Monday, April 12, 2010

A Blonde Moment & I'm Not Blonde

I learned today that I know nothing about track. My neighbor, Allie is on the track team at U High. She throws the javelin. I've known this about her for awhile & we've talked about her meets before & how she did. So, tonight I was watching her practice in the street with what I thought was some sort of Nerf toy. I was wrong. This toy wasn't a toy. It was some sort of contraption that track people use to practice throwing the javelin. Anyway, come to find out there's even a special form you have to perfect that makes you throw better. She's really good. Well, at least she looks like she's really good. I was talking to Dean & asking why she doesn't use something a little heavier to practice. I thought that would help more & he said that this thing is heavier than it looks. I commented that I thought it would be better to practice with a baseball. He said that the contraption is the same shape. Same shape? Same shape as what? It's certainly not the same shape of a baseball or javelin. His response was javelin. So I look at him like he's crazy & ask how is that pointy thing the same shape as a round javelin?? That's when I realized I'm the crazy one. APPARENTLY, I had the javelin confused with the shotput. It makes so much sense that she was practicing with the other thing now! My daddy always said I should've been a blonde.


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