Friday, April 23, 2010

How I Met Dean

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Kelly at Kelly's Korner does "Show Us Your Life" on Fridays. This week is how you met your hubby. A little background, I'm an LSU Baseball fan. I've gone to the games since 1994 & have had season tickets since 1995.

Normally, each season my friends & I went on at lease one road trip for baseball. In 1998 me & my friends Jill & Vicki went to Austin for the 3 game series with the University of Texas. Vicki's sister & nieces went with us too. We always tried to stay at the team hotel since LSU travels extremely well it's a lot of fun to be where everyone was. This was a Ramada Inn & it wasn't the nicest of places. Not a dump but not on par with the usual places we stayed. It was February 20, 1998. Vicki, her sister & nieces went out to dinner. For whatever reason, Jill & I decided that we weren't very hungry & just felt like a little something so we were going to get takeout from somewhere. To this day I really don't know why we chose to do that. We never did anything like that!!! We ended up calling Chili's & ordering brocoli & cheese soup to go. Yep, I still remember. That would be one of those useless things that I never forget. The hotel had a good lobby. By good, I mean there were sofas & chairs & it was close to the front desk. People were just hanging out & visiting & the players were roaming around.  We started  talking to "some guy" who we started referring to as "2:00". More on that later. This same guy had asked us earlier in the day where the Catholic Church was. Of course being in a strange city & not being Catholic at the time, we had no idea. We thought that he was obviously a good guy since he was looking for a Church when he was on a road trip. Anyway, after we ate our soup we sat in the lobby & ended up talking to him. He told us stories from his road trips & we told him stories of ours. We ended up hanging out in the lobby until 2:00 am (hence his new nickname). This was back in the day when I could stay up later than 9:30, get up early & function without taking a nap. Thinking back I don't know how I did it. This was also back in the day when we gave EVERYONE a nickname. God forbid someone overhear us talking about someone. This way we just sounded like complete morons referring to 2:00, Tootie, Snoop & various other weird things. We saw Dean again the next couple of days & he invited us to come tailgate the next weekend when we were back at home. From that point on we were together.

We started dating in March of '98 & got engaged on Christmas Day '02. Yeh, that's a really long time to date. Especially when 30 was quickly approaching!!! We were married October 4, 2003 (25 days before I turned 30) and the rest is history!!!



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  2. Great times!!
    We were dealing with a flat tire when y'all met Dean :-)

  3. You know I didn't forget that Vicki!!! What a mess!

  4. HA HA HA... Vicki had a flat tire...needed help...Traci said.. oh what the hell... Vicki will get help. I just met this awesome guy! HA HA HA

  5. You guys are funny! Thanks for posting on your sidebar! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Traci it's so nice to meet you! Thank you for coming by for a sweet visit. You're always welcome!

    *Blessings & Smiles* ~Melissa :)

  7. aw that's such a sweet story! love it! xoxo