Friday, June 9, 2017

Chicago - Day 3

So the weather didn't get better. Still cold & still raining when we left the hotel Saturday morning. Luckily, the rain didn't last too long. The first stop was Millennium Park.

We had to get pics of "The Bean"

We were early so there wasn't a ton of people. 

The park was really pretty.

After the park we went to the Museum of Science & Industry. I'm not much of a museum person but this place was really cool. There was a ton of interesting things to see. 

There was a model of the city with working parts. So cute. I was excited to see a real Oscar!

Next up was the aquarium.

The penguins & the otters are my favorite. Those otters were having a grand old time. They were swimming & diving all over the place.

We walked around Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue & did some shopping. There's a lot of people watching here. 

We went to eat at Harry Caray's 7th Inning Stretch. 

The hole-y cow cracked me up!

Attached to the restaurant is the Chicago Sports Museum. Well, we tried multiple times to go but the museum was always closed for a private event. So aggravating. We checked the website & knew they were going to be closed one day but there was no mention of the other times that we went. We ate anyway & the private event that night was a wedding. I thought that was a little different. 

After eating we walked around some more & eventually made it to Ghirardelli's for dessert. I'd been looking forward to this the entire trip. 

Worth the wait & every single calorie. Sooooo good!!! I love a good waffle bowl. Add chocolate & I was in heaven!

The view from our room was pretty amazing.

We had to get up bright & early Sunday morning to come home. We took the train to the airport. That was interesting. There was nowhere to sit because of all the homeless people laid out on the seats. We didn't even see that in New York. 

It was a great trip & I'd definitely like to go back. Just not in May so maybe it will be warmer!


Monday, June 5, 2017

Chicago - Day 2

This was a day I've waited for for a long time - Wrigley Field! We went on a tour & had tickets to the game. Very exciting! 

We were early for our tour so we walked around Wrigleyville & stopped at Starbuck's for coffee. 

The Team Store had a lot of awards that Cub players have won over the years.

Greg Maddux Cy Young Award

One of Greg's gold gloves. There were also Louisville Slugger & Gold Gloves for Ryne Sandberg. 

This was really cool!

The Cubs World Series Trophy!

We woke up to awful weather Friday morning. Rain & 42 degree wind chill awful.

The tour was really interesting. There's so much history. 

It was very cool to be on the field. We had on several layers. 

Dean in the Brewers on deck circle. The Cubs were playing the Brewers. 

After the tour we went to Wrigleyville for lunch & a drink & then back to the stadium for the game. 

We weren't the only ones cold. 

I loved our seats!! Also, I took my ear muffs off for the picture. Yes, I had on ear muffs. Luckily, we're check the weather before you go somewhere people so we were prepared for the awful weather. 

It started raining harder & there was a dealy & we waited around for about 45 minutes & decided to move on. We didn't know when or if they'd resume play & we didn't want to waste any time. We saw 5 innings & it ended up being a 2 hour rain delay so we made the right decision.

Next up was Chicago style pizza.

It was good but I prefer New York style. 

We spent the rest of the evening walking down Michigan Ave. & doing some shopping. That was it for Friday!