Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucky or Stupid??

I vote stupid. Last night I was cleaning out some files & I came across an envelope from our mortgage company. I opened it to see if it was something I needed to keep. It was an escrow report from 2008  & there was a $318 check included!!! OMG!! How could I have not deposited it?? It was dated April 18, 2008. Thinking back I remembered that was when we were finishing our pool so there was a lot going on but there was also a lot of money being spent so I can't imagine that I just forgot about a $300 check. Nowhere on it did it say void after 90 days or anything so I took it to our credit union this morning. They told me that even though it doesn't say it on the check most companys have what is called a "stale date" of about 6 months. They told me to call the mortgage co. & check with them. Back to my office. I called & the lady laughed & congratulated me for finding money & said that they don't have a stale date & that it's fine for me to cash the check. Back to the credit union I go. Did I mention that I don't have on my most comfortable pair of shoes? Thank goodness the credit union is next to my office. They cash the check & YAY ME, I'm now $318 richer!!! I'm just really happy that I didn't throw it away, which I've been known to do. FYI - don't throw away a check that is sent to you from across the water. It's a real hassle to get a new one.

Yesterday, I said I was going to cook enchiladas. Well, that didn't happen. When I got home Dean had decided that since we're planning to go out to dinner with friends for Cinco De Mayo he'd rather not have mexican. Fine by me because I'd rather not cook! We had a Stouffers frozen Chicken Parmesan dinner. This was the first time we've had one & it was pretty good. A little bland for us but a lot better than having to cook & we have leftovers for tonight.

I've said before how much I like reality TV. Well, last night was very exciting. It was the season premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey! I think I'm so obsessed with these shows because I just can't believe people really live like this. I'm also convinced they're the mob or have mob ties. I mean who goes to a furniture store & spends $20,000 & pays cash??? Not to mention one of the housewives husband has never been shown on camera. If that doesn't tell you something I don't know what will. I only watched the first half of the show last night because Bravo hasn't realized that 8:00 is a better time for me than 9:00. Lucky for me I washed my hair yesterday so I could skip today. That gave me time to finish watching the show before work this morning. I tried to get Dean to watch it with me but he just rolled over & went to sleep.



  1. SCORE on the $300!!! That would have MADE my day :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...praying for you too!

  2. How nice to be over $300 richer!...Christine

  3. HA HA... That happened to me and Scott recently. We had just refinanced and we were getting all kinds of "junk" mail from the mortgage companies. Same thing... I tossed the envelope off to the side. Two weeks later, I opened it and it was a. escrow check for $349. Wish I had it back... need it for a new iPhone.

  4. Love finding money that has been left behind, expecially when my hubby leaves it in his pockets :)