Monday, August 18, 2014

The Weekend

Friday night was just like any other Friday night - Caliente with our crew. Everyone wasn't able to make it but we had a good time. We sat & talked until almost 10:00. Not a big deal except we got there at 6:30....

Saturday, Dean & I went to Mass & afterwards headed downtown. Scott & Lydia were running a 5K & Logan was going to do the fun run.

He was ready! He cracks me up. He stretched & did jumping jacks & ran around. We tried to tell him he was going to be worn out by the time the race started but he's 5 so you know how that went. The race was on top of the levee. That's the USS Kid behind Logan. He loved seeing the "big boat" & all the water.

At most of the races they blow an air horn to start the race. Logan is NOT a fan. He made Lydia ask the race director if there was a horn so he would know if he needed to cover his ears.

I LOVE this picture. The expression on his face says it all. He's SOOOO intense when it comes to racing. He gets it from his daddy. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body & was telling everyone that he came in 4th place. We're not exactly sure if that's true but he's got it in his head that he was. I wouldn't be surprised if he was counting people as he passed them.

After his race we watched his mom & dad.

That would be my brother. He finished 2nd in his age group. It's rare that he doesn't do really good in a race. It's so annoying....

Lydia did really well too.

Logan had a good time just sitting on the side cheering for all of the 5K runners. It was so cute to watch him clap & holler. If you remember he had signs for me when I did Rocketchix. Well, when they were getting in the car to go to the race he asked his mama where was his sign? So, note to self, next race make a sign for Logan!

After the race we took him for pizza & he came home & spent the night with us. I slept with him because I was scared he would wake up & not know where he was. I only got hit in the face once which apparently is unheard of when sleeping with him. I woke up Sat. morning nose to nose with a little face saying "tante, wake up" when I asked why he said "because it's morning!".

We brought him to eat beignets for breakfast. A few weeks ago he reminded me of the last time we took him to eat beignets. I have no idea how he remembers because it was a year and a half ago. He told me he wanted to go there again.

We had beignet fingers because they're a little easier to eat & a an order of regular beignets.

Of course he wanted the biggest beignet we had. He had powdered sugar all over him. After that we stopped at the store to do our grocery shopping. Dean thinks Logan will be an attorney when he grows up. The kid is a master negotiator. Dean told him he could have 2 hot wheels & he ended up with 3 and a Hershey bar!

Once we got home we watched some TV & went swimming.

He has absolutely no fear of the water & he's a great swimmer.

He jumped & dove & flipped & then he had Dean jumping with him & throwing him all over the pool. Dean was tired, Logan was not. Sadly, it started raining so it cut the afternoon a little short but we had a great time. Before he left Logan said "spending the night at Tante & Nonke's is so fun". What more can you ask for??


Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Weekend

I can say I've officially started Half Marathon training. I realized that it's going to interfere with some 5K's I was planning to do. Being that it's so hot I have to do my long runs on Saturday or Sunday so I can run early. I don't have time to run long before work. It's really time I retire. Working full time really gets in the way of a lot of things I'd like to do. Anyway, I won't be able to waste a Saturday run on just a 5K. How funny is it that I'm saying "just a 5K"??? So Wednesday was my second 3.5 mi. run of the week.

I'm trying to do more cross training this time around. The stronger you are the less injuries.
Thursday I went for a bike ride. It was the first ride with my new shoes & pedals.

9.26 miles. It was soooo hot. Good Lord! I realized something on this ride. I must remember to wash off my mascara before going for a ride. By the time I got home I looked like a raccoon & I had burning eyes. Another issue I had was the stupid dirt daubers, dirt divers, whatever. I think everyone calls them something different. Anyway, they're especially bad in our area this summer. Well, when I went to put air in my tires they'd made nests inside the little holes of my air pump that attaches to the stem of the tire. I spent 10 minutes with a safety pin getting it all out. So annoying & gross!

I came across this the other day & it spoke to me. I've had some drama with a so called friend recently who has decided she's not interested in being my friend anymore.

When I read this I realized how true it is & how much better off I am not having to deal with her.

After work Friday I stopped & got my nails done. I've been going to a new place the last few times & I really like them. They're faster with the fake nails, cheaper & do a better pedi. Hot stones included in their basic pedi!!

Friday night was our usual routine of Caliente with some of our neighbors. Here's a question - is anyone friends with their neighbors? Do you at least know your neighbors? Just wondering because we were talking about how we're all such good friends & some of our other friends think it's weird that we even know our neighbors names much less are friends.

Saturday the clock was set for 6:00 & I hoped to be out the door before 6:30. As luck would have it I woke up all by myself about 5:45. I was hoping to run 5 miles. The most I've ran in months was 3.5 because I'd been training for Rocket Chix. I'm following the same training plan I did for the other 2 Half's but I skipped the first week due to time constraints. I have just enough weeks to get trained for the October Half if I started with week 2. I thought I could do it but I was a little unsure because of how hot it was. Although, I started my training in August last year so I knew it could be done. They say running is so mental & I can attest to that.  
I ran 5 mi. YAY! I did bring water & drank frequently. It helped. 5 mi., in 53:41 min. I finished a little ways from home on purpose so I'd be sure to get in a good cool down. I walked 1.12 miles. I walked straight in the house got a grape Powerade Zero (my favorite) & got in the pool.

Some friends that I used to work with at The Advocate invited me to a free boot camp they go to. I wasn't sure about going after running but they assured me it's as hard core as you want it to be & nobody is going to yell if you can't/don't want to do something. Not to mention it's free! It's at a park & the guy that leads it is a trainer & owns a bunch of Anytime Fitness' in town. I'm so glad I went. It was a lot of fun. We worked out for 30 mins. & then they talked about nutrition for 30 mins. & gave us tips & answered questions. I'll definitely go back.

By the time I got home it was lunch & nap time! Dean says I should have so much energy from working out that I shouldn't need all of these naps. I don't think I really need the naps, it more like a reward for all of my hard work. I really enjoy sleeping.

Saturday night we were going to a wine dinner. The Knights of Columbus at our church were hosting it. We went last year & it was a lot of fun. This year would be better because the food was being catered by a restaurant in town that I love, Ruffino's. The food was amazing! Crab cheesecake, penne pasta, fried eggplant, stuffed artichokes, eggplant parmesan, bread pudding, chocolate beignets & gelato! So so so good!!

I've learned a few things from hanging out with the twenty somethings - how to take a picture! Always put a hand on your hip. Something about it breaking up your body & you look thinner! Also, stick your neck out. It feels awkward but you in the picture it'll will keep you from having a double chin! Dean thinks it's the funniest thing ever which is why we have the silly pic above.

And the normal one!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Catching Up....Again

Here lately I seem to be behind all the time. Oh well. Last week was pretty much a fail when it comes to exercise. I really tried to get up early every day but it just didn't happen. I was tired. I always feel better when I work out but I have to be able to crawl out of bed. 
I managed one run last week & that was Wednesday. Thursday we didn't really have anything to eat so we went to Walk On's. I did good with water & grilled shrimp salad but then this happened.

That would be Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding. It was really good. My plan was to only have a bite but of course that didn't happen. Oh well!  You can see Dean's hands in the picture as he patiently waits for me to take the picture. HA!

Friday Dean worked late so I went to Caliente with the usual suspects. 

Saturday & Sunday was a state tax free weekend so I took advantage of it. These are my new clip shoes.

I was happy to find a decent looking pair in my size. These have purple accents. This is what the bottom of the shoes look like after they put the pedal attachment on.

This is what the pedals look like.  Not that anyone is really interested in this but I was amazed the first time I saw it.

My first experience with clip shoes & pedals was when I was borrowing a bike from Cindy before I bought mine. It wasn't pretty. I didn't fall but that was only because I couldn't get clipped in. Cindy said there was an issue with those so I was hoping for a better outcome with mine. I put the shoes on yesterday & clipped in  & out my first try. I did a quick little ride down the street & was able to clip in & out while riding. It was all very exciting!!

Saturday night we ate at Lava Cantina. The food was good & my mango margarita was delish!
Deann's was called the Smooth Criminal. It was strawberry/banana.

I'm participating in another August challenge but I'm not sure how much of it will get done because I officially started my half marathon training today. I ended up skipping it Friday & Saturday & yesterday was supposed to be a rest day so I did the Saturday workout along with some weights & today I'm sore.

This morning I ran. 

3.5 mi.done! 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I did it! It was hot, it was tough & it was fun! I'll do it again. Yeh, I know I said I wouldn't. Never say never right??? More on that later.

I was very happy with my overall time. Although, it came about differently than I expected.

Let's start with Friday night. Dean & I, along with Allie & her parents had dinner at Monjuni's. Good Italian carb loading. I don't really know if the carb loading does anything for me but it's a great excuse to eat pasta & bread. I've done it before both Half's & I didn't see any reason to break tradition. Also, in keeping with tradition there were cake balls!

The one on the left was banana pudding. OMG soooo good!!! On the right we have wedding cake (my all time fave), carrot cake & Italian cream cake. All were delicious. I didn't eat them all Friday. I spread them out over the weekend. After dinner Cindy came over to make sure we had everything that we would need Saturday.

The alarm went off at 5:00 am & I was wondering why the alarm was going off on Saturday, then it hit me. CRAP! Yeh that was my first thought. I got dressed, had my breakfast, aired up my tires & loaded the bike. Well, Dean loaded the bike. Then it was off to Allie's house (2 doors down) for her to braid my hair & load up her bike. We left a little before 6:00. Everything was held at LSU so it was only about a 10 minute drive.

All marked &  ready to go. They write your bib number on both arms & your age on the back of your leg. There were over 300 ladies participating & the #1 complaint was having your age on your leg. Cindy made us swim 6 laps to warm up. I thought she was crazy but it really helped. We got a feel for the pool & it settled some nerves. Not all but some.

A bunch of bikes! This was the transition area. Tons of bikes everywhere! I had no idea what to expect.

The first swimmer was in the pool at 7:15. We were self seeded for the swim so I was close to the end of the line which meant I didn't get in the water until 8:30. It was a long wait but everyone was talking & it made me feel better to hear that a couple of ladies planned on doing the backstroke for the entire swim. Nobody but volunteers were allowed in the pool area because there wasn't room but there were windows for everyone to watch through.
That's me swimming. Cindy volunteered & I could hear her cheering for me. That's me going to the transition area. At that point I was feeling good. I had a good for me swim & was so glad it was over since that's what I was dreading the most. I swam the 200 yards in 5:37. That's a minute faster than when Cindy timed me last weekend.

My cheering section was waiting outside of the pool.

Those brick things are the reason my heels are KILLING me! Next up was the bike ride. There was a head wind the first 6 miles which was tough but that meant the last 6 miles would be easy. I had my watch on so I could keep track of my time. I knew I was close to a PR on the bike.

This was at the end of the bike ride. You have to "dismount" & push your bike back to transition. Time for the run. This I can do. It was really hot & humid. I'd eaten a GU around mile 7 on the bike because I hadn't eaten since 5:30. I think that was a mistake. Too sweet, too hot & too humid. I ran & I felt like I was going to throw up. I never feel like that during a run. I kept trying to push myself. Normally when I feel like walking I tell myself that if I walk it'll take longer to finish. Then came the cramp in my side. I had to walk. I was so mad at myself & I'm still mad but I didn't want to throw up. Other people did. I ran some more & I walked again. I did run more than I walked so there's that. The last 3/10 of a mile was so tough. I ran & ran & didn't think I was ever going to get to the finish line. I could see it though! I really didn't think my legs could go anymore. Then I saw all of my peeps - Allie's mom, grandma, Dean, Lydia, my friend Allison & Logan. When I ran by Logan joined me & helped me get to the finish line. He told me "run fast Tante". I ran as fast as I could because I just wanted water! 

After I sat, had water, a plain bagel, an orange slice & some powerade I felt better. Still ridiculously hot but better. My run ended up being 22:14.

Logan waved his signs every time he saw me.
We were so happy that we finished!
Me & Allie with our "coach" Cindy.

She helped us soooo much.

When we crossed the finish line we got a coffee mug, a medal & a sticker. Y'all know I love a sticker!

After the race Logan came home with us to swim. After Mass Dean & I ate at Caliente & I had a celebratory Jose Special. YUMMO!

This weekend was a bust as for as eating healthy.  Sunday for lunch we went to LeRoy's. It's a little local place.

Fried Oyster sandwich with pickled onions, lettuce, tomatoes & blue cheese dressing. OMG. Soooooo delicious!!! If you like blue cheese that is. After we ran a few errands it was home to the sofa for me. I wasn't sore (aside from my feet) but I felt like every muscle in my body was tired. The heat is just ridiculous & it completely drains you.
Since I didn't run the entire 2 mi. I want to do it again. NOT in July. There's one in April so I'm thinking about it.


Friday, July 25, 2014


Ready or not Rocketchix is tomorrow! I registered May 1st & July seemed soooo far away, yet here we are.  Hard to believe how fast it went.

Tuesday afternoon I went for my last swim. I was faster but there was nobody in the pool so I attribute my time to that. The race requires you to self seed for the swim. I'm going with 6:30 because that's what I did the other day when the pool was full & Cindy timed me.

After doing a long bike ride & run Sunday I decided to just do one run this week. I ran Wednesday.
It was a good run. I wasn't as slow as I normally am when I'm by myself before work. I've also been noticing that my heart rate is much lower than when I first started running. Average of 154 beats per minute this run. My max rate is about 190 & when I first started I was always very close to that. This means my heart is pumping more efficiently & it's getting stronger. I've been googling & reading, can you tell??

My 2 mi. runs after biking have been between 19:10 and 20:27. I'd like to stay in the 19 minute range. It's hard to run after biking but it's also very mental. I see that from looking back at my times & heart rate. My heart rate never got over 170 beats per minute so I can definitely push myself to go faster. I must remind myself, the faster I go the faster I finish!!

After work Wednesday I was going to go for my last bike ride. We had some sprinkling & really threatening skies so I skipped it. I'm not concerned about that because there a couple of weeks that I just did long bike rides on the weekends & none during the week. I'm hoping to do the ride in less than 45 minutes. My 12 mi. training rides have been anywhere from 44 minutes to 49 minutes depending on head winds & tail winds & all that business. The training rides have always been on the levee so there are hills which we won't have Saturday. We'll see.

I also have no idea how long transitions will take me. I've gotten a lot of tips from Cindy. Hopefully, I won't waste too much time. My biggest concern is finding my bike when I get out of the pool. I have lots of directional issues. Trying to find a black bike in the middle of 200 bikes could prove to be problematic. My plan is to pay really close attention to where it's racked before the race starts.

I had issues finding a tri top. I ordered several & most of them were too short. I can't handle a short shirt for working out. This is what I ended up with.

You can't tell in the pic but the shorts have blue stitching that matches the top. These outfits are not attractive. They're supposed to be really tight. Something about aerodynamics & all that commotion. Anyway, they're really tight so they show every imperfection you have. Basically, you're walking around in clothes that are too small for you.

I gathered up all my gear last night in hopes of not forgetting anything.

The only thing not pictured are shoes & a small bottle of water to clean my feet before putting on my socks & shoes for the bike ride.

Have I mentioned I'm nervous?? I am. Have I mentioned I don't like swimming? I don't. The plan for today is to pick up my packet after work, go eat Italian for dinner - you know carb load - and then get cake balls for dessert. This has been my routine for both of my half marathons so I figure I'll stick with what works.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Far Behind

Not sure what's happened but I'm behind reading blogs, I'm behind writing blogs. Oh well. Let's play catch up. Basically, we've been eating out & I've been working out. Pretty much the regular old schedule.

Last week I got a run in on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday when I got home from work it wasn't raining so I went for a short bike ride.
I was planning to ride longer than 4 mi. but it started sprinkling.

Wednesday I swam. I'm pretty sure this is the first & last triathlon I do. I don't like the swimming. AT ALL. It's just not my thing. I know I've said that before but I completely underestimated just how hard it is. The goal at this point is to finish the swim without using a ton of energy so that I can do well on the bike & run. Those are definitely my strengths.

Thursday I ran. I've just been sticking to 3.1 mi. for the time being. Once the Tri is over I plan to start increasing mileage on the weekends.

I've kept up with the 30 Day Challenge. This month is harder than last. LOTS of squats!

Friday after work I brought my bike in for my fitting. I didn't know what this entailed but I'm really glad I shaved my legs. They did some measuring & poking & prodding on my knees & hips. I didn't have any complaints & not much feedback to give because I've been comfortable on my bike. They like you to ride for 4-6 weeks before the fitting so they can work on anything you're having problems with. I bought a "computer" as they call it which is basically just a speedometer, tripometer & odometer.

Friday night a bunch of us went to Caliente as usual.

Saturday Cindy & I swam. It wasn't a very good swim for me but I did it. Our niece is in town from Texas so Dean's mom brought her & some of the cousins to swim.

Last week was Restaurant Week in Baton Rouge. A bunch of different restaurants participate & it's a lot of 3 course meals anywhere from $15-$35 per person. We went to Portico Saturday night.

I had a pomegranate martini.

My appetizer was shrimp & grits. I was a little surprised when I saw it.
It was pan fried or something & it was soooooo good.

Grilled red fish with shrimp & mac & cheese. Delicious!!! I had blueberry bread pudding for dessert which I didn't get a picture of.

Sunday morning Cindy & I were going on a bike ride.
12 mi. in 45:23. Not bad at all! Especially considering I got confused & was in the toughest gear I could be in the first half of the ride. I'm curious to see how the ride goes during the race. These training rides are done on the levee & that involves a couple of really steep hills. The race is flat. Thank goodness! After the ride I ran.  

I was slower than my 2 mi. run last week but my bike ride was slower last week. I can't figure out if it's better to ride fast or run faster.

Later in the day my friends Allison & Joey brought their little boy to swim. We had burgers & just hung out. It was a nice afternoon.

Cael enjoyed himself

Sooo, I guess I'm caught up. Saturday is the race so there will be some rest this week.