Friday, April 30, 2010

Clifford the Big Red Dog

There hasn't been anything going on this week. I mean not a thing. Boring, boring, boring! Dean has gone to Belle Chasse for the Deep South Tigers golf tournament. He doesn't play but he cooks on one of the holes. Since I'm home alone (shhh don't tell anyone - I don't want anyone to come get me!), I decided to go to the mall after work. I had a few gifts to buy & I managed to get them all bought within an hour & a half. I can't tell what I bought because the recipients are faithful readers. That means they're family. What's really shocking is that I managed to leave the mall without buying myself a thing. That rarely happens. Dean will be proud.  

When I was on my way home I saw something that I can honestly say I've never ever seen before. A big red dog standing on the corner. When I say big red dog, I mean he looked just like Clifford. Right there on the corner of Lee & Highland. Of course every other time I'm at this intersection I have to sit through the red light multiple times. Not this time. Oh no, I don't even have time to take his picture but I am able to read part of his sign. It said "Spare Change?" Now SURELY this isn't a homeless person. I mean really, why would a homeless person rent a dog costume to stand on the corner & beg for money??? I was thinking maybe it had something to do with Rush but being that school is almost out I don't think that has anything to do with it. I promise I'll be going by there tomorrow & if he's there again I WILL get a picture!!!


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