Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Morons & Chicken

Sometimes I really wonder about people. Are they stupid, oblivious or what???  What am I talking about you ask?? Well, I have some pictures of Logan at my desk & a picture of him is my screen saver.  Someone I work with, I'll call him Bob (as in Marley-that just gave away the persons identity if you work with me!), says to me, "Is that your son?". Hmmmm, let's see. I've worked here for 15 years, I've been in this particular dept. for almost 5 years, I see Bob everyday & he's never seen me pregnant & I haven't been out of the office for an extended period of time, so WHY exactly does he think that Logan is my baby??? Moron!!

Moving on. Our house has been a little like Grand Central Station tonight. Our annual "Boil on the Bend" is Saturday. It's the crawfish boil we do every year. It got its name because the center island of the cul-de-sac is where the eating/hanging out takes place & it's on Morgan Bend Dr. As of 7:00 the count was 56 adults & probably about a zillion kids. 500 lbs. of crawfish has been ordered! I'm supposed to bring some sort of dessert. That usually means I go get some breakaways & call it a day. This year it might just be cookies I buy at Walmart because I have a hair appt. at 9:30 Saturday morning & the boil starts at 12:30. I don't really see any baking time in there & I will not be rescheduling the hair. I have roots people!

Speaking of food, what time do y'all eat? We're normally 6-6:30 eaters. Dean bought a seafood stuffed chicken the other day. This completely goes against everything I believe about wasting good seafood on chicken but I digress. The chicken was in the oven & Dean was going across the street. He left me strict instructions to uncover the chicken at 6:15 & it would need to cook another 30 minutes. He knows my boundaries & thought this was something I could handle. I did as I was told but was thinking it wasn't looking cooked, but what do I know?? A cook I am NOT! Well, at 7:45 we were finally eating. Apparently, the cooking instructions were if the chicken was completely thawed out which it wasn't. Had I known I would've had a snack!!!! I told Dean to be prepared for weird dreams & a not so good nights sleep.



  1. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY -- You would die if you ate at our house. We are lucky if we get to eat at 8PM. Which is what time we ate last night..and we had to make it a quick one because Logan was not happy with us eating.

  2. You and I are on the same page with cooking!