Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Bargain!!

You may remember last week I got this adorable little camera.

It's replacing the "pencil camera" & I'm calling it an early birthday gift. I said in my last post that I needed to find a cute case. After scouring the internet & not finding anything I was overjoyed about. Well, except the Louis Vuitton Wapity but being that it has Louis Vuitton in front of the "Wapity" that isn't happening. You can't very well pay more for the case than you can the camera now can you?? I also found this one on ebay.

I thought it would be super cute, especially for walking around LSU. Sadly, it ships directly from Hong Kong & I was a little leary. Aside from the 6 yr. olds that are probably making these things in a warehouse (it was only $2.75), I would like to receive it before we go to Disney in December & I just wasn't sure that would happen (shipping was free). I went to Penney's at lunch to return something (yes I will buy something if it's on sale & return the same thing I paid regular price for. Don't hate!), so I looked around to see what they had. I found this.

It's perfect! I know it's not really a camera case but it will work. The camera fits in the front pouch & my phone fits in the inside & there's also a couple of credit card slots & a place for your drivers license. It fits fine in my purse & when I don't want to carry a purse everything I need will fit. Even lipstick! This thing will be great in Disney!

Now comes the bargain! I NEVER, EVER, EVER pay full price for anything at JCPenny's. Seriously. They have great sales. PLUS the coupons! I have a JCP credit card & anything I buy I put on that card. Points are earned on all purchases & they send lots of coupons in the mail. I always pay the balance in full so there's no interest either. Every time you purchase something you can go online & fill out a short survey & get a 15% coupon. That's not a lot off but if you're able to use one on every purchase it adds up. So, my little Liz Claiborne wristlet was regularly priced at $26.00 but it was on sale for $15. I had a 15% off coupon from my last purchase, plus since I was using my JCP card they were giving an additional 15% off & I had a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon that I'd gotten in the mail. My total with tax & rounded up to the nearest dollar for the after school program was $1.00!!!! YEP, you read that right $1.00!! How awesome is that??? I love love love a deal!! With my return, I came out $6.62 ahead on this little trip!! Oh & since I was at the mall I had Chick Fil A for lunch! DELISH!!



  1. I love, love, love a deal too :) Thanks for visiting me :) I hope you had a great day!

  2. Girl!!! Now that is a great deal and super cute!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh. I too love the deals you can score at JCP. I always use my $10 off a $10 purchase coupons and am still amazed sometimes at what I can get for $10.

  4. Now that is a good deal! I always carry a messenger bag at Disney (it actually has Tinkerbell on it) and put my camera bag in it. I like to carry my own water etc. as I'm too cheap to pay the Disney price!

  5. I sure do like that pink camera!