Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Almost Friday

It's Thursday. Wooo Hooo!!! That means tomorrow is Friday! Aside from that there isn't much happening. I'm home alone tonight. Dean is at the LSU game. I haven't gone to a mid week game all season & I saw no reason to break my streak. Especially being that they lost again Tuesday night. And to Tulane no less. Completely unacceptable. This is the last regular season series. A few years ago they started playing the last series Thurs.-Sat. rather than Fri.-Sun. because the SEC tournament starts Wed. This gives them an extra day to play with in case of rain. I will go tomorrow night & Sat. afternoon. Chances are it's the last home games of the season. Post season at The Box used to be a given but not anymore & certainly not when you're fighting your way into the SEC tourney. Anyway, that's what we'll be doing Fri. & Sat.

I had visitors at work today. Wendy brought Emily to the office to meet everyone & visit.

Isn't she cute?? I caught her mid yawn!! I was excited to see her awake. The last couple of times I've seen her she's been fast asleep. I held her for awhile & then they went home & the rest of my day was boring.

When I got home I had these blooms on my Hibiscus.


You can see a couple of Knock Out Rose blooms too.

This morning when I left I saw I had 2 buds & they were wide open this afternoon. I love them!



  1. Emily is too cute!!! The flowers are so pretty!

  2. What a beautiful hibiscus! The color is so intense, love it! I have red ones but the yellow ones are prettier. The baby's cute!...Christine

  3. I think we need to plant some hibiscus plants. I heart them. Yours is beautiful!

  4. I have a red one too & I thought it was sooo pretty until I saw the yellow! I bought a pink one Saturday & planted. I just love them.