Friday, May 28, 2010


Why am I starving since it's after the lunch hour you ask??? That would be because this was my lunch.

Why was this my lunch you ask?? That would be because someone STOLE my lunch! Who does that??? It was just lunch meat & cheese, nothing special but it was mine! I feel like Ross in the Thanksgiving episode of Friends when his boss ate his special Monica turkey sandwich. I wanted to start screaming at someone. It wouldn't have been as big a deal but I left at lunch to pick up a birthday gift & could very easily have picked up lunch but I didn't because I brought my lunch!!! I can promise I'll be eating something good for dinner!

On to other frustrating things. I told you about a moron co-worker of mine here. Well, Bob strikes again.  He called me from the road this morning because he couldn't find the Plaquemine Walmart. I ask him where he's at & the genius answer he gives me is "on the side of the road". Yeh dude, that tells me a lot. Lucky for him I'm familiar with Plaquemine. I told him the road that Walmart is on & attempted to direct him there based on how he told me he got to his current location of "the side of the road". He then says to me "so it's on Belleview Rd., that's more than I knew before". WAIT A SECOND! You mean you're so much of a moron that you didn't even look up the address before you left the office????? I didn't use those exact words but his response was "everybody said you just stay on the main Highway & you'd probably see it". PROBABLY??? Those are the directions you took? PROBABLY???? M-O-R-O-N!!!!!

Then there was this...

When I was having "lunch" I had to deal with this. I blocked out her face to protect her identity. Anyway, she spent 30 minutes on the phone "talking". It was more like screaming. She was sooooo loud. Not to mention I don't want to look at her feet! Do you think she could get any more comfortable? We are at work people!! Perhaps she would be interested in the Cleavage Caddy.

Needless to say I've been annoyed today.


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