Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Long, Farewell....

It just figures. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. What am I talking about?? I'll tell you. I needed to get my nails refilled. The new girl, Kim, that I started going to was going to be out for a few days due to her daughters surgery. I called yesterday to make sure she would be there today. The lady that answered the phone said that she would so I said I wanted to make an appointment. She said "OK Bye". UH NO WAIT - I tell her my name & that I'll be there at 5:00. Her response? "OK Bye". Hmmm. I'm not expecting much. Fast forward to today. When I got there they weren't busy so the appt. thing didn't matter. Kim gets started & breaks the news to me. SHE'S MOVING!!! Oh, that's ok, what salon?? Not moving to a different nail salon. Nooo, she's moving to Pennsylvania!!!! WTH??? This is soooo not good. Not completely surprising because whenever I like something or someone, it gets discontinued or they leave. So typical. I asked when her last day was. That would be next week. Lovely. Just freakin' lovely.

I'm not sure about my nail color. I chose OPI's Holy Pink Pagoda. It looked really pretty in the bottle. On my nails it's a little bright. I think it would look great on toes though. Those aren't chips, just the light.

When I got home Dean had already left for the game. I was skipping this one. The mid week games are hard for me because I'm such a mawmaw & need to go to bed early. Anyway, y'all know I'm not much on cooking & when I say not much on, I mean I can't cook much more than taco's & sloppy joes. I thought I was eating leftovers tonight but Dean cooked beef stew & it was FABULOUS!!! Sooo good.  I have the best husband!!!



  1. Traci your nails are gorgeous! I do love the cheery color. I only wear OPI as well.

    Have a blessed week. ~Melissa :)

  2. I have cookin' hubs too...thank goodness!

  3. Love your nails, I remember the day when I had my nails filled every other week and my hands were always gorgeous...Hmmm that was about 7 years ago when I was working outside of the home. :) Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. Hi Tracy! It's really sad about the IHOP fire. They should ban cigarettes! You sure have a nice husband. I love your nail color!...Christine

  5. Hey Tracey-
    Thanks for stopping by, I'll let you know how the mirror goes! I'm really excited, it it looks OK we can do it in our master bath..yeah! Have a good weekend!