Friday, April 30, 2010

Clifford the Big Red Dog

There hasn't been anything going on this week. I mean not a thing. Boring, boring, boring! Dean has gone to Belle Chasse for the Deep South Tigers golf tournament. He doesn't play but he cooks on one of the holes. Since I'm home alone (shhh don't tell anyone - I don't want anyone to come get me!), I decided to go to the mall after work. I had a few gifts to buy & I managed to get them all bought within an hour & a half. I can't tell what I bought because the recipients are faithful readers. That means they're family. What's really shocking is that I managed to leave the mall without buying myself a thing. That rarely happens. Dean will be proud.  

When I was on my way home I saw something that I can honestly say I've never ever seen before. A big red dog standing on the corner. When I say big red dog, I mean he looked just like Clifford. Right there on the corner of Lee & Highland. Of course every other time I'm at this intersection I have to sit through the red light multiple times. Not this time. Oh no, I don't even have time to take his picture but I am able to read part of his sign. It said "Spare Change?" Now SURELY this isn't a homeless person. I mean really, why would a homeless person rent a dog costume to stand on the corner & beg for money??? I was thinking maybe it had something to do with Rush but being that school is almost out I don't think that has anything to do with it. I promise I'll be going by there tomorrow & if he's there again I WILL get a picture!!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Long, Farewell....

It just figures. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. What am I talking about?? I'll tell you. I needed to get my nails refilled. The new girl, Kim, that I started going to was going to be out for a few days due to her daughters surgery. I called yesterday to make sure she would be there today. The lady that answered the phone said that she would so I said I wanted to make an appointment. She said "OK Bye". UH NO WAIT - I tell her my name & that I'll be there at 5:00. Her response? "OK Bye". Hmmm. I'm not expecting much. Fast forward to today. When I got there they weren't busy so the appt. thing didn't matter. Kim gets started & breaks the news to me. SHE'S MOVING!!! Oh, that's ok, what salon?? Not moving to a different nail salon. Nooo, she's moving to Pennsylvania!!!! WTH??? This is soooo not good. Not completely surprising because whenever I like something or someone, it gets discontinued or they leave. So typical. I asked when her last day was. That would be next week. Lovely. Just freakin' lovely.

I'm not sure about my nail color. I chose OPI's Holy Pink Pagoda. It looked really pretty in the bottle. On my nails it's a little bright. I think it would look great on toes though. Those aren't chips, just the light.

When I got home Dean had already left for the game. I was skipping this one. The mid week games are hard for me because I'm such a mawmaw & need to go to bed early. Anyway, y'all know I'm not much on cooking & when I say not much on, I mean I can't cook much more than taco's & sloppy joes. I thought I was eating leftovers tonight but Dean cooked beef stew & it was FABULOUS!!! Sooo good.  I have the best husband!!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Tweens are my Faves!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day!! We spent the entire day outside. Cassie & her mom brought the kids over to swim & my mom came & visited too. Emma was ready to go!!

Cody loves the pool. He jumped off the side screaming "CANNONBALL" more times than I could count! He LOVED when Dean would throw him in.

Amelia-Ann & Claire came over too. They had a good time with Emma. I got in for awhile too but the water is still a little cold.

Emma wore herself out.

Today has been a day of nothing but eating. Lydia & I went to lunch at Camille's & then we went with a bunch of our neighbors to Izzo's tonight. All the girls wanted Bosco's, the new frozen yogurt place, so we went by there too. I love 11 yr. old girls! They're soooo much fun!! I laughed pretty much the entire time we were with them. It's tiring but hilarious! They all talk at the same time & are telling different stories. I am a little disturbed though. Amelia-Ann was hanging on me asking me to bring them to Bosco's (she likes my car better than theirs). Her mom told her that "Mr. Dean drove" & she said "That's even better" & proceeded to hang on him & beg him to go! WTH???? I'm the one that does whatever she wants!!!! Looks like I've got more work to do.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Patio Furniture or a REALLY Nice Vacation???

Saturday's almost over. That's a real bummer! Last night we went to our friends Niki & Paul's for dinner & to watch the LSU game. There was really bad weather in Mississippi so the game was rained out & postponed until today. We had a great time anyway. This is Niki & Paul's  2 yr. old Charli.

Adorable huh? We had a lot of fun. We played  & read & played some more!!

Today Dean & I did a little shopping. We actually got Dean a new pair of shoes that he needed. When I say needed, I mean he really needed them, not like when I say I need shoes. Anyway, I proved him wrong today. He claims that every time he buys one pair of shoes I buy 2 the same trip. Guess what?? I bought ZERO!!! It was really hard & but I was trying to prove a point. Although, I'm not quite sure why. I would've rathered have a pair of shoes & let him be right!!! We were also looking for patio furniture. We met up with Scott, Lydia & Logan & shopped with them. We have a nice patio set but when we put the pool in we added a lot more patio & we wanted to get another set. As is everything that I REALLY REALLY like, the patio furn. was MUCHO expensive. Like, twice as much as the cruise we went on....JUST for the chairs!!!!   It was really pretty though! I'm going to look online & see if I can find it for less. We did find a freestanding umbrella stand to go with the really pretty red umbrella I'd bought a while back. We ate lunch at the Times Grill. Logan liked playing drums with the silverware. He was so good while we ate. He could've cared less that Dean & I were around but we were very happy to see him.

We stopped at Louisiana Nursery on the way home. We have a couple of plants that didn't withstand the ridiculously cold winter we had so we had to get replacements. EVERYTIME I go to this store I vow not to go back. The people that work there are snooty & rude. Seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME. The problem is it's much more convenient than any of the other nurseries in town. I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up & go somewhere else.

I managed to take a short nap when we got home & then I went to Mass. Dean BBQ'd tonight & now we're just listening to the game. Not the most exciting day but not stressful either. I'm hoping the pool will be a little warmer tomorrow so after we do the yard work I can get in.


Friday, April 23, 2010

How I Met Dean

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Kelly at Kelly's Korner does "Show Us Your Life" on Fridays. This week is how you met your hubby. A little background, I'm an LSU Baseball fan. I've gone to the games since 1994 & have had season tickets since 1995.

Normally, each season my friends & I went on at lease one road trip for baseball. In 1998 me & my friends Jill & Vicki went to Austin for the 3 game series with the University of Texas. Vicki's sister & nieces went with us too. We always tried to stay at the team hotel since LSU travels extremely well it's a lot of fun to be where everyone was. This was a Ramada Inn & it wasn't the nicest of places. Not a dump but not on par with the usual places we stayed. It was February 20, 1998. Vicki, her sister & nieces went out to dinner. For whatever reason, Jill & I decided that we weren't very hungry & just felt like a little something so we were going to get takeout from somewhere. To this day I really don't know why we chose to do that. We never did anything like that!!! We ended up calling Chili's & ordering brocoli & cheese soup to go. Yep, I still remember. That would be one of those useless things that I never forget. The hotel had a good lobby. By good, I mean there were sofas & chairs & it was close to the front desk. People were just hanging out & visiting & the players were roaming around.  We started  talking to "some guy" who we started referring to as "2:00". More on that later. This same guy had asked us earlier in the day where the Catholic Church was. Of course being in a strange city & not being Catholic at the time, we had no idea. We thought that he was obviously a good guy since he was looking for a Church when he was on a road trip. Anyway, after we ate our soup we sat in the lobby & ended up talking to him. He told us stories from his road trips & we told him stories of ours. We ended up hanging out in the lobby until 2:00 am (hence his new nickname). This was back in the day when I could stay up later than 9:30, get up early & function without taking a nap. Thinking back I don't know how I did it. This was also back in the day when we gave EVERYONE a nickname. God forbid someone overhear us talking about someone. This way we just sounded like complete morons referring to 2:00, Tootie, Snoop & various other weird things. We saw Dean again the next couple of days & he invited us to come tailgate the next weekend when we were back at home. From that point on we were together.

We started dating in March of '98 & got engaged on Christmas Day '02. Yeh, that's a really long time to date. Especially when 30 was quickly approaching!!! We were married October 4, 2003 (25 days before I turned 30) and the rest is history!!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do You Have Styrofoam?

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day. It doesn't mean much but my job falls under that category. One of the guys brought me this, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur.

I haven't tried it yet but it's Godiva so it must be good right? I love the gift bag!! I'll definitely be recycling it. Also, for the occasion my boss will take us out to lunch. One of the ladies that works with us is on vacation so when she gets back he'll plan something.

Speaking of recycling, it's Earth Day. I'm not a real "earthy" person. We recycle but that's about it. I have a big huge Expedition that guzzles gas like there's no tomorrow & I have a weird addiction to styrofoam cups! I think any good that we do with the recycling is null & void because of this! I hate to drink out of anything that isn't insulated. I'm sure there are lots of people that would like to tar & feather me but I REALLY wish all the fast food places would go back to styrofoam cups. That's one reason I love Sonic & Chick fil a!!!

This afternoon I was perusing TMZ. I LOVE TMZ. Anyway, of course there's stuff about Kate Gosselin. (Isn't there everyday??). She really bugs me. Here's the picture they had.

I like her hair much better now that she doesn't have that reverse mullet inverted bob thing going on but there was something disturbing in this picture. I HAVE THAT CARDIGAN/SWEATER THINGY she has on!!! There are two ways to look at this. 1. Kate Gosselin shops at Penney's or 2. I dress like a mother of 8. Either way you look at it, it's not good.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who's On First??

This conversation actually took place in my house last night. Let me set the scene. Me, laying on the sofa reading a book. Dean, sitting in the recliner with the laptop.

Dean: Hip hop icon guru dies
Me: Huh??
Dean: Hip hop icon guru dies
Me: What??
Dean (a little louder): Hip hop icon guru dies
Me: Who is it?
Dean: Guru
Me: What's his name?
Dean (a little louder this time): GURU!!!
Me as I get up to go look at what he's looking at on the screen: Guru? Who's that?

Then I see that the caption says "Hip Hop Icon Guru dies".  Seems like there should be a comma in there somewhere. Just sayin'.

Me: OHHH Guru is his name!
Dean: DUH!!
Me: How can he be a hip hop icon if I've never heard of him??
Dean: I don't know. That's why I asked you. You know much more about the hip hop community than I do.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is Harry Houdini Really A Raccoon???

I'm sick of work. Especially this week. I'm one of the few people here. It's quiet & boring. Not to mention that my email buddy, Wendy, is at home recovering from her C-section. Bummer. I knew I was going to be without her for awhile but when her hubby texted me that she'd had a section my first thought was "well crap, that's 2 MORE weeks of no email"! He'd already told me that mom & baby were doing good. I'm not that awful!

My friend Allison has a freakishly odd aversion to raccoons. They're not my favorite animal by any means but while I think they're kinda cute with their little masked faces (of course I haven't found them rummaging in my trash), Allison is petrified of them & thinks they're awful! As luck would have it, she's had several incidents with them. I'm still confused as to how many have been caught in the trap they had. The confusion is due to a Houdini raccoon. Yes, that's right, he/she (because let's face it, nobody is getting close enough to figure it out) has been caught & escaped multiple times!!! I bring all this up because of a conversation Allison & I had today. She's doing Weight Watchers & while looking up points on something she came across this tidbit of info:

Raccoon, cooked, 1oz........2pts

Yep, you read that right. Of course Allison completely flipped out. What's really strange about all this is I was reading a blog I follow & I sent it to Allison so she could see that she isn't the only one with raccoon problems. It was after reading this that she found the Weight Watchers info. I know there are people out there that eat raccoons (I think it's a southern thing) but I never thought it would be included in the Weight Watchers program!  I'll leave you with this quote from Allison, "Now, if we find out that eating it will actually burn fat and calories and make you lose weight, we'll talk".


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Weekend

If you've never had a facial you must must must have one!!! It was fabulous!!!! There were hot towels & cold towels & massages. It was soooo relaxing. My skin has never felt so clean. Greatness is what it was!!!

Friday night at the game my little cousins came to visit. Dylan was the only one of the three that would cooperate for a picture. He's starting to look so grown up. It's kinda depressing because that means I'm growing up!

Saturday we did something we haven't done in a REALLY long time. In fact, I can't remember the last time. We washed our trucks!!!!! The last time mine was washed was in October when my daddy did it while Dean & I were in Vegas. I can't believe I just admitted that. Both trucks look beautiful now!! Black looks sooo pretty when it's clean!!!

Yesterday afternoon I went to meet this precious little girl.

This is Emily Hope.  She's my friend Wendy's baby & was born Friday afternoon. Isn't she adorable?? She has the most beautiful complexion! 

The LSU game was Saturday night & they won again. Woo Hoo! It's always great to beat Bama. Hopefully, today they'll get the sweep.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet Little Girl

So today is probably the last day of shopping at lunch. It's getting a little too warm for all that. It's not really hot yet but having a black car that sits in the sun in the parking lot doesn't really cool off when you're just going around the corner. Then it's back in the car which has warmed up more while sitting in the mall parking lot & back to work before it cools off enough. It's just another vicious cycle. On a happy note, I did knock out a birthday gift & a half! The birthdays aren't for a couple of months so I'm ahead of the game on that.

At work today a lady called & was trying to find an obituary that was in the paper a couple of weeks ago. She'd missed her friend dying. I found it & read it to her. Would you like to know her response?? "You're such a sweet little girl". HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's not something you hear often.  I thought it was funny!

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! My friend Wendy is going to welcome little Emily Hope into the world tomorrow. Good luck Wendy! I can't wait to meet her!!

I'm so ready for tomorrow. I'm working until 12:30 & then going for a facial! I've never had one & my skin is a hot mess. Like a really big hot mess. I'll report back on how it goes.

Toodles! (from a really sweet little girl)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Been A Weird Day

I learned a few things last night. I'll back up. Allie (same Allie from the last post) was 16 yesterday. She shares a birthday with my brother who was 33. That just really makes me feel old to say my little brother is 33. Uggghhhhh! Anyway, Dean & I were invited along with some other friends to go eat at DeAngelo's for Allie's birthday. Tuesday is trivia night. We've never been to Trivia Night before & weren't sure what to expect. It was sooo much fun! I figured unless they asked questions about very random things, I wouldn't be much help. The very first question was what was Tupac's real name? Well, everyone at the table looks at me because they know I'm the only one that might know this. I didn't. If they would've just asked what Snoop's real name was! Come to find out Tupac Shakur was his real name. I didn't know that. I also didn't know that Kraft made Velveeta. I thought Velveeta was it's own thing. Needless to say we didn't win.

Today was a ponytail day. That means I have extra time in the morning. This morning before I left for work I managed to fold a load of clothes, eat breakfast, fix my lunch & stop at the store & buy some knock off Splenda! I deem the day a success!

Oh, something else I learned is that 20 oz. Dr. Peppers are cheaper buying them out of the machine at my office then they are at Walmart. $1.48 vs. $1.25. Who would've thought that??

At lunch I went to Lowe's to pick up a few things.  I love Lowe's! Today was an interesting trip. I was looking for Jo Max. This stuff is great for cleaning stuff outside. I can never remember where it's at but Dean said at this time of the year it's always at the end of an aisle. Yeh, always, except when I'm there by myself. I asked someone & while he was very nice, he didn't know what I was talking about & when I explained what it was he sent me to lawn & garden which I knew wasn't right. Luckily, I saw someone else & he directed me to the right spot. For future reference, it's on the same aisle as the stain. So, as I'm walking across the store I see a guy wearing something that looks a little strange. I look again & I see that it's a glove. Not like a work glove or anything, it's a Michael Jackson glove. You know like from back in the day when he wore one glove?  It looked exactly like it. White with sparkles or rhinestones or whatever it is!! Now, some of you may think that this guy was a "heeeyy" (if you listen to Kidd Kraddick you know that means living an alternative lifestyle) but he didn't look like it. I know looks may be deceiving but he was a big guy, dressed like he'd been outside doing manual labor. He was with a couple of other guys that looked to be his co-workers. I couldn't tell if he was wearing a ring because the glove was on his left hand. I don't remember which hand M.J. wore his on but I was thinking it was his right. I tried really hard to take a picture but the iPhone camera isn't exactly conducive to taking pictures of moving objects. It kept coming out blurry so I gave up. I wonder if he was just a huge fan & that's how he's paying tribute to M.J. or if he's just some sort of weirdo??

I'm very excited to announce that our next Disney vacation is booked!!! YAY!!!! We will be staying at the Coronado Springs. I'm very excited!


Monday, April 12, 2010

A Blonde Moment & I'm Not Blonde

I learned today that I know nothing about track. My neighbor, Allie is on the track team at U High. She throws the javelin. I've known this about her for awhile & we've talked about her meets before & how she did. So, tonight I was watching her practice in the street with what I thought was some sort of Nerf toy. I was wrong. This toy wasn't a toy. It was some sort of contraption that track people use to practice throwing the javelin. Anyway, come to find out there's even a special form you have to perfect that makes you throw better. She's really good. Well, at least she looks like she's really good. I was talking to Dean & asking why she doesn't use something a little heavier to practice. I thought that would help more & he said that this thing is heavier than it looks. I commented that I thought it would be better to practice with a baseball. He said that the contraption is the same shape. Same shape? Same shape as what? It's certainly not the same shape of a baseball or javelin. His response was javelin. So I look at him like he's crazy & ask how is that pointy thing the same shape as a round javelin?? That's when I realized I'm the crazy one. APPARENTLY, I had the javelin confused with the shotput. It makes so much sense that she was practicing with the other thing now! My daddy always said I should've been a blonde.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Weekend Bites The Dust!

Another weekend is over. I feel like I'm always saying that. It was a good one though! On my way home from work Friday I stopped & got my nails done. My friend Jackie talked so highly of the girl that does hers I decided to try her out. It didn't hurt that she was cheaper than where I've been going. I'm very pleased & will continue to go there.

I decided to go with a color rather than a french manicure. I really, really like it. The brand is OPI & the color is "Italian Love Affair".

Gilda came for the first time Friday. When I walked in the house it was wonderful! Everything smelled great & was all clean. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you don't have to spend the weekend cleaning house. The guys spent the day getting everything together for the crawfish boil. We all ended up at our friends down the street for pizza & to watch the LSU game. I also had my first mochasippie. Yes, I know, weird. I don't like coffee so I've never bothered trying any of this stuff. Amelia-Ann wanted to go & who am I to say no to her??? We went to CC's. I've vowed not to ever go to Starbucks because I'm so intimidated by the ordering process. Let's face it, if Amelia-Ann wouldn't have been with me to tell me what to order, I would've been intimidated here too! Apparently, if you don't put espresso in it, it doesn't really taste like coffee. I think I'd still rather have a chocolate shake from Sonic.

Saturday morning I was able to get my hair done. Thank goodness. It was getting a little flat & I was starting to get roots. I can't have that! I got home just in time for the crawfish boil. We had a great time. The weather was perfect! It's not often we can say that. My next door neighbor had prom last night so we all traipsed over to see her dressed & to check out her date. (Much to her chagrin I'm sure!!) 

Here she is with her sister & all the neighborhood girls.

After the crawfish boil was over & everything was cleaned up we went to the neighbors & hung out & grilled burgers. It was a late night & needless to say I was tired today. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed this morning. When I finally got moving we went to Scott & Lydia's. He had some banana trees he was digging up & he was giving them to me. Of course I was going to play with Logan too. I forgot my camera so all I had was my iPhone.

This is the best picture I got. He would NOT stand still. Oh well! He was watching the kids ride by on their dirtbikes. As you can see he was very interested! Dean was able to get the plants planted when we got home & they look good. Hopefully, I can manage to keep them alive!

Toodles for now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Morons & Chicken

Sometimes I really wonder about people. Are they stupid, oblivious or what???  What am I talking about you ask?? Well, I have some pictures of Logan at my desk & a picture of him is my screen saver.  Someone I work with, I'll call him Bob (as in Marley-that just gave away the persons identity if you work with me!), says to me, "Is that your son?". Hmmmm, let's see. I've worked here for 15 years, I've been in this particular dept. for almost 5 years, I see Bob everyday & he's never seen me pregnant & I haven't been out of the office for an extended period of time, so WHY exactly does he think that Logan is my baby??? Moron!!

Moving on. Our house has been a little like Grand Central Station tonight. Our annual "Boil on the Bend" is Saturday. It's the crawfish boil we do every year. It got its name because the center island of the cul-de-sac is where the eating/hanging out takes place & it's on Morgan Bend Dr. As of 7:00 the count was 56 adults & probably about a zillion kids. 500 lbs. of crawfish has been ordered! I'm supposed to bring some sort of dessert. That usually means I go get some breakaways & call it a day. This year it might just be cookies I buy at Walmart because I have a hair appt. at 9:30 Saturday morning & the boil starts at 12:30. I don't really see any baking time in there & I will not be rescheduling the hair. I have roots people!

Speaking of food, what time do y'all eat? We're normally 6-6:30 eaters. Dean bought a seafood stuffed chicken the other day. This completely goes against everything I believe about wasting good seafood on chicken but I digress. The chicken was in the oven & Dean was going across the street. He left me strict instructions to uncover the chicken at 6:15 & it would need to cook another 30 minutes. He knows my boundaries & thought this was something I could handle. I did as I was told but was thinking it wasn't looking cooked, but what do I know?? A cook I am NOT! Well, at 7:45 we were finally eating. Apparently, the cooking instructions were if the chicken was completely thawed out which it wasn't. Had I known I would've had a snack!!!! I told Dean to be prepared for weird dreams & a not so good nights sleep.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I have a Gilda!!!!

I don't usually go this long between posts. Things have been a little busy.  Saturday, we spent the majority of the day at Scott & Lydia's playing with Logan. We brought his Easter presents to him. He loved the ribbon & he likes ripping the paper open because it makes noise.

I think this picture is so funny! I know it's a little blurry but I just think it's cute the way he's squatting. We got him his very own float for the pool. He can sit in it & float around & it has a little canopy over him to protect him from the sun. I can't wait to put him in it!

This was his little basket I did for him. I just put a few books in it & a couple of balls for the pool that are the perfect size for his hands.

My parents came over too & brought Logan his Easter presents. He LOVED his little lawnmower. It makes noise & is really cute! He pushed it all over the place. Baxter bet watch out!!! His Nona & Pops (my parents) also gave him the cute little LSU outfit. With those shorts he looks like a real basketball player!

This one is just because I think he's so cute & it's hard for the camera to catch him smiling!

I think this picture is soooo cute too! He's watching the garbage truck!!

When we left Logan, we went to the LSU game. It was hot! No, I'm not complaining, I just wasn't really prepared. I had to wear closed toe shoes because I hadn't polished my toenails. The flip flop weather took me by surprise.

Easter Sunday we went to Mass & then spent the afternoon at the LSU game. Once again it was hot. I was more prepared though. I did my toes before the game & I wore shorts. One of my friends from high school was in town from Dallas & she was at the game so we were able to visit. We haven't seen each other in something like 18 years but we've been talking on Facebook. Don't you just love Facebook?

Other exciting news of the day is WE HAVE SOMEONE TO CLEAN OUR HOUSE & IT ISN'T ME!!!!!  It's Gilda. Wooo Hooooo!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited. Can you tell?? I've always said that we could just clean our own house because it's just the two of us but the house is big & it takes a long time to clean it. I've tried the clean a little everyday thing but I feel like it's never all clean at the same time. Not to mention that when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is clean house. Then on the weekends something fun comes up & the house gets neglected. I got Gilda's name from a friend. She cleans several houses in my subd. & they're all very pleased with her. She comes for the first time Friday. I can hardly contain myself I'm so excited!!!!! I hope she does a good job!!! Dean said that being that this will free up some of my time I can pull weeds while he cuts the grass. At least with that  I can pull a few & get in the pool & then pull a few more & get back in the pool!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday!!

I'm sure most of you have the day off. Unfortunately, I don't. One bad thing about working for a newspaper is the lack of holidays. Newspapers don't close so I don't get many. Oh well. I have a job. Although, it was rather hard to get up this morning while Dean was still sleeping. See this little thing.

Yeh, it's a battery & thanks to it I did not get a good nights sleep.  At midnight I woke up to a very distinct beeping sound. The smoke detector needs a new battery apparently. I couldn't believe Dean was sleeping through it. I'm the one that can sleep through anything. Why didn't I wake him up? Well, I really figured it needed some weird battery that we didn't have & I didn't know what he'd do about it so I figured I'd let him sleep as long as he could. I put a pillow over my head & attempted to go back to sleep. I could still hear the beep but the pillow made it not so shrill. SURELY, Dean's going to wake up soon. He didn't. I finally fell asleep. I woke up again (I don't know what time it was) & didn't hear the beeping but was too afraid to take the pillow off my head for fear it really was still beeping & I just wasn't awake enough yet to realize it. At 5:30 when it was time to get up I told Dean about the beeping. He said he got up at 3:30 & changed the battery. He slept through the beeping for 3 HOURS!!!! Unbelievable!!! At least I didn't wake up when he was chaning it! Why is it that the batteries always go dead in the middle of the night? When we were in Vegas we got a call from the security co. saying that our alarm battery was going dead. That call came at 2:00 am Vegas time. Does this happen to anyone else or is this another one of those things that only happens to me????

I didn't do the Wii last night & I didn't go walking or biking. I did work in the yard. I didn't do a whole lot but I pulled weeds which requires me to a lot of squatting. When I was done I felt like I'd done about a million squats. I can feel it today too. That's a good thing right? This means I've done some sort of physical activity every day since Sat. except Tues. when I did nothing buy lay on the sofa!! I was planning to still go for a walk but after the yardwork I was too busy booking my flight! What flight you ask?? I'm going to SAN DIEGO!!!!  Wooo Hooooo!!! Soooo excited!!!!

I'll back up. Yesterday, sis-in-law Lydia was telling me that she was chosen to go to a Convention for work in San Diego in June & I mentioned how nice that would be & she invited me to come along. Woo Hoo!!!! I'll be hanging out by myself some but I'll have time to hang out with Lydia too. It's a great opportunity to visit a place I've never been & I won't have to pay for a hotel room! This is where we're staying.

Looks nice huh? I booked the flight last night. We leave June 26th & come back on the 30th. Lydia isn't nearly as excited as I am because this means she has to leave little Logan. It'll be my job to keep her mind off of that. If anyone's been there & there are any must do's or must eats, let me know!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 1

Technically I guess this is day 2  but I haven't completed day 2 so I still consider it day 1. What am I talking about? I finally started the exercise program on the Wii. I've boxed & played tennis on the Wii but no exercising & I've had the game for over a month. I got the EA Active not Wii Fit because I know how I am so I didn't want to spend an additional $40 for Wii Fit for it to end up in the corner with the elliptical or in the closet with the dumbells & exercise ball. Lydia has the EA Active & likes it & she runs so I knew I could trust her judgement. I put in all my info. It even has a place for you to do your body type. I chose to start the 30 day program. Although, I can tell you right now I'm not going to do it 30 consecutive days. I'll never finish the 30 days if I attempt that. I'm not going to say I enjoyed the "workout" but I didn't hate it. That's something right?

Surprisngly, I liked the running a lot. Maybe because they break it up so you only run a couple of minutes at a time. I REALLY liked the boxing, although I was reminded why I've never been an athelete. Along with the lack of motivation, competitive spirit, laziness & sheer lack of talent, I'm also a bit uncoordinated apparently. I got the hang of it after a bit. I also learned that although I'm right handed, my left arm is stronger. At least I think so. It was shattering the little target thingys when I hit them but when I used my right arm it didn't. I also learned that I really should wear shoes when I do this. I didn't know there would be running & jumping. I guess I thought it was going to be more of an aerobic type thing.

The game also lets you pick a male or female trainer. I chose a female. She tells you if your form is right & how you're doing. It's pretty cool. I did the low intensity workout since it was the first time & I was hot & a little tired when I was done. I'm not in good shape so I wanted to start slow. There's a part that you do inline skating & you have to jump. Who knew that jumping wasn't my strong suit? After I finished that part the little trainer lady said that "you need to get those legs stronger so this activity doesn't own you". Yeh I KNOW I need leg strength. My legs are why I'm doing this.  Maybe I'll do better when I have shoes on. At the end of the workout which lasted 24 minutes I burned 96.6 calories. WOW - I didn't burn the calories of one Dr. Pepper that I drank yesterday. I guess it's a start. I think I'm going to try & do it before I eat because I can tell you when I finished the thought of food made me nauseous!

On to more interesting things. Monday there was a Macy's ad in the paper & they had a pair of very cute shoes on sale. Of course, as usual, I had a coupon. Whoo hoo! I have a Macy's card that I got when I was buying a dress for a Mardi Gras Ball one year & they sucked me in with the "15% off your purchase today if you sign up" deal. Now, they send me coupons all the time. It said in the ad that these particular shoes come in navy. Yay yay yay!!! I have one navy pair of shoes that are on their last leg. It seems that shoe manufacturers think navy shoes are only for mawmaw's. I've looked forever for a pair in a cute style & nothing. But alas, here they are. The sale started yesterday. Imagine my surprise when Dean was getting ready to leave for work when he came & said "I hate to tell you this because it's going to cost me" & then he showed me that his shoe was coming apart. What does this have to do with me you ask?? WELL, for some reason it always works out that when we're buying Dean a pair of shoes I end up buying like 2 pair! I told him about the Macy shoes & how weird it was that his shoe picked that day to fall apart & it must be an ESP type thing. He laughed, gave me that look & said that he was sure that's what it was. HAHAHAHA! Anyway, Macy's at lunch, EPIC FAIL....... They didn't have the shoes in navy. But it said so in the salepaper. The guy said all the stores don't get all the shoes in the paper. Now that's just stupid! So, the search continues.