Saturday, April 24, 2010

Patio Furniture or a REALLY Nice Vacation???

Saturday's almost over. That's a real bummer! Last night we went to our friends Niki & Paul's for dinner & to watch the LSU game. There was really bad weather in Mississippi so the game was rained out & postponed until today. We had a great time anyway. This is Niki & Paul's  2 yr. old Charli.

Adorable huh? We had a lot of fun. We played  & read & played some more!!

Today Dean & I did a little shopping. We actually got Dean a new pair of shoes that he needed. When I say needed, I mean he really needed them, not like when I say I need shoes. Anyway, I proved him wrong today. He claims that every time he buys one pair of shoes I buy 2 the same trip. Guess what?? I bought ZERO!!! It was really hard & but I was trying to prove a point. Although, I'm not quite sure why. I would've rathered have a pair of shoes & let him be right!!! We were also looking for patio furniture. We met up with Scott, Lydia & Logan & shopped with them. We have a nice patio set but when we put the pool in we added a lot more patio & we wanted to get another set. As is everything that I REALLY REALLY like, the patio furn. was MUCHO expensive. Like, twice as much as the cruise we went on....JUST for the chairs!!!!   It was really pretty though! I'm going to look online & see if I can find it for less. We did find a freestanding umbrella stand to go with the really pretty red umbrella I'd bought a while back. We ate lunch at the Times Grill. Logan liked playing drums with the silverware. He was so good while we ate. He could've cared less that Dean & I were around but we were very happy to see him.

We stopped at Louisiana Nursery on the way home. We have a couple of plants that didn't withstand the ridiculously cold winter we had so we had to get replacements. EVERYTIME I go to this store I vow not to go back. The people that work there are snooty & rude. Seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME. The problem is it's much more convenient than any of the other nurseries in town. I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up & go somewhere else.

I managed to take a short nap when we got home & then I went to Mass. Dean BBQ'd tonight & now we're just listening to the game. Not the most exciting day but not stressful either. I'm hoping the pool will be a little warmer tomorrow so after we do the yard work I can get in.



  1. The people at Louisiana Nursery are VERY snooty. I don't understand why..and it doesn't matter which location you go to... they are all the same. We had fun Saturday.

  2. I hate it when I get nasty customer service! I mean it's your JOB to be nice and helpful people!

  3. Hi Traci! Thanks for coming by. That was a tough secidion, a cruise vs. patio furniture. Looks like you're not that far from here. You should join out get together on June 5th. For more info, please visit

  4. I meant "decision", and I meant "our" get together, lol. I have been outside planting so my fingers are kinda stiff. I go to Louisiana Nursery a lot too....Christine