Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gap & Goth

Last night we went to watch our neighbor, Allie, play Volleyball. She's a Junior in high school & is really good. Her school played the school that our other neighbor is the Asst. Principal at. We were all there & we had such a good time. It's been a long time since I've been to a volleyball game. Our friend Katie played at LSU & we went to a lot of those games but it's been years. There have been some rule changes in those years. The team doesn't have to be serving to score anymore. I like that because it makes everything go faster. Allie's team is undefeated in their district but the team they played last night is in a higher classification. We were all expecting it to not be even a little bit close. Surprisingly, Allie's team won the first game, match, whatever you call it but then lost the next 3. The three they lost were really close, all by 2 points. I was sad to see them lose BUT I was really happy it was over because those bleachers in the high school gym are NOT comfortable AT ALL.

I noticed something while watching the games. Volleyball uniforms are really ugly. Seriously. Have you seen those shorts they wear? They must be uncomfortable because they girls are always tugging on them. Someone needs to come up with a new outfit.

Of course as with every event with this group of  friends we had to go eat. After some discussion & when I say discussion, I mean Amelia-Ann vetoing several places because of their level of "creepiness", we decided on The Chimes. We all love this place. It's always very hard to decide what to eat there because everything is soooo good. They have the best burgers. I decided on a combo of fried fish & shrimp because I knew I'd have leftovers that I could bring for lunch today. Of course, I'd forgotten that Wendy & I have a lunch date at Chick fil A today. I don't know if y'all have heard but the last Twilight movie is being filmed in Baton Rouge & New Orleans. This was a hot topic at our table because all the teenagers are stalking the cast. There have been tons of sightings around town. The girls were all in a tizzy because I made the comment that I think Taylor is the only one I'd recognize.  I read all the books but have no desire to see any of the movies. I went completely out of my comfort zone by reading the books. I really enjoyed them but I really don't need to see it on a big screen. This led Amelia-Ann to make this statement: "Mrs. Traci, THE GAP has gone GOTH!!". She was very disturbed by this. Apparently, she saw the confusion on my face because she launched into this big spiel about all the weird stuff they had in the store the other day. Consider this a public service announcement if you shop at The Gap & aren't into goth!! I suggested to her that maybe they weren't actually goth, maybe they just had stuff for Halloween.

Of course this little outing led to me getting to sleep way past my bedtime which means of course that I'm tired today. Oh well!


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  1. Is nowhere safe from the teenage vampire craze?! Thanks for the warning and I'm impressed you read the books but didn't get sucked into Twilight mania. I didn't read them because I didn't want to be one of those crazy thirty something Twihards. :) I get sucked in too easily.