Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I have a Gilda!!!!

I don't usually go this long between posts. Things have been a little busy.  Saturday, we spent the majority of the day at Scott & Lydia's playing with Logan. We brought his Easter presents to him. He loved the ribbon & he likes ripping the paper open because it makes noise.

I think this picture is so funny! I know it's a little blurry but I just think it's cute the way he's squatting. We got him his very own float for the pool. He can sit in it & float around & it has a little canopy over him to protect him from the sun. I can't wait to put him in it!

This was his little basket I did for him. I just put a few books in it & a couple of balls for the pool that are the perfect size for his hands.

My parents came over too & brought Logan his Easter presents. He LOVED his little lawnmower. It makes noise & is really cute! He pushed it all over the place. Baxter bet watch out!!! His Nona & Pops (my parents) also gave him the cute little LSU outfit. With those shorts he looks like a real basketball player!

This one is just because I think he's so cute & it's hard for the camera to catch him smiling!

I think this picture is soooo cute too! He's watching the garbage truck!!

When we left Logan, we went to the LSU game. It was hot! No, I'm not complaining, I just wasn't really prepared. I had to wear closed toe shoes because I hadn't polished my toenails. The flip flop weather took me by surprise.

Easter Sunday we went to Mass & then spent the afternoon at the LSU game. Once again it was hot. I was more prepared though. I did my toes before the game & I wore shorts. One of my friends from high school was in town from Dallas & she was at the game so we were able to visit. We haven't seen each other in something like 18 years but we've been talking on Facebook. Don't you just love Facebook?

Other exciting news of the day is WE HAVE SOMEONE TO CLEAN OUR HOUSE & IT ISN'T ME!!!!!  It's Gilda. Wooo Hooooo!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited. Can you tell?? I've always said that we could just clean our own house because it's just the two of us but the house is big & it takes a long time to clean it. I've tried the clean a little everyday thing but I feel like it's never all clean at the same time. Not to mention that when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is clean house. Then on the weekends something fun comes up & the house gets neglected. I got Gilda's name from a friend. She cleans several houses in my subd. & they're all very pleased with her. She comes for the first time Friday. I can hardly contain myself I'm so excited!!!!! I hope she does a good job!!! Dean said that being that this will free up some of my time I can pull weeds while he cuts the grass. At least with that  I can pull a few & get in the pool & then pull a few more & get back in the pool!



  1. Man, I wish Gilda would make a stop at my house.

  2. Such a cutie! It really is flip flop weather. It was 90 in Tampa today!

  3. Hot dog for Gilda! I need a Gilda badly.