Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Down 2 pounds this week. YAY!!! Of course this weekend we go to Dallas for the weekend for the LSU game so that's subject to change next week. I'm going to try hard to stay on track while we're gone. Only 5 pounds to my goal.

This week I've done a Yogalates class & days 1 & 2 of C25K. Today & tomorrow I go to Yogalates & Friday morning I'll do day 3 of C25K. We're leaving around 7:00 so I'll be getting up at 5:00 to run. I swear there's just more & more evidence that aliens are invading my body. I mean seriously, I DO NOT get up early to exercise but it's the only way I can fit everything in. I just don't think I'm in good enough shape to do Yogalates & then run an hour later. One day, but not yet.

Friday, we were at Sam's & I found these

Little single servings of cheese. I got the Colby Jack but  they also had Pepper Jack. 60 calories & it's so good!! Perfect for when I need a little something to snack on. They come in a big bag.

I had to go back to the ENT yesterday because of this stupid swollen lymph node. After a round of steroids & 14 days of antibiotics it's still there. I had blood work. Oh joy. I HATE BLOOD WORK. I'm not a freak about needles but I don't have good veins so there are always problems. Yesterday wasn't too bad & they just called & my blood looks good. So, now I have to have a CT scan. They have to get approval from my insurance company so at the earliest it will be sometime next week. The ENT doesn't think it's anything but she wants to be safe.

I got this cute shirt for the game Saturday.

I got the purple one. Now to figure out shoes. I'd like a new pair but there isn't time. Sigh... I should've planned better.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Ready for the weekend.

Yeh, I'm well aware that it's Monday & I just had a long weekend but next weekend is a 4 day weekend. We're going to Dallas for the LSU/Oregon game & I'm ready to go. We're staying at the team hotel & I discovered this weekend that there's a Starbucks inside the hotel!! I'm very excited that I can have green tea whenever I want!

Speaking of green tea. I really wanted one this morning but I didn't have time. When I got to work I realized that I forgot my tortilla that I use to make a wrap for lunch. I guess I'll be having Subway. I hate when I do stuff like that.

Friday, Dean & I were both off. I'd finished Week 2 of the C25K on Wednesday but I decided to do another day Friday morning. I wasn't sure if I was ready for the 3 minute runs that come with Week 3. Afterwards, we ran errands & had lunch at Roly Poly. I love that place. They have about a million different types of wraps & every one I've tried is delicious!

Friday night we went to our neighbors for pizza & wine. They all wanted to hear about Dean's Alaska trip. We always have such a good time when we get together. Yes, I ate too much pizza. I LOVE PIZZA!! Then there was this......

I know this is an awful picture but you get the idea. It's Key Lime Strawberry cake with coconut all around the sides. It was DIVINE!!! I got this little treat at Sam's.

Saturday morning Dean & I went to the Zoo & watched Logan while Lydia ran the 5K they hosted. Logan was being shy when they got there.

Logan is so funny. He tells all the animals hey & bye. When he saw the runners go by he joined them. That kid is fast! He picked up the cups that the runners threw on the ground at the water stop & put them in the recycle bins. Thankfully, about that time we made it to the playground & he played & played. He had his little 9 year old friend, Maddie, with him & it was a day of monkey see, monkey do.

After the zoo we spent the day in our pool. Logan wore himself out.

He was about to fall asleep standing up.

Dean grilled some of the salmon he caught in Alaska Sat. night & some of our neighbors came over & ate. It was really good.

Yesterday, after Mass we went to Louie's for breakfast. Louie's is a local hole in the wall type place that's basically on LSU's campus. I had a veggie omelet with salsa & it was soooo good!!!

Last night I went with a couple of friends that live in our subdivision & we did day 1 of week 3 of C25K. I was soooo excited when I finished because I was able to do the 3 minute runs. Cindy even talked us into doing an extra 3 minutes & I did it. This was the first run that I didn't have any shin pain. Maybe I'm getting used to it.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weigh In Thursday

I gained 1.6 this week. UGH!!! I can't say I'm surprised after "Dean's in Alaska so I'm hanging out with all my friends & every event involves food" Weekend. Seriously, last weekend was pretty much nothing but food. Wendy's bday dinner, my mom's bday lunch, pizza at the draft party, dinner out when Dean came home Sunday night. I'm now about 7 lbs. from my goal. I'll get there.

This week I've gone to Yogalates twice & I completed week 2 of C25K. I'm going to Yogalates today & I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll do day 3 of week 2 of C25K again just to make sure I'm ready for week 3 which involves running for 3 mins. straight. I know it doesn't sound like a long time but it is when you're just beginning.

Has anyone read or watched this series?
Wendy read them & told me how good they were. I've only read the first one but I loved it! I finally figured out how to check out books from the library on my Nook so I have the 2nd one waiting for me when I finish the book I'm currently reading.  I've never watched the show but I know a couple of people that do & they love it. What's everyone reading? I'm always looking for new books & authors.


Sunday, August 21, 2011


has made me stupid. I've been saying this for years but it's never been more evident than this week. I've managed to be late for just about every thing I've had to do except work. I've set the alarm clock numerous times only to have it not go off. Yesterday, I set my cell phone alarm because I KNEW I couldn't screw that up. Guess what? Yeh, it didn't go off either. I've set the house alarm off. You name it, I've done it. Completely ridiculous! Thankfully, Dean will be home today. Who knows what time seeing as how his flight was delayed 3 hours. They didn't leave Anchorage until 2:00 am central time. He's going to be so exhausted.

Friday night we had so much fun at Wendy's birthday dinner. We got Wendy a NKOTB t-shirt. We knew she'd love it & we got a great reaction.
Saturday morning me, Allison & her sis Andrea did our walk/C25K run at the lakes. I started Week 2 which means 90 second runs. It's definitely more difficult but at the same time it feels amazing when you're finished.

Next up was home to get dressed for the movie. My mom & I went & saw The Help. It was so good but of course I liked the book much better. I thought the movie was a little choppy, if that makes any sense. The movie was over 2 hours so of course they couldn't included everything but it just didn't seem as seamless as I expected but still really good. After the movie we went to Borders. The discounts have increased & I was surprised that I was able to find more books. Everything was 40-50% off.

We had a late lunch at Brewbachers which was delicious as usual. Last night was our Fantasy Football Draft. I was able to get a nap in beforehand. That would be when the cell phone alarm didn't go off & it caused me to be late but thankfully, I wasn't the last one to arrive. Wendy wasn't able to make it to the draft so the fate of No Thugs was entirely in my hands. I was nervous but I think it worked out pretty well. Time will tell.


Friday, August 19, 2011


I slept last night & it's Friday!! Happy Day!!! As I told y'all yesterday I had a running date with my friend Cindy last night at 7:00 to do C25K. Well, at 6:45 it started STORMING! Lightening, thunder, wind, the whole bit. So much for the run. At about 7:30 it stopped so we decided to go. I'm so glad we did. It was cooler & there was a breeze. It was much, much easier than the previous 2 days I'd done it. I was a little worried about running with Cindy because she just did a triathlon but she confessed that she hates the running & isn't good at it. Since I'm just starting out it worked out well. We were even able to talk while we ran so the time flew by. Week 2 starts tomorrow!

Last weekend at Ulta I picked up a new "everyday" conditioner.
I've used it all week & I love it. I can definitely tell a difference in my hair. If anyone needs a new conditioner I highly recommend this one. I'd read something about it on a blog (don't remember which one) & when I saw it at Ulta I decided to try it.

I'm so ready for the weekend. Dean comes home!! Not until Sunday but still. This afternoon I have an appointment with a new Hair Stylist. Am I the only person that feels extremely guilty about switching? I've been going to the same girl for like 11 or 12 yrs. I've known her since I was a kid. The problem is location. It takes me 45 mins. to get to the Salon from work & I have to leave work early to get there because she doesn't work late. I don't want to use vacation time to get my hair cut. I'm just tired. I want something closer.

Tonight we have Wendy's birthday dinner. All the girls are getting together & going to ACME Oyster House.  I'm looking forward to that. It's always so much fun to get together with those girls. It's a weekend full of birthday celebrations. Tomorrow, it's to the movies & lunch with my mom. Her birthday was yesterday. Tomorrow night is our Fantasy Football Draft.  The weekend is going to fly by but at least that means Dean will be home sooner rather than later!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weigh In Thursday!

Down .4 this week. No real surprise considering my social calendar last weekend but a loss is a loss. Yesterday, when I got to Yogalates these things were all over the floor.

It's a kettle ball apparently. It weighs 6 lbs. We've never used equipment so I didn't know where we were going with this. I soon found out.....push ups.Then we did some twist thingy's with them. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

I've completed the first 2 days of week 1 of C25K. I have a date with my friend Cindy tonight to do day 3 which completes the first week. Monday, I did it at 5:00 & it was HOT! The heat index was still over 100. We're going later tonight & hopefully it won't be as hot. If anyone is planning to start this make sure you stretch A LOT before & after. Several people gave me that advice & it's worked well in keeping me from being really sore & getting shin splints.

Some of you may remember that I went to the Dr. for a swollen lymph node. He'd told me if it didn't shrink in a week to call him. Well, I waited 2 weeks & it's still swollen. He referred me to an ENT. I went Monday. She put me on an antibiotic for 2 weeks & a week of steroids. I have to see her again in 2 weeks & if it hasn't gotten smaller or softer she'll "stick a needle in it". Ugh! I don't like needles. Especially, when they're stuck in my neck. Anyway, I haven't been able to sleep since Dean left. I wake up a lot during the night. Well, combine that with the steroids & it's awful. I normally don't have this problem with the oral steroids but I can't think of any other reason that I wasn't sleepy until 10:30 last night when my normal bedtime is 9:30 at the latest & I was wide awake from 2-4:15. Needless to say I'm not feeling real perky this morning. I was moving slowly so there was no time for a Starbuck's run either. So annoying.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


If you're here on a regular basis you know that Dean is in Alaska this week on a fishing trip. Being alone has been interesting to say the least. Also exhausting because I'm not sleeping well.  They arrived in Alaska Saturday night & spent all day Sunday sightseeing.

These are pictures that Dean took on their day trip to Seward, AK which is about 2.5 hours from Anchorage. These are all from his iPhone that he texted me. He's taken lots of pics with our camera  but I'll have to wait until he gets home to post those.

I'm just amazed at how pretty it is! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Right now there's about 17 hours of daylight in Alaska with a high around 55-60 degrees but it's also the rainy season. They've had showers everyday but nothing too bad. The only complaint they've had so far is that since it's so cool the hotel they stayed at the first 2 nights in Anchorage doesn't have the A/C on & the room is stuffy. They fixed that after the first night. This is what Dean calls "Alaska A/C".
Monday morning they had to fly on one of those sea planes to get to the fishing lodge where they'll be staying the remainder of the week. This is Dean on the plane. All the passengers get to wear headphones & ask the pilot questions as they fly. I, personally think the pilot needs to be concentrating on the flight & landing but that's just me.
There's no cell service at the lodge but they do have WiFi. It's a little sketchy but we've been able to use Facetime on our iPhones every night which is really cool.

I'm linking up to Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Daydreamer.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Busy!

I made it through the first weekend alone! Dean left bright & early Sat. morning for Alaska. Allison & I headed to the lakes to do our 4 mile walk & day 1 of C25K. I'm so excited that I was able to do it. I know I'm just beginning but I did it & it wasn't too hard. I do wish I could do something about the way I look when I finish. I get soooo red in the face. It's awful. If anyone knows of a sweat proof makeup please let me know! Once we were done we needed a refreshing drink. You guessed it, ice green tea please! Then it was back to my house. I was hosting "the worst book club ever". I made pasta salad & everyone else brought stuff. We had a sandwich tray from Subway, fruit, leftover wedding cake & chips. Not great for the diet but it was fun. We ate & hung out in the pool.

After book club, Vicki & I were going out to dinner & to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. We went to La Caretta & then to the theater. Our plan was to see the 7:15 feature. Yeh, well, we couldn't even get in the parking lot so we decided to go down the street for the 7:40 feature. EPIC FAIL. The line was a mile long & it was very close to 7:40. We weren't too worried because you know they show 20 mins. of previews. It's FINALLY our turn. SOLD OUT. Seriously? How hard is it to make an announcement as to which movies are sold out or mark it on the sign. Who knows how much time we would've saved. We tried to get tickets to The Help. Also, sold out. So annoying. We went to Starbucks. This is becoming a serious problem I think. At this point it was 3 days in a row & twice in one day. We went to Borders & picked up a couple of books. We also went to Ulta. I've heard a lot about the Macadamia Hair Mask & I wanted to try it. They were sold out of the big container so I got a sample size.
I also bought this conditioner.
I've heard some people talk about how much they like it. I'll try both & decide which one I like the best.

Sunday, Allison & I were supposed to walk the lakes again but Allison had a late night Sat. so we didn't. I'd set my clock to make sure I didn't oversleep before I knew we weren't walking. I woke up & the clock said 8:15. We were meeting at 8:00. I jumped out of bed & grabbed my phone so I could let her know what was going on. That's when I saw her text & noticed that it was 4:15 AM. Apparently, I did something wrong!! HA! Needless to say it was difficult to get back to sleep.

Since we didn't get to see the movie Saturday night we decided to try again Sunday. Allison met Vicki & I & we were able to get tickets & being that there is a Starbuck's right there I got a green tea to bring in the movie. 
It was really good. I liked it a lot. It was funnier than I was expecting.

Today, I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep good at all last night. I don't know if it's nerves from being home alone or my subconscious thinking about screwing up the alarm clock & being late for work or what. I was awake a zillion times last night so that leads to waking up with a headache. Today is day 2 of C25K. I expect to be in bed EARLY tonight. Surely, as exhausted as I am, combined with the run I'll be able to sleep.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Discovery

My friend Wendy frequents Starbucks. I've never been. Yes, I know it's weird but I don't drink coffee, any type.  I don't know the difference between iced coffee, lattes or mocha whatevers & the ordering process intimidates me. Again, I know it's stupid but I have a ridiculous fear of looking stupid in public. Huge character flaw I know, I can't help it, I care about what people think.  Anywho, Wendy has been talking about the green tea & how good it is. I've only tried green tea once & it was one of those pre-made ones in a bottle & it was disgusting. With all the working out & trying to eat healthy that I'm doing, I keep seeing how great green tea is for you so I decided to try it. Wendy agreed with me that the stuff in the bottle is gross & that this is different. I was ready early this morning so I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work. Wendy told me exactly how to order. I had a Venti Iced Green Tea Unsweetened.
I added Truvia. It's sooooo good!!! There's a hint of mint which makes it very refreshing. I think it would be great after a workout or just on a really hot day which incidentally, is every day here. The best part is 0 calories & it's good for me!

While I was looking for a picture on Starbucks website I discovered all sorts of greatness. It's been said that I live under a rock. This would be another example of that. I thought all they sold was a million different types of coffee but they have several fruity lemonade concoctions too!!! Kind of like a healthy version of Sonic.

I'm off to enjoy my new discovery. Have a great day!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

This week I'm down a pound. I'm so happy to see that even when I have a weekend of eating I'm able to reign it in & get back on track enough to still lose. That's where I've gone wrong in the past. If I didn't do well one day I'd just blow off the whole diet. That's certainly a recipe for failure.

I haven't been to Yogalates since Sunday. Monday was a rest day & yesterday I had a dentist appt. I'll be back today & tomorrow & then I have a 8:00 am date with Allison at the lakes. We'll do our regular 4 mi. walk but during the walk we're going to do day 1 of C25K. I was very excited about it but the closer it gets the more scared I get. I really want to be able to do it!

I can't remember if I mentioned it earlier but Dean is going to Alaska! He has a friend that invited him to go to a fishing lodge for a week. They leave Saturday & won't be back until the next Sunday. Since the day we started dating (13 years ago) we've never been apart for that long. There's no cell service at the lodge so we're really not sure if we'll even be able to talk. I told him if that's the case to watch out when he gets home! I'll have soooo much to tell him. I told him I was going to keep a list so I wouldn't forget anything. HA! I've got lots of plans for the 2 weekends he'll be gone & during the week I'll be catching up on all the mindless TV I DVR that he has no interest in watching.


Monday, August 8, 2011


It's Monday. Yuck.

I've been buying a lot of Groupon, Living Social & Bargain Bee deals since we like to eat out. Lately, that's how we decide where we're going. Friday night Dean & I had dinner at Couyons BBQ. I had a loaded baked potato stuffed with pulled pork. It was delish!!! I hadn't been to Couyons before but I'll definitely go back.

Saturday, my parents, Dean's parents & our niece Camille came over to swim. Dean grilled hot dogs & we had all the fixings & chips. The whole alien invading my body concept is looking more & more real everyday. That was the 2nd time last week that I had a hot dog!! We had a nice afternoon with everyone.

Our plan was to go to Mass Saturday afternoon but we'd also talked about going to the movie. The times didn't really work for us if we went to Mass too so we decided on the movie & went to Mass Sunday morning. We went & saw
It was funny! I've always really liked Jason Bateman & Ryan Reynolds was funny too. I did like Friends With Benefits better though. After the movie we headed over to Borders to check out their going out of business sale. I found several books in their bargain book area which is a good deal in itself but then they were an additional 25% off. I got a couple of hardback books for $3.00. We ended up with 7 or 8 books for $33 with tax. I thought it was a good deal. Of course we had to have dinner. We were having a hard time deciding what we wanted so we ended up at our old faithful, La Caretta. For those of you that know me in real life, I've never liked Mexican. This is another one of those times where our tastes change. For the last couple of years I've really started eating it. I had Flautas for the first time Sat. night & I think they may be my new Mexican fave. Soooo good!!!

Sunday I spent some time in the pool & I read. Has anyone read this book?
I've been wanting to read it & Borders had it on sale. I read it yesterday. It was very interesting & I really enjoyed it.  

Yesterday afternoon I decided that instead of lounging around in the pool or lounging around on the sofa I'd go to Yogalates. I'm so glad I did. Sometimes it's hard to make myself go but I'm always really glad afterwards. How was everyone's weekend?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm back on track!! This week I'm down 2.6 lbs. I'm very excited!! I'm also excited because today I'm wearing a pair of capri's that I bought on vacation that are a size 4. I need to measure myself. I haven't done that since April. I'll be back at Yogalates today. I didn't go yesterday because I had a Dr's appt. I found a lump thingy under my chin so I went & had it checked out. He said it was a swollen lymph node from being so sick the last month. It should be gone in a week.

I went & had my nails done yesterday. I had the Shellac polish put on my fake nails last time I went. I meant to take a picture of what they looked like yesterday but I forgot. It had been 3 weeks since I had them done & they were just starting to show signs of wear. They'd grown out quite a bit so I needed a refill.  I did Shellac again but I got the French Manicure.

Last night I actually cooked something. Well, some people won't consider it cooking but I used the oven so it's cooking to me. My friend Allison's aunt told us about how she's been making these little individual size pizzas out of pitas.  Depending on what you put on them they can be really low cal. I used a whole wheat pita which was 150 calories. I bought the Great Value brand pizza sauce. It was something like 30 calories for 2 tbsp. My favorite pizzas are full of veggies so I used mushrooms, red onions, black olives & red & yellow bell peppers. Of course as usual when I'm cooking I messed up. It wasn't anything major. I forgot to put the cheese on so I had to add it on top of all the veggies. I used mozzarella. It was really good. I think it would've been better though if you put sauce, then cheese, then veggies. Anyway, before you put anything on the pitas you need to put them in the oven for a few minutes at 400 & flip them until they get firm but not hard. Then put all your stuff on the pita & put it back in the oven until the cheese melts. This is the finished product. 
Not the greatest picture in the world but you get the idea. I'll definitely do this again. Something else I've discovered that I really like is Greek yogurt. BUT only a certain kind.
I've tried a zillion brands & a zillion flavors. Everytime I say "I'm done" because I HATE it but then I read about how great it is for you & I buy more. I love the one above. I absolutely cannot stand the Honey & I don't like Plain BUT Vanilla & Strawberry are sooooo good!!!

I mentioned that I'm going to attempt my first 5K in November. Well, in the first step towards that goal, I downloaded the C25K app on my phone. I was happy to see that the program is just 30 mins., 3 times a week for 9 weeks. I think I can do it. Of course it would be nice if the 110 degree heat index days would leave us. My plan is to start the training on August 13th (I have to work myself up to this). That will give me the 9 weeks I need to complete the program & 2 weeks to practice running the full 3 miles. We'll see what happens.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Fun

Considering we didn't have any plans this weekend we ended up being kinda busy. We did our usual Friday night dinner out. This week it was Mike Anderson's. This has always been my favorite seafood restaurant in town. I was disappointed & so was Dean. Everything was good just not great like it normally is. When we got home we bought this on pay per view.
I wanted to see it when it was at the movies but we never got around to it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE McConaughey & this movie was great!! Dean really liked it too. I highly recommend it.

I've mentioned how much it's been raining at out house. Saturday morning the sun was out so we were out too. Dean finally got the grass cut & I pulled weeds.  Between being on vacation & it raining everyday since they were a little out of control. It was soooo HOT!!! The heat index was 101 but it felt hotter than that. We ended up going to Mass & then to the movies to see
Again, I LOVED this movie. I'm NOT a fan of Justin Timberlake but he was really good in the movie. It had a lot of really funny parts too. I'm not giving anything away but there was one scene at the end that I thought was GREATNESS & is, in my opinion, one of the greatest movie scenes ever!  Now I want to see Crazy Stupid Love. Has anyone seen it? After the movie we had dinner at Portobello's. It was so good. I had lasagna.

Yesterday was our low key day. We went to Fresh Market for the first time. We wanted to get some blue cheese stuffed burgers that our neighbors told us about. We're going to cook them tonight. I was surprised at the store because I was expecting it to be big like Whole Foods but it reminded me more of just a small, local market. Then it was home to do laundry. I ironed & caught up on all my shows on the DVR. Seriously, I can't believe I'm still watching RHONY. Those women drive me crazy. Thankfully, the season's over.

Last night we went to our neighbors for dinner. They grilled burgers & hot dogs. It was to celebrate their daughter, Anna  & our other neighbor, Suzy for completing their first triathlons. Suzy won her age group. I was talked into doing a 5K. I mentioned that Lydia talked me into one in Dec. Well, my neighbor Sheri talked me into one in Nov. She's been doing C25K & is very excited about it. I'm waiting on the date so I can figure out when I need to start training. I really can't believe I'm doing this. Wendy & I were talking about it this morning. She says she wants to do a 5K & finish but she doesn't care how long it takes her. I want to finish but if it looks like I'm going to be last I'm baling! She says that's an epic fail. I see it as keeping myself from being totally embarrassed.