Sunday, May 30, 2010

Game Day

I told you that Friday night I was going to eat well since I had Cheez Nips for lunch due to the unfortunate incident of my real lunch being stolen. We decided to go to Sammy's. LSU is out & summer school hasn't started & it was 6:00. We didn't think crowds would be a problem. We were wrong. There were about 30 people standing around outside waiting for tables & there were NO parking spots. By that point I had my heart set on seafood. I love seafood & this whole oil spill thing has me nervous that soon there won't be any. Luckily we have some fish & shrimp in the freezer. When I say luckily, I mean THANK GOD for my inlaws!!! I don't know what I'd do without shrimp. Anyway, we decided to try the Chimes. I love the Chimes but crowds are usually a problem there too. Normally, I don't mind waiting a bit. Dean however, does not like to wait to spend his money. Of course there was the unfortunate lunch incident so I needed to eat in a hurry before I got grumpier than I already was. Thankfully, we parked, walked in & they seated us immediately!! Thank God for small favors!!! It was delicious & we even got to watch the Ole Miss game on TV. I also have a whole to go box of seafood treats!!!

Yesterday, Dean went to his parents to help his dad run nets. Vicki & Lane came over to swim. The weather was beautiful & the water was 88 degrees which I think is absolutely perfect. After we swam awhile & listened to the LSU game we had a picnic, as Lane said. Vicki & I had Brewbachers & Lane had McDonalds. It was delightful. Lane was very excited about his Shrek Happy Meal.

After lunch we came inside & watched the last couple of innings of the LSU game. They won! Vicki emailed me this picture of Lane from the way home. It didn't take him long to pass out.

I may have taken a little nap myself. Our friends invited us join them for dinner at Marcello's. It was our first time to eat there & we really enjoyed it. The place was a wine bar that expanded into a restaurant. When I say expanded, I mean added a few tables. It's a bit of a hole in the wall but I like that about it. There were 6 of us there & we had a great time.

In an interesting turn of events, LSU has swept through the SEC tournament this week & is playing for the championship today. Just think, last weekend they were fighting just to get into the tournament! I'm going to go ahead & go on record AGAIN & say that I DO NOT think LSU will be hosting a regional next weekend. There are lots of people out there that do. Even if the losing  regular season conference record, the 8th seed in the tournament & fighting to get in the tournament don't convince you, the fact that there was no email from LSU saying to submit your credit card for tickets in the event of a regional should. We will see.

The game is at 1:00 & the neighbors are coming over to watch. Geaux Tigers!!!!


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