Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not That I'm Complaining.....

BUT, an inch and a half of rain in 45 minutes is a bit much.  Yep, after no rain whatsoever in like 6 weeks we've had almost 5 inches since Sunday!!! I'm not going to lie, I was happy about the rain today. I had planned to pull some weeds that have sprouted up in the front beds after all the rain but I really wanted to watch Real Housewives of NJ!! I swear the more I watch the more I can't stand Danielle.

Saturday while I was pulling weeds I came across this funny looking thing. I can't figure out if it's some weird butterfly or some weird moth. Any ideas?? I know it's not the greatest picture but I didn't bring my good camera outside to pull weeds. It was kinda pretty with the pink on its wings.

OK, maybe pretty was a stretch.

As I type this I'm watching the hummingbirds. I really want to go out there & fuss at them or at one of them anyway. I swear they're just like kids. One flies up to eat & the other comes & chases it off & then it doesn't  eat, it just hovers around so the other one doesn't come back. Only the other one does come back & it starts all over. It's a vicious cycle.  I just want to tell them there's enough for everyone & there's another feeder by the pool. Uggghhhh!!!

I just got a phone call that my sweet little Logan has Roseola! He doesn't have the rash yet just the fever. He must feel awful. I could hear him in the background whining. Poor little thing. This leads me to believe that there's some other poor little thing that was at Lydia & Scott's crawfish boil Saturday night. I hope he's feeling good enough by Sunday because he's supposed to be having his birthday party.

I'm linking to Outdoor Wednesday so maybe someone can tell me what the weird moth/butterfly thing is.



  1. I'm going with moth on your insect shot...I don't know for sure, but it seems to have the more "fuzzier" appearance that moths are known for. (I used to teach 3rd grade and our kiddos had to be able to differentiate between moths and butterflies.)

    Sorry to hear about the roseola. And, I have some bad news...it can last 10-14 days depending on the severity of the virus. According to my pediatircian's office, Roseola is the name given to any viral infection that causes fever and accompanying rash. So, a kiddo can experience Roseola more than once during childhood, and 2) must bouts tend to run 10-14 days. I think the incubation period (contagion period) is BEFORE the rash appears...which is why its so contagious, b/c until the rash/fever show up, one often doesn't know their kiddo is sick!

    Good luck with the birthday party!


  2. Hmmm not really sure what that is but it's interesting. Sorry about Little Logan being sick and appreciate your comment about Baby Angelino. I'm fine now, it's been a long time ago and I know he is happy playing with Jesus. In fact, I dreamt about it and it gave me peace of mind.....Christine

  3. It is indeed a moth, but I am not sure what species. Sorry to hear Logan has Roseola.