more Friday & report back.

I just had a wonderful surprise! Wendy brought me a green tea from Starbucks. She's working a later schedule today so she stopped on her way in. THANKS WENDY!!! You read my mind!! The only thing that would make this stuff better is a styrofoam cup.

That's all for now, not much happening this week.


Monday, September 5, 2011


Tigers won! That always makes the trip even better! We had such a great time. The only thing that would've made it better is if the temp would've been about 10 degrees cooler. Tailgating in 102 degrees isn't the most fun! We stayed at the Omni Fort Worth. It was really nice. The team was staying there too. After we checked in I went to Starbucks & got my first green tea of the weekend. Then Dean & I hung out in the lobby. Y'all! The people watching was so great!  For example, there was this
and the back
That says Ware 11 on her butt. Her son is Spencer Ware who plays for LSU. I wonder if he knows she wears this.

Friday night we had dinner with Cliff & Sheri's nephews & wife. We ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was so good. Afterwards, we had tickets to the Lizard Lounge. Travis Matte & Bag of Donuts which are both Louisiana bands were playing there for the Tiger Block Party. We saw tons of people we knew.  Again, 107 degrees at 8:00 pm is a bit much but we had fun. We didn't get to bed until 1:30 am.

Saturday morning Dean,  Cliff & Sheri rode out to a saddle store to pick up some stuff for Cliff & Sheri's daughter Amelia-Ann. I stayed at the hotel to get dressed & do more people watching. With a Starbucks iced green tea of course. Once the crew got back we went to lunch. The area we were in had several restaurants so we walked a couple of blocks & found a burger joint & it was sooooo good! Then it was back to the hotel to hang out. We saw so many people we knew. It was fun to visit with everyone.

We left the hotel around 3:00 to go the stadium so we could tailgate. Please remember it was 102 degrees & we'd been walking around  & it was windy so I don't look my best in these pictures.
Me & my friend Liz.
Dean & I.
Alex, Nick (Cliff's nephews), Cliff, Sheri, me & Dean
Cliff, Dean, Alex & Stan with their beer.
Dean, me & Suraj. We met Suraj when he was a student work in the LSU Athletic Dept. He used to tailgate with us. After he graduated he moved to Dallas. We haven't seen him in years. Dean just happen to notice that he was sitting on the row behind us. I was so happy to see him. That would be a $16 margarita in my hand. "Jerry's World" is AWESOME but cheap it isn't!
This is the big screen. It's absolutely amazing. It's HUGE & the clearest screen I've ever seen. Seriously amazing.
This is the "Golden Band from Tigerland" aka LSU's awesome band. This was pregame. When the band plays the first few notes of pregame it gives you chills.

During the game I ate some of the best nachos I've EVER had. Seriously. I'm not talking about plain old stadium nachos. These things had all sorts of stuff on them.  I was so busy consuming that plastic container of greatness that it didn't occur to me to take a picture. What's even more amazing than how good they were was the fact that they were only $9. Cheaper than the popcorn. Still can't figure that out.

After the game it was back to the hotel. We were hungry & the restaurant in the hotel had a nice taco bar set up which was also delicious. I can't believe I haven't turned into a tortilla chip I ate so many of them this weekend.

Yesterday, we had a fairly easy trip home. There was a slight detour due to wildfires crossing the interstate. We had friends that were ahead of us so they gave us the heads up & we detoured before we got there.

Today was a day of rest & laundry. We seem to be all caught up. I say it was a day of rest but I did do Day 1 of Week 4 of C25K. 3 & 5 min. runs alternated. It was tough but I did it. Yay me!

I hope everyone had as awesome a holiday weekend as we did.


Friday, September 2, 2011

We're less than 2 hours from Dallas! I'm ready to be there but the drive hasn't been bad at all. Our friends Cliff & Sheri are riding with us.

We stopped at a great BBQ place for lunch. Normally, I would've taken pics but I was so hungry I completely forgot. I had a chopped beef sandwich that I had to eat with a knife & fork.

I'm happy to be on the road because I'm getting some rest. I discovered Wed. night that I needed a pair of khaki shorts. I only had 2 pair of shorts that fit & one pair wouldn't work with the shoes I'm wearing. I have to wear those shoes because of the tops I'm wearing. Normally, on days that I go to Yogalates I only take a 30 min. lunch so I can leave early. Well, Thurs was Yogalates so that meant I went to work early & took my hour lunch & went to the mall. Thankfully, my boss doesn't care what we do.

My first stop was Loft. No shorts. Next up Ann Taylor. Ding ding ding, we have a winner!! Not only did they have shorts, they had khaki shorts & they were on the clearance rack 50% off! Check that off the list.

After Yogalates, I rushed home to take a quick shower so I could get to the nail place before they closed. I was in desperate need of a pedi. I got there in plenty of time only to have 6 people in front of me. That wasn't going to work. I still had to pack. Off I went to a new place. The lady did a good job. I've never had them massage my legs like this woman did but there was a downside, it wasn't relaxing. They were all talking to each other in their language & they were really loud! Oh well, this was a pedi emergency. My toes look great painted Dutch Tulips!

The only thing left to do was pack & finish week 3 of C25K. Packing was done last night & believe it or not I was up at 4:45 this morning & I got my run in!

Toodles from somewhere on I80!

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