Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Day In The Pool

Saturday, Logan & Lydia came over to swim for the first time this year. It could've been sunnier, Logan has a farmers tan he needs to work on.  Here he is wondering why we're all taking pictures of him! 

He loves to splash!

See what I mean about the farmers tan??

We got out for a little bit to have lunch. Dean grilled burgers for us & Logan chilled with a bottle.

We put the canopy on his little pool float when we got back in because the sun had finally come out. He had a blast chewing on the noodle!!!

Logan is just exactly like his daddy, he can't sit still. Or stand still for that matter. He's only still when he sleeps & being in the pool was no different. The entire time those little legs were kicking 90 mph. He also doesn't like to be confined. Here he is trying to climb out of his float.

He's not even a year old, why does he need to climb out??? Where does he have to go??? I tried to explain to him that one day he'll realize how lucky he was to have a contraption to float around in & people that want to carry him around. When you get old, walking gets old!



  1. We had fun Saturday. Thanks for the invite.

  2. seriously kids don't know how good they have it?! I wish I had cool contraptions to sit in and ppl to carry me around!