Monday, May 31, 2010

I thought we lived in the city!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday afternoon several of the neighbors came over to watch/listen to the LSU game, eat & swim. The rain missed us again but there was some thunder & lightening. We need rain.  Not that I wanted it to rain on our party but if everyone has to get out of the pool anyway, it might as well rain. Once the thunder & lightening stopped, the sun never came back out. Oh well! Here's Dean & Amelia-Ann chillin'.

This little butterfly landed on Sheri's hat & stayed there for the longest time!

We had a great day. After several hours of playing ball, rain delay, playing more ball, lightening delay & playing more ball, LSU won! 2010 SEC Tournament Champions. It really doesn't mean all that much but at least they seem to be back to their winning ways. I was right about something. LSU will not be playing at home next weekend. For the first time since 1989 they will travel  for Regionals. They will be in the beautiful, sunny state of California! I soooo want to go. They're playing at UCLA. I love L.A. Granted, I've only been there once but I so loved it. Unfortunately, we will not be making the trip. Flights at this late date are ridiculously expensive. Not to mention the fact that I'm going to San Diego at the end of June. We'll just have to listen. This weekends games will not be on TV.

This morning me, Allie, Amelia-Ann & Sheri went & had mani's & pedi's. I went to yet another new place. I think it's my favorite. I know I've said that before but this place has a HUGE selection of polish. I think they have every single color that OPI ever made. It was a bit overwhelming. I ended up with Strawberry Margarita. It's hot pink. I really like it. After our mani's & pedi's we went out for lunch. We went to DeAngelos for pizza & salad. It was sooo good! When we left it was storming & much to our surprise it was actually raining at our house too! Woo Hoo!

It was such a relaxing way to spend the day until about 4:00. I was standing in the kitchen reading Dean an email when he said "Oh, that's a big snake" & as I start to turn around he says "don't look". Um yeh right. Tell me not to look & what do you think I'm going to do? This is what I saw.

Do you see it? YUCK! Dean went outside to try to kill it. Yes, I know there are lots of good snakes & all of that but at my house there's no such thing. Sorry. If you're a member of PETA you're going to want to stop reading now. Besides, from what Dean had seen of him he thought it was a Water Moccasin. So Dean goes to the get the shovel & the stupid snake slivers into the rock garden. Just yesterday, I was thinking I needed to thin out the day lily's. Dean could see it & he saw Dean so we were at a stalemate. I say "we" meaning Dean. I was inside looking out the window. They stared each other down for a bit & then Dean went to get the rake. His thinking was that he could hold him in place with the rake & stab him with the shovel. After a few more minutes Dean attempted to slice him in half. He missed but he did manage to chase him out of the rock garden.

That would be a rock next to him that Dean threw to try to get him out from under my truck. I did go outside but I'm not anywhere near this creature. I have a good zoom lens on my camera. Throwing rocks didn't work. Next step? Spray water at him. Dean has a shovel in one hand, the rake in the other & he tells me to spray the water at him. Hopefully, he'll come out from under the truck. Yeh, not so much. I suggested that we run over him with the truck. Dean said no for me to just stay right where I was. No problemo. Dean got the thingy that we use to scoop leaves out of the pool. It has a really long handle. He poked at him & got him out from under the truck.  Now he's up against the house. I think the snake is smarter than we are because he went from one place to another that Dean couldn't get to him with that shovel. Then back under the truck he goes. Enough of this. Dean told me to climb in the back of my truck & try to run over him. It's a really good thing I have an Expedition as this wasn't hard to do. I just climbed in through the back & climbed over the back seat & console while Dean kept an eye on the snake. The whole time I'm doing this I keep thinking of Lucy & Ethel.  This soooo seemed like something they'd be doing. Isn't it weird the things you think of in times like this? The snake was by my front tire. You'd think when I started the truck it would've scared the snake. Not this one. He just laid there. I backed up & missed him. Apparently, by just a hair. Back into the rock garden he went. I was beginning to think we needed Billy the Exterminator! Finally, Dean whacked at him with the shovel & got him! Sort of. He came flying out of the rock garden onto the carport. I was still in my truck. I figured if worse came to worse I could hit him if he got loose again. Once he was in the open space of the carport Dean was able to get him good with the shovel.

That's his head. Much to my chagrin, it was still attached to his body & it was still moving. He was still opening his mouth & doing that thing they do with their tongue. I didn't know it took so much to kill a snake. 

Here he is with the measuring tape. His head is still moving! How, I don't know, after the way Dean kept jabbing him with the shovel. He measured about 36 inches. He sure looked longer than that. It was a Water Moccasin too. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!

This brings me back to last summer when I saw a snake while watering plants. Of course nobody else was around & everyone thought I was exaggerating when I described what I saw. FYI, it looked just like this stupid snake!   

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Game Day

I told you that Friday night I was going to eat well since I had Cheez Nips for lunch due to the unfortunate incident of my real lunch being stolen. We decided to go to Sammy's. LSU is out & summer school hasn't started & it was 6:00. We didn't think crowds would be a problem. We were wrong. There were about 30 people standing around outside waiting for tables & there were NO parking spots. By that point I had my heart set on seafood. I love seafood & this whole oil spill thing has me nervous that soon there won't be any. Luckily we have some fish & shrimp in the freezer. When I say luckily, I mean THANK GOD for my inlaws!!! I don't know what I'd do without shrimp. Anyway, we decided to try the Chimes. I love the Chimes but crowds are usually a problem there too. Normally, I don't mind waiting a bit. Dean however, does not like to wait to spend his money. Of course there was the unfortunate lunch incident so I needed to eat in a hurry before I got grumpier than I already was. Thankfully, we parked, walked in & they seated us immediately!! Thank God for small favors!!! It was delicious & we even got to watch the Ole Miss game on TV. I also have a whole to go box of seafood treats!!!

Yesterday, Dean went to his parents to help his dad run nets. Vicki & Lane came over to swim. The weather was beautiful & the water was 88 degrees which I think is absolutely perfect. After we swam awhile & listened to the LSU game we had a picnic, as Lane said. Vicki & I had Brewbachers & Lane had McDonalds. It was delightful. Lane was very excited about his Shrek Happy Meal.

After lunch we came inside & watched the last couple of innings of the LSU game. They won! Vicki emailed me this picture of Lane from the way home. It didn't take him long to pass out.

I may have taken a little nap myself. Our friends invited us join them for dinner at Marcello's. It was our first time to eat there & we really enjoyed it. The place was a wine bar that expanded into a restaurant. When I say expanded, I mean added a few tables. It's a bit of a hole in the wall but I like that about it. There were 6 of us there & we had a great time.

In an interesting turn of events, LSU has swept through the SEC tournament this week & is playing for the championship today. Just think, last weekend they were fighting just to get into the tournament! I'm going to go ahead & go on record AGAIN & say that I DO NOT think LSU will be hosting a regional next weekend. There are lots of people out there that do. Even if the losing  regular season conference record, the 8th seed in the tournament & fighting to get in the tournament don't convince you, the fact that there was no email from LSU saying to submit your credit card for tickets in the event of a regional should. We will see.

The game is at 1:00 & the neighbors are coming over to watch. Geaux Tigers!!!!


Friday, May 28, 2010


Why am I starving since it's after the lunch hour you ask??? That would be because this was my lunch.

Why was this my lunch you ask?? That would be because someone STOLE my lunch! Who does that??? It was just lunch meat & cheese, nothing special but it was mine! I feel like Ross in the Thanksgiving episode of Friends when his boss ate his special Monica turkey sandwich. I wanted to start screaming at someone. It wouldn't have been as big a deal but I left at lunch to pick up a birthday gift & could very easily have picked up lunch but I didn't because I brought my lunch!!! I can promise I'll be eating something good for dinner!

On to other frustrating things. I told you about a moron co-worker of mine here. Well, Bob strikes again.  He called me from the road this morning because he couldn't find the Plaquemine Walmart. I ask him where he's at & the genius answer he gives me is "on the side of the road". Yeh dude, that tells me a lot. Lucky for him I'm familiar with Plaquemine. I told him the road that Walmart is on & attempted to direct him there based on how he told me he got to his current location of "the side of the road". He then says to me "so it's on Belleview Rd., that's more than I knew before". WAIT A SECOND! You mean you're so much of a moron that you didn't even look up the address before you left the office????? I didn't use those exact words but his response was "everybody said you just stay on the main Highway & you'd probably see it". PROBABLY??? Those are the directions you took? PROBABLY???? M-O-R-O-N!!!!!

Then there was this...

When I was having "lunch" I had to deal with this. I blocked out her face to protect her identity. Anyway, she spent 30 minutes on the phone "talking". It was more like screaming. She was sooooo loud. Not to mention I don't want to look at her feet! Do you think she could get any more comfortable? We are at work people!! Perhaps she would be interested in the Cleavage Caddy.

Needless to say I've been annoyed today.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Feet May Thank You!

Today as I was perusing blogs (BonBon Rose) I found something. Calm down, it's NOTHING like yesterdays find! Thank goodness.

It's FOOTGLOSS!!! Apparently, you put this stuff on your feet where your shoes rub & it prevents them from making blisters & makes your shoes comfortable. Interesting. I wouldn't begin to know how or why this works but the girls at BonBon Rose like it. I went over to to see how much it is. I was suprised to see that it was only $12.50 (including shipping). Lord knows I waste more money than that on a regular basis so I decided to order one. If it works I will be a very happy girl!  I am a firm believer that cuteness is waaayyy more important than comfort & functionality. I also LOVE shoes. I also don't LOVE to pay ridiculous amounts for them so the ones I buy aren't the highest quality or comfortable. Therefore, when I take my shoes off  I always have marks on my feet from where things have rubbed wrong. We'll see if this works & I'll let you know. Has anyone else heard of it??

When I got home from work yesterday I got in the pool & floated around. It was lovely.  LSU was playing in the SEC tournament. I was anticipating that to be not so lovely. Imagine my surprise when they had a 6 run lead early! I was informed by my Facebook peeps that I was to stay in the pool. (Baseball people are really superstitious!!). Much to everyone's chagrin, the time came when I had to potty & was hungry. Thankfully, they still won but  the lead shrank to only 3 runs. I've been told I must be in the pool for tonights game. There are a couple of problems with that. 1. The game doesn't start until 8:00 & I'm a mawmaw & have already bathed & put my pjs on by that time. 2. It's raining. Yep, like storming. Of course, that may not be a problem because it's not necessarily raining at my house. It's like Tiger Stadium, it never rains in Riverbend! I'm thinking the Tigers are just going to have to win this one on their own.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Perfect White Trash Accessory!!!!

As I was perusing blogs today I came across this.

I couldn't believe it either. I just don't know what to say.

Back in the day when I worked at Zack's & Sam's there were plenty of times that women pulled money & credit cards out of their bra. Each & every time I was thoroughly disgusted. Each & every time I wanted to say "GET A PURSE"!!!! I mean seriously, you can get a cheap purse. I've got about a million & one that I'd be happy to donate if it means no more going to your bra to give me money. Carrying a purse has to be more comfortable than having stuff crammed in your bra. I've seen cell phones stuck in there too. People, a bra is for boobs not money & accessories!  

"Tuck away your stuff, then discreetly hide it in your own bra" 
 Hmmm, then you're going to indiscreetly pull all your crap out of it in front of me!!!! Not to mention, if you put all that crap in your "caddy" you're going to look like you have 3 boobs!

"Ask about custom designs" - WTH???

What else is unbelievable about this ingenious (that's sarcasm people) invention?? It's $29.95!!
SURELY, people aren't paying that for this??
 This gives a whole new meaning to the term "you can find anything on the internet".


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Second Part of the Weekend...

Today is a very special day.

It's Logan's 1st birthday!! I can't believe it's been a year since Dean & I got that call at 2:30 in the morning that it was time. How lucky were we that it was Memorial Day & we didn't have to work! Not only was it Memorial Day but it was also his due date.

Sunday afternoon we went to his party. He had lots of gifts. Rather than opening them, he enjoyed climbing on them.

Look! I can climb from box to box. They're the EXACT same size! Yeh, that's because they're the EXACT same gift. There's only a gazillion toys in the world but me & Logan's other aunt bought the same thing. It probably won't be the last time that happens!

Dean's helping Logan unwrap his gift from his Godfather, Jordan.

It's a big Dinosaur & he loved it! At one point he sat on his tail like he was going to ride him!!! He used him as a chew toy a few times too.

Here he is in his little car from Nona & Pops.

It's a good thing Logan's been walking for awhile. Otherwise, with all these other means of transportation he would never learn! Check out his new bike from Mawmaw & Grandpa.

His expression is so funny I think!

Finally, it was time for cake! Look at that little grin!

Looks like he likes it!

 He's growing up too fast! We love you soooo much Logan!!!

After Logan's party, we went to a graduation party. Our friends' daughter, Anna, graduated from high school Saturday & they had a big shindig Sunday afternoon. There was lots of food & friends. When it was only the neighbors (& Disney goers)  left we had a "Disney Planning Meeting". Anna went to Disney on her Senior trip & her mom went too. They stayed at Coronado Springs where we're staying in December & they took notes! We now know what building we need to be in to be close to the first bus stop! Yep, I think we're officially crazy!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

The First Part of the Weekend....

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. Friday, I went to lunch with Aaron & Stan. We went to Schlitz & Giggles for pizza & knots. Sooo good. What are knots? It's pizza dough tied in a night & then cooked with garlic butter & cheese. Really, really, really good. This was the first time I'd been to the new location. I couldn't believe this thing.

Yep, it's a ceiling fan! I've never, ever seen anything like it. The fan is like 12 ft. around.  This picture really doesn't do it justice.

We went to the game Friday night. It was a bit warm & the game was boring. LSU won 17-3. Back in the day, that would've been my type of game. Now, not so much. It was rather boring. Mississippi States baseball team is quite possibly the worst team in the history of SEC baseball. I made an executive decision to stay home Saturday. It was going to be ridiculously hot. I ran some errands Saturday morning & then worked in the yard. I pulled weeds, got in the pool & cooled off & planted a few things. By that time I needed to get dressed for dinner. We went to La Carreta with our friend Bill & his girlfriend Allie. This was my first time to meet her & she's very nice. I liked her a lot.  I had a Rumrita as usual. Sooo good.

By the time we got home I was soooo tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I was asleep for 9:00. How much of a mawmaw am I??? It was Saturday night! Working outside in the heat was exhausting.  Not to mention, I didn't take a nap.

On that note, I'm going for now because I'm ready for bed!!! 5:30 comes early.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Almost Friday

It's Thursday. Wooo Hooo!!! That means tomorrow is Friday! Aside from that there isn't much happening. I'm home alone tonight. Dean is at the LSU game. I haven't gone to a mid week game all season & I saw no reason to break my streak. Especially being that they lost again Tuesday night. And to Tulane no less. Completely unacceptable. This is the last regular season series. A few years ago they started playing the last series Thurs.-Sat. rather than Fri.-Sun. because the SEC tournament starts Wed. This gives them an extra day to play with in case of rain. I will go tomorrow night & Sat. afternoon. Chances are it's the last home games of the season. Post season at The Box used to be a given but not anymore & certainly not when you're fighting your way into the SEC tourney. Anyway, that's what we'll be doing Fri. & Sat.

I had visitors at work today. Wendy brought Emily to the office to meet everyone & visit.

Isn't she cute?? I caught her mid yawn!! I was excited to see her awake. The last couple of times I've seen her she's been fast asleep. I held her for awhile & then they went home & the rest of my day was boring.

When I got home I had these blooms on my Hibiscus.


You can see a couple of Knock Out Rose blooms too.

This morning when I left I saw I had 2 buds & they were wide open this afternoon. I love them!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There's a first time for everything!

Today is Waffle Cone Wednesday at TCBY! I knew they had waffle cone specials but I never remember to go when it's actually Wednesday. Today, however, I remembered. I was really excited to see that they had White Chocolate Mousse. It's one of my faves. I also did something that I've NEVER done before, including the 5 years that I worked at Zack's Frozen Yogurt when I was a teenager, I ate a waffle cone!!! I've always been a cup kind of girl. Cone's are messy & they get soggy. I do love waffle bowls so it's not the taste of the cone. Anyway, the small cone was .99 so I went with it & I really enjoyed it. I will be having Waffle Cone Wednesday again.

At lunch today I went & got the rest of Logan's birthday gift. I hope he likes it. I guess we'll see. I also picked up something for myself.

This is the picture from Target's website. I would've liked the blue but they only had my size in black so I got it. I thought it would look really cute with flip flops.  I also found a cute, comfortable pair of shorts. The kind to just wear around the house. They look like cut off sweatpants that have been hemmed. The best part is they were on the clearance rack for $8! 

I'm sitting here watching Tori Spelling's show. LOVE HER!! They went to buy chickens to teach the kids responsibility & they also put a deposit down on a goat. And to think Dean doesn't want a dog. I wonder what he'd think if I came home with a baby goat???

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not That I'm Complaining.....

BUT, an inch and a half of rain in 45 minutes is a bit much.  Yep, after no rain whatsoever in like 6 weeks we've had almost 5 inches since Sunday!!! I'm not going to lie, I was happy about the rain today. I had planned to pull some weeds that have sprouted up in the front beds after all the rain but I really wanted to watch Real Housewives of NJ!! I swear the more I watch the more I can't stand Danielle.

Saturday while I was pulling weeds I came across this funny looking thing. I can't figure out if it's some weird butterfly or some weird moth. Any ideas?? I know it's not the greatest picture but I didn't bring my good camera outside to pull weeds. It was kinda pretty with the pink on its wings.

OK, maybe pretty was a stretch.

As I type this I'm watching the hummingbirds. I really want to go out there & fuss at them or at one of them anyway. I swear they're just like kids. One flies up to eat & the other comes & chases it off & then it doesn't  eat, it just hovers around so the other one doesn't come back. Only the other one does come back & it starts all over. It's a vicious cycle.  I just want to tell them there's enough for everyone & there's another feeder by the pool. Uggghhhh!!!

I just got a phone call that my sweet little Logan has Roseola! He doesn't have the rash yet just the fever. He must feel awful. I could hear him in the background whining. Poor little thing. This leads me to believe that there's some other poor little thing that was at Lydia & Scott's crawfish boil Saturday night. I hope he's feeling good enough by Sunday because he's supposed to be having his birthday party.

I'm linking to Outdoor Wednesday so maybe someone can tell me what the weird moth/butterfly thing is.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rounding Out The Weekend!

It's been kid overload this weekend. Last night we went to Scott & Lydia's for their crawfish boil. We met Karley & Kenley for the first time.

That's Karley in the stripes & Kenley asleep. She didn't stay that way for long though. Logan walked up & grabbed her feet. He wasn't sure what to make of these babies. We also meet Leah for the first time. Logan didn't understand what she was doing in his chair. He attempted to join her but I stopped him. After I took the picture of course!

Here's Logan with Kamryn. She's Karley & Kenley's older sister. Isn't she soooo cute??? She was at the hospital when Logan was born & while they bathed him she made the statement that "I want that baby!" She's just the sweetest little thing!!

Here's me & Logan during one of the very few times he was still. He's constantly on the move. Last night was a bit of power struggle with the little man. It was raining, thundering & lightening & of course he doesn't get why he can't play in the rain.

Lydia had a birthday cake for Logan & Leah. Their birthdays are just a few days apart. Logan immediately went for the icing. Leah was a little calmer!

This is the party pole! This pole has a long history. Scott's had it forever & every party they had it was there. Once again it made an appearance last night.

My how times have changed. It used to be all the crazy 20 somethings hanging around the pole dancing & now it's those same 20 somethings turned 30 somethings' kids!!! That's Matthew & Graham with Logan checking it out.

Today we had some of our neighbor friends over. Dean made crawfish stew & everyone ate &  swam. Here's MacKenzie, Amelia-Ann & that's Stafford with the goggles. There were a bunch of other kids too but they weren't sitting still long enough for pictures!

Here's everyone listening to LSU lose again.Who gets swept by Kentucky??? That's right, LSU did for the first time in 19 years. We're so proud. (Do you detect the sarcasm??)

Matt enjoyed the stew.

It was a great weekend & I'm NOT ready for work.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Could It Be??

YES it's RAINING!!! I can't believe it. It's actually raining!!! We haven't had any rain in weeks. Actually, I think it's been a couple of months. So far today we've had 3 showers. We need more but it's certainly better than nothing. Dean & I spent the morning in the yard. I pulled  a lot of weeds & Dean dug up some of the gazillion purple irises that we have. There were some areas that they had completely overtaken.  I feel like I did about a million squats! Hopefully, I'll be able to walk tomorrow.

Last night I spent the evening with Amelia-Ann.

Her parents had a function to go to so she decided to stay with us. Dean was listening to the LSU game so me & A-A went to dinner. We went to DeAngelo's & had pizza. It was sooo good! The slices are huge! We each ate half a slice so we could go to Cold Stone for dessert!

Tonight we're going to Scott & Lydia's for a crawfish boil. Friends are in town from Florida so not only do we get to see little Logan, we get to meet little miss Leah for the first time. I'm also looking forward to the Fudgesicle daiquiri! They're soooo good!!!

While I type this we're watching the LSU game on TV. It's not good. It's the 4th inning & they're losing 4-1 & have given up 2 HR's this inning. I have a new philosophy since they've been on this skid. If  they're not going to make it to Omaha, I'd rather them not host a regional. My theory is if they host it just cost us money & takes up pool time. I don't want to spend money to watch them lose. I'd just rather the season end & I'll float around the pool those 2 weekends in June that would otherwise be spent sweating at that place they're calling The Box.

I'm off to fix my hair. We're leaving soon.

Toodles for now!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Need A Nap!

 Seriously, I'm soooo sleepy. I don't know who came up with the whole after Kindergarten you don't need a nap thing but they should really rethink it. I'd have no problem laying a mat down on the floor of my cube everyday. Boss Dean brought us to lunch today for Administrative Professionals Day. He was out of town on the actual day. We went to Zea's. It was my first time there & it was good. They have some interesting things on the menu, Thai ribs, lamb & corn grits just to name a few. I stuck with what I know - fried fish. I did venture out of my comfort zone & ordered corn grits as one of my sides. I was told they were really good & I like grits but I wasn't sure about having them as a side at lunch. They were really good! Our waiter was quick with the refills & before you were finished with one he was there with another. Needless to say I think I had 4 Dr. Peppers. Not my proudest moment.

Last week I was supposed to make enchilada's one night but then because of Cinco de Mayo I didn't. I made them last night. As I've said before I'm not a cook. I didn't do anything stupid this time at least.  The recipe is for chicken but I made them with ground meat. They were good & we have leftovers for tonight so nobody has to cook. However, if it were up to me, we'd just eat out every night. Cooking just doesn't seem to be worth the trouble. Dirty a bunch of dishes, cook & clean up takes AT LEAST  twice as much time as actually eating what was prepared. I saw what my mom meant when she'd cook & then say she didn't really feel like eating. By the time I was done it was like "eh, I don't want this".

Thanks goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EPIC Fail!!

It seems that Lydia may be onto something. I don't know for sure but it's possible that Mr. Pluckers does in fact read my blog! HAHAHAHA! That's the only explanation I have for last night. When we left to go eat he was home. Hmmm. That's ok. We just figured he was home for a break & would be going back to the restaurant. Once we ordered we asked our waitress if he was there & she said no & that she didn't know if he was coming in because he just "pops in & out". Interesting being that he's NEVER home. Sheri, who lives between  Mr. Pluckers & us, told the waitress all about how he lives next door & we've never met him. The waitress was nice but it seemed as though she thought we were crazy. We were there an hour & a half & he never came in. Good thing we weren't counting on a free meal or anything.

When I got home from work I watched Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle is a crazy person. Like a total whack job! Mabye it's just me but I've never heard of having a luncheon to honor someone & that someone wasn't invited. Weird right? I always liked Jacqueline but she's getting on my nerves with the whole Danielle thing & thinking she's ok.  Caroline just talks like a mob person & that bugs me. Why do I watch if I don't like anybody you ask?? Well, I do like Dina & Theresa. They make me laugh. I saw online that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filming. That should be GREATNESS!!!

Nothing else going on except for the fact that I have to cook tonight. Oh boy. Can you tell I'm really looking forward to it??


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In the mood for wings??

We have a neighbor that owns a restaurant in town called Pluckers. Yeh, it's wings but they have other things too like burgers, potatoes & salads. We have never met said neighbor. He lives 2 houses down from us. I don't remember when he moved there but it's been at least a year ago. I think a little longer. Our next door neighbors who live next door to him haven't ever met him either. I don't know if I've mentioned but we're a very social street! We like to know our neighbors. If they're weird that's fine but we need to know. One of the other neighbors did meet him BEFORE he moved in & he told him that he doesn't get home until late at night because he's at the restaurant & that he's single. He's obviously a nice guy because on Halloween he left a big bucket of candy on his porch with the light on even though he wasn't home. Only nice people do that right?? We know that he's young, like late 20's early 30's. We also know that he's done stuff to the house. Someone saw the granite people leaving one day & he has a lawn service that fixed his landscaping & cuts his grass. So, we've decided to take matters into our own hands. We're all bombarding Pluckers tonight to eat & hopefully meet our not so new neighbor! I'm not sure how many of us are going but I know for sure 11 adults & 3 kids. We're going at 7:00. Hopefully, we'll actually eat before 9:00 unlike the last two times we've gone out! Aside from meeting him our neighbors that live next door to him would like to meet him at least once before they ask him to do something about his outside light that shines in their daughters  bedroom at night. She's taken to covering her window with a blanket. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully, he's a nice guy. I'll let you know.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Our Mother's Day was very nice. Dean & I went to his parents for a crawfish boil. Dean's mawmaw, aunt & cousins were there along with my parents. It's so nice to have everyone like each other & get along. It makes holidays A LOT easier. We spent the majority of the day on the pier eating. As usual there was a ton of food. Look how pretty the crawfish were.

I didn't even eat any. I planned to but there was also fried shrimp, fried fish & french fries & those are some of my favorites. By the time I was done, I was too full for crawfish. Not to mention the key lime pie, tot pie, blackberry pie & strawberry shortcake that we had. It was all sooooo good!! Can you tell we really love to eat in this family?? Dean's cousin Cassie brought her kids bouncy castle thingy. The kids LOVE this thing. I thought it was funny how everyone was standing around looking at it inflate!!!

Cody was moving to fast for me to get a picture of him but Emma was a little slower & more willing to pose!

How cute is that!!!

The men all sat on the pier & watched the LSU baseball game. For some reason it was cloudy & cool. When I say cool, I mean that I was sitting on the swing wrapped in a blanket. Eventually, the ladies went inside to warm up!! That's Louisiana weather for you!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Day In The Pool

Saturday, Logan & Lydia came over to swim for the first time this year. It could've been sunnier, Logan has a farmers tan he needs to work on.  Here he is wondering why we're all taking pictures of him! 

He loves to splash!

See what I mean about the farmers tan??

We got out for a little bit to have lunch. Dean grilled burgers for us & Logan chilled with a bottle.

We put the canopy on his little pool float when we got back in because the sun had finally come out. He had a blast chewing on the noodle!!!

Logan is just exactly like his daddy, he can't sit still. Or stand still for that matter. He's only still when he sleeps & being in the pool was no different. The entire time those little legs were kicking 90 mph. He also doesn't like to be confined. Here he is trying to climb out of his float.

He's not even a year old, why does he need to climb out??? Where does he have to go??? I tried to explain to him that one day he'll realize how lucky he was to have a contraption to float around in & people that want to carry him around. When you get old, walking gets old!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Waito

I decided that I wanted to go to a mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo. I've never been & I keep hearing about how much fun it is. We decided to go to La Caretta. It's close to home & the food's good. So me & Dean went with our friends Dennis & Jackie & their daughter Allie. We got there at 5:45 & there were people everywhere. Dean had to park at Albertson's which is across the parking lot from the restaurant. We went to put our name on the list. They'd ran out of pagers so they were taking cell numbers. Good luck hearing your phone in that crowd! They said the wait was approximately 2 hours. Normally, we would NEVER wait that long especially for mexican food but there was a band outside & it never takes as long to get a table as they tell you it will. YEH RIGHT!!! I got a Rumrita & started to people watch. OMG! Seriously, what are people thinking??? There were more "store bought parts" there than I've ever seen in one place! Of course there was the usual people wearing stuff they had no business wearing, a few random sombrero's & even a guy with a fake mustache. Not sure what that had to do with anything but whatev. You know the part in Sweet Home Alabama where Reese says "You've got a a bar"? Well, I had that thought several times. I know technically, it was a restaurant but last night it was really more of a bar & there were people that had little kids & babies there. It just seemed strange to me. Here's me, Jackie & Allie. The iPhone camera & sun aren't the best mix. Obviously.

The band was interesting. Like I said, I've never been to Cinco de Mayo but I assumed it would involve Mexican music. Not that I'm a fan of that, I just thought that was part of it. Well, it's not at La Caretta. The band was a bunch of white guys. The singer wasn't good. Although, the later it got the better he sounded. I guess he just needed to warm up. He did sing a really good variety of stuff. There was Journey, Better Than Ezra & even Def Leopard. Thinking back, I guess that was kinda strange to have one guy singing all that stuff.

There were a couple of tables outside where we were & if you were lucky enough to snag one you didn't get up. Finally, around  8:30 we were able to get one of these tables. It was after 9:00 when we ordered & got our food. That would be twice in 4 days that I've eaten after 8:00. At least this time it wasn't because the waiter forgot about us but this is not a trend I want to continue. I tend to get grumpy if I have to eat that late. I was good last night because there was so much to see. It really reminded me of back in the day when we always went to a bar in Tigerland called The Stadium Club. At one point I thought we were at a reunion. There were all sorts of people there that we used to see. We ended up seeing a lot of other people that we know too so that made it fun & the time go by fast. At 9:40 when we left they still hadn't called to tell us we had a table!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucky or Stupid??

I vote stupid. Last night I was cleaning out some files & I came across an envelope from our mortgage company. I opened it to see if it was something I needed to keep. It was an escrow report from 2008  & there was a $318 check included!!! OMG!! How could I have not deposited it?? It was dated April 18, 2008. Thinking back I remembered that was when we were finishing our pool so there was a lot going on but there was also a lot of money being spent so I can't imagine that I just forgot about a $300 check. Nowhere on it did it say void after 90 days or anything so I took it to our credit union this morning. They told me that even though it doesn't say it on the check most companys have what is called a "stale date" of about 6 months. They told me to call the mortgage co. & check with them. Back to my office. I called & the lady laughed & congratulated me for finding money & said that they don't have a stale date & that it's fine for me to cash the check. Back to the credit union I go. Did I mention that I don't have on my most comfortable pair of shoes? Thank goodness the credit union is next to my office. They cash the check & YAY ME, I'm now $318 richer!!! I'm just really happy that I didn't throw it away, which I've been known to do. FYI - don't throw away a check that is sent to you from across the water. It's a real hassle to get a new one.

Yesterday, I said I was going to cook enchiladas. Well, that didn't happen. When I got home Dean had decided that since we're planning to go out to dinner with friends for Cinco De Mayo he'd rather not have mexican. Fine by me because I'd rather not cook! We had a Stouffers frozen Chicken Parmesan dinner. This was the first time we've had one & it was pretty good. A little bland for us but a lot better than having to cook & we have leftovers for tonight.

I've said before how much I like reality TV. Well, last night was very exciting. It was the season premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey! I think I'm so obsessed with these shows because I just can't believe people really live like this. I'm also convinced they're the mob or have mob ties. I mean who goes to a furniture store & spends $20,000 & pays cash??? Not to mention one of the housewives husband has never been shown on camera. If that doesn't tell you something I don't know what will. I only watched the first half of the show last night because Bravo hasn't realized that 8:00 is a better time for me than 9:00. Lucky for me I washed my hair yesterday so I could skip today. That gave me time to finish watching the show before work this morning. I tried to get Dean to watch it with me but he just rolled over & went to sleep.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Waiting On Friday!

It's Monday. Oh Joy. Thankfully, it's almost over, at least the work part of it. It hasn't been an awful day but of course it's not as good as being home or doing something fun. Yesterday, we went to mama & daddy's & ate lunch. We got there early & were able to play with Logan a lot. Lydia & Scott ate with us too. We had a nice visit.

Our neighbors have just finished putting in their pool so we walked down with our other neighbors to see it & visit. We ended up deciding to go eat. We went to a fairly new restaurant that's close to our house called Bear's. We got there about 7:15 & there were 9 of us. Our waitress came & took our drink orders & when Amelia-Ann asked for root beer the waitress gave her a really funny look said "WHAT?". A-A repeated herself & the waitress said "Oh I thought you ordered a beer". Umm, yeh. I guess that should've been a clue of  things to come. We all ordered & it wasn't much after 7:30. Well, at 8:10 we were thinking that wow this was taking a long time. Nobody had ordered anything difficult. The majority had wraps & burgers. Our waitress was nowhere to be seen. Finally, she came out to get us refills & said our food would be right out. Well, to me "right out" means like 5 mins. or less. About 15 mins. later we see her & stop her & she said that it's coming, the manager is in the kitchen now. OK Whatever that means. Keep in mind I was STARVING. I'd been hungry since like 6:00 & I get grumpy if I haven't eaten by 8:00. I'm like a Gremlin that you feed after midnight. Finally, she brings our food out but we have no utensils. It was a mess.  The food was hot so we know it hadn't just been sitting back there. We think she forgot to put the order in. The waitress looked like she was trying to hold back tears. I felt bad for her but we had been very patient. One of my friends asked if the manager was going to come to the table. She said yes. We were almost finished eating when he showed up. He apologized & said they got behind because of having to boil 800 lbs. of crawfish & he'd give us 30% off the bill. We know the bit about the crawfish wasn't true because we saw several people that came in after us get food well before us. The manager must have heard us discussing how he was lying because when the checks were being passed out he came back & said he was giving us 50% off. I was happy about that & the food really was good. I think we'll probably give them a second chance. I can't really afford to write off anymore establishments!!! If I keep it up we won't be able to go anywhere.

Speaking of food, tonight I'm going to make enchiladas. I've done this once before & they were good. I'll let you know tomorrow how they turn out.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday with the Kiddos

I had every intention of going out to dinner tonight BUT it's not happening. Dean got home from the golf tournament earlier than he expected but neither one of us feel like changing clothes to go anywhere. Yeh, I know, that's lazy.

LSU just lost for the second time today. They ended up getting rained out last night & they had to finish the game today. That's 6 losses in a row. That hasn't happened at LSU since 1982. Talk radio is going to be lively this week!

This morning I got up & went to Allison's. I played with Cael for a little bit & then Allison & I went to visit Emily. She's so cute & tiny. She's 2 weeks old now.

We had a nice visit with Wendy. We were able to break down Real Housewives of NY. We're all in agreement that we aren't Team Jill & we're VERY excited about New Jersey starting Monday night.  Here's another pic of Emily. She's so sweet!

After hanging out with Wendy & Emily I dropped Allison off & went home. My mom & Logan came over. Lydia & Scott brought some friends to their camp this weekend so Logan is staying with all his grandparents. We played for a long time. We had a little incident as well. Logan took off to the kitchen & I was putting my flip flops on. Before I could get in the kitchen I heard a crash. Me & mama both took off. I couldn't imagine what it could be. Well, he'd opened one of my cabinets & pulled out my "tea for one" set. He was also very interested in the fireplace tools. I had to put them in our bedroom & close the door. The flip flops had to go there too because he was chewing on them! HAHAHA!! We went outside for awhile, which he loves, but it's really muggy today so we came in & had a snack.

Logan also likes magazines. I had a stack on the coffee table that he enjoyed playing with. Of course they weren't on the coffee table for long.

Dean came home in time to see Logan too.

How sweet is this??