Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Weekend Bites The Dust!

Another weekend is over. I feel like I'm always saying that. It was a good one though! On my way home from work Friday I stopped & got my nails done. My friend Jackie talked so highly of the girl that does hers I decided to try her out. It didn't hurt that she was cheaper than where I've been going. I'm very pleased & will continue to go there.

I decided to go with a color rather than a french manicure. I really, really like it. The brand is OPI & the color is "Italian Love Affair".

Gilda came for the first time Friday. When I walked in the house it was wonderful! Everything smelled great & was all clean. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you don't have to spend the weekend cleaning house. The guys spent the day getting everything together for the crawfish boil. We all ended up at our friends down the street for pizza & to watch the LSU game. I also had my first mochasippie. Yes, I know, weird. I don't like coffee so I've never bothered trying any of this stuff. Amelia-Ann wanted to go & who am I to say no to her??? We went to CC's. I've vowed not to ever go to Starbucks because I'm so intimidated by the ordering process. Let's face it, if Amelia-Ann wouldn't have been with me to tell me what to order, I would've been intimidated here too! Apparently, if you don't put espresso in it, it doesn't really taste like coffee. I think I'd still rather have a chocolate shake from Sonic.

Saturday morning I was able to get my hair done. Thank goodness. It was getting a little flat & I was starting to get roots. I can't have that! I got home just in time for the crawfish boil. We had a great time. The weather was perfect! It's not often we can say that. My next door neighbor had prom last night so we all traipsed over to see her dressed & to check out her date. (Much to her chagrin I'm sure!!) 

Here she is with her sister & all the neighborhood girls.

After the crawfish boil was over & everything was cleaned up we went to the neighbors & hung out & grilled burgers. It was a late night & needless to say I was tired today. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed this morning. When I finally got moving we went to Scott & Lydia's. He had some banana trees he was digging up & he was giving them to me. Of course I was going to play with Logan too. I forgot my camera so all I had was my iPhone.

This is the best picture I got. He would NOT stand still. Oh well! He was watching the kids ride by on their dirtbikes. As you can see he was very interested! Dean was able to get the plants planted when we got home & they look good. Hopefully, I can manage to keep them alive!

Toodles for now!


  1. OMG... you're first Mochasippi! It's heaven!! I've graduated to the super grande with an extra shot. I will get guilt free... I'll get at Mochasippi, Mocha (no whip) or Vanilla Latte (no foam). ROOCKIE... HA HA

  2. Logan is such a cutie! I love this pic!

  3. Lydia's comment is exactly why I don't ever go these places - Mochasippi, Moccha no whip, W - T -H?????????? Way too intimidating & I felt like an idiot that the 11 yr. old had to tell me how to order!!!!!

    Joni - Thanks! We think he's a cutie for sure!!!!