Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday with the Kiddos

I had every intention of going out to dinner tonight BUT it's not happening. Dean got home from the golf tournament earlier than he expected but neither one of us feel like changing clothes to go anywhere. Yeh, I know, that's lazy.

LSU just lost for the second time today. They ended up getting rained out last night & they had to finish the game today. That's 6 losses in a row. That hasn't happened at LSU since 1982. Talk radio is going to be lively this week!

This morning I got up & went to Allison's. I played with Cael for a little bit & then Allison & I went to visit Emily. She's so cute & tiny. She's 2 weeks old now.

We had a nice visit with Wendy. We were able to break down Real Housewives of NY. We're all in agreement that we aren't Team Jill & we're VERY excited about New Jersey starting Monday night.  Here's another pic of Emily. She's so sweet!

After hanging out with Wendy & Emily I dropped Allison off & went home. My mom & Logan came over. Lydia & Scott brought some friends to their camp this weekend so Logan is staying with all his grandparents. We played for a long time. We had a little incident as well. Logan took off to the kitchen & I was putting my flip flops on. Before I could get in the kitchen I heard a crash. Me & mama both took off. I couldn't imagine what it could be. Well, he'd opened one of my cabinets & pulled out my "tea for one" set. He was also very interested in the fireplace tools. I had to put them in our bedroom & close the door. The flip flops had to go there too because he was chewing on them! HAHAHA!! We went outside for awhile, which he loves, but it's really muggy today so we came in & had a snack.

Logan also likes magazines. I had a stack on the coffee table that he enjoyed playing with. Of course they weren't on the coffee table for long.

Dean came home in time to see Logan too.

How sweet is this??



  1. How sweet. I'm glad he had a better weekend than I did.

  2. Ahhhhh, that precious little baby makes my uterus hurt. I want number 2 nowwwwww!

  3. Nothing like holding a newborn, I miss it :) I know what you mean when your just too tired to "get ready" to go out, that happens to me all the time :)
    Take care, enjoy your week!