Monday, April 26, 2010

Tweens are my Faves!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day!! We spent the entire day outside. Cassie & her mom brought the kids over to swim & my mom came & visited too. Emma was ready to go!!

Cody loves the pool. He jumped off the side screaming "CANNONBALL" more times than I could count! He LOVED when Dean would throw him in.

Amelia-Ann & Claire came over too. They had a good time with Emma. I got in for awhile too but the water is still a little cold.

Emma wore herself out.

Today has been a day of nothing but eating. Lydia & I went to lunch at Camille's & then we went with a bunch of our neighbors to Izzo's tonight. All the girls wanted Bosco's, the new frozen yogurt place, so we went by there too. I love 11 yr. old girls! They're soooo much fun!! I laughed pretty much the entire time we were with them. It's tiring but hilarious! They all talk at the same time & are telling different stories. I am a little disturbed though. Amelia-Ann was hanging on me asking me to bring them to Bosco's (she likes my car better than theirs). Her mom told her that "Mr. Dean drove" & she said "That's even better" & proceeded to hang on him & beg him to go! WTH???? I'm the one that does whatever she wants!!!! Looks like I've got more work to do.

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