Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Been A Weird Day

I learned a few things last night. I'll back up. Allie (same Allie from the last post) was 16 yesterday. She shares a birthday with my brother who was 33. That just really makes me feel old to say my little brother is 33. Uggghhhhh! Anyway, Dean & I were invited along with some other friends to go eat at DeAngelo's for Allie's birthday. Tuesday is trivia night. We've never been to Trivia Night before & weren't sure what to expect. It was sooo much fun! I figured unless they asked questions about very random things, I wouldn't be much help. The very first question was what was Tupac's real name? Well, everyone at the table looks at me because they know I'm the only one that might know this. I didn't. If they would've just asked what Snoop's real name was! Come to find out Tupac Shakur was his real name. I didn't know that. I also didn't know that Kraft made Velveeta. I thought Velveeta was it's own thing. Needless to say we didn't win.

Today was a ponytail day. That means I have extra time in the morning. This morning before I left for work I managed to fold a load of clothes, eat breakfast, fix my lunch & stop at the store & buy some knock off Splenda! I deem the day a success!

Oh, something else I learned is that 20 oz. Dr. Peppers are cheaper buying them out of the machine at my office then they are at Walmart. $1.48 vs. $1.25. Who would've thought that??

At lunch I went to Lowe's to pick up a few things.  I love Lowe's! Today was an interesting trip. I was looking for Jo Max. This stuff is great for cleaning stuff outside. I can never remember where it's at but Dean said at this time of the year it's always at the end of an aisle. Yeh, always, except when I'm there by myself. I asked someone & while he was very nice, he didn't know what I was talking about & when I explained what it was he sent me to lawn & garden which I knew wasn't right. Luckily, I saw someone else & he directed me to the right spot. For future reference, it's on the same aisle as the stain. So, as I'm walking across the store I see a guy wearing something that looks a little strange. I look again & I see that it's a glove. Not like a work glove or anything, it's a Michael Jackson glove. You know like from back in the day when he wore one glove?  It looked exactly like it. White with sparkles or rhinestones or whatever it is!! Now, some of you may think that this guy was a "heeeyy" (if you listen to Kidd Kraddick you know that means living an alternative lifestyle) but he didn't look like it. I know looks may be deceiving but he was a big guy, dressed like he'd been outside doing manual labor. He was with a couple of other guys that looked to be his co-workers. I couldn't tell if he was wearing a ring because the glove was on his left hand. I don't remember which hand M.J. wore his on but I was thinking it was his right. I tried really hard to take a picture but the iPhone camera isn't exactly conducive to taking pictures of moving objects. It kept coming out blurry so I gave up. I wonder if he was just a huge fan & that's how he's paying tribute to M.J. or if he's just some sort of weirdo??

I'm very excited to announce that our next Disney vacation is booked!!! YAY!!!! We will be staying at the Coronado Springs. I'm very excited!



  1. How long does it take you to do your hair? You sure got a lot done before work.

  2. I don't know what to comment about... I'm just laughing at all of it.

  3. Wendy - by the time I wash, blow out & fix my hair it's about 35 mins.

    Lydia - Only me right??