Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is Harry Houdini Really A Raccoon???

I'm sick of work. Especially this week. I'm one of the few people here. It's quiet & boring. Not to mention that my email buddy, Wendy, is at home recovering from her C-section. Bummer. I knew I was going to be without her for awhile but when her hubby texted me that she'd had a section my first thought was "well crap, that's 2 MORE weeks of no email"! He'd already told me that mom & baby were doing good. I'm not that awful!

My friend Allison has a freakishly odd aversion to raccoons. They're not my favorite animal by any means but while I think they're kinda cute with their little masked faces (of course I haven't found them rummaging in my trash), Allison is petrified of them & thinks they're awful! As luck would have it, she's had several incidents with them. I'm still confused as to how many have been caught in the trap they had. The confusion is due to a Houdini raccoon. Yes, that's right, he/she (because let's face it, nobody is getting close enough to figure it out) has been caught & escaped multiple times!!! I bring all this up because of a conversation Allison & I had today. She's doing Weight Watchers & while looking up points on something she came across this tidbit of info:

Raccoon, cooked, 1oz........2pts

Yep, you read that right. Of course Allison completely flipped out. What's really strange about all this is I was reading a blog I follow http://randcgraves.blogspot.com/ & I sent it to Allison so she could see that she isn't the only one with raccoon problems. It was after reading this that she found the Weight Watchers info. I know there are people out there that eat raccoons (I think it's a southern thing) but I never thought it would be included in the Weight Watchers program!  I'll leave you with this quote from Allison, "Now, if we find out that eating it will actually burn fat and calories and make you lose weight, we'll talk".



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! They really are disgusting with their hump backs!! And they hiss! No way, no how am I getting anywhere near one. And we've only ever caught the raccoon one time and it escaped before we could relocate it!

  2. Are you sure you are catching them? We have had them reach through the trap and empty the food dish and therefore spring the trap, but I don't think I've lost any AFTER they have been caught. I had another one this a.m. so our score is now Coons - 3, Us - 2! We're gaining!

  3. Yep Mrs. Carolyn, they've caught him & he escaped. They heard something late one night & saw that he was in the trap. They were going to "relocate" him in the morning & in the morning he was gone!

  4. I'm really offended that your sis-n-law is not your email buddy. HA HA -- just joking. OH and I think Raccoons are the cutest thing. EXCEPT when they stole our hot dog buns and marshmallows when we went "tent" camping.

  5. HAHAHAHA LYDIA!!! You're an email buddy too, just like Allison & Vicki but me & Wendy watch a lot of the same mindless tv so we have lots to talk about!!!