Thursday, October 6, 2016

Friday Eve!

The day's are going by slow but the week seems to be going fast which really doesn't make any sense. The time when I'm actually at home is what's going so fast which is annoying.

Saturday during my run I stopped at Mike's cage. This has become a habit on my long runs. 

He wasn't in the mood to entertain. Mike was diagnosed with cancer this summer & we found out this week that the cancer has spread & he only has 1-2 months to live. I'm going to miss seeing him on my runs. 

This was my longest run in awhile. 10 miles. I'm still kinda in shock that I can run that far. My time is slow. A good bit slower than this time last year. Not really sure why but it's not the end of the world. I have a half marathon in 2 weeks. I don't think I'll be breaking any of my records. Oh well. 

Last week was Homecoming at LSU. Sorority row is on my route when I run at the lakes/LSU.  They take the decorations very seriously. 

In case you don't know that's all tissue paper. It's called pomping. They stick what can only be a gazillion sheets of tissue paper in wire. I'm sure there's a more accurate definition but that's all I've got. 

It's very impressive. 

For those of you not familiar with LSU, the above picture is of LSU's star running back Leonard Fournette. The theme for this years homecoming was Reign. 

After my run, I got in the pool which was very, very cold. We had a cool front come through which made for glorious runs but not so glorious pool time. It was basically an ice bath without the ice. I wasn't sore the next day so there's that. 

I napped & went to Mass & then we went to watch the game with some friends. There was good food, good wine & a great game!

Sunday my brother & sis-in-law came to LSU to run so I went & got Logan. We went to Yogurtland & then to our house to play. 

He got on my foam roller, closed his eyes, said he was meditation & started to Om. I swear I don't know where he gets half the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

Monday morning I ran.

I increased my mileage & ran 6 this morning. I wanted to see if I could do it & still make it to work on time. I did but I had to get dressed faster than normal. 

Tuesday was our 13th Anniversary. We had dinner at The Little Village & it was delicious. I'm still thinking about the seafood stuffed steak that I decided against ordering. Stupid! It just so happens Tuesday's they have half price bottles of wine so that worked out nicely!

This morning I was up bright & early to get my run in. I feel so much better when I run but it's hard to remember that when the alarm goes off at 4:30.  

Again, slower than I've been but I'm trying not focus on that. I'm going to be training for my first marathon & all I care about is finishing. Well, I also care about finishing in less than 7 hours or something crazy but I'll worry about that later.