Sunday, June 6, 2010

What Was That About Karma??

LSU lost. They're done. They didn't just lose Saturday night, they lost Sunday too. They had their chances both games. It just wasn't meant to be I guess. At least this didn't cost us any additional money. Today they lost to Irvine. Yep, the Tigers lost to a bunch of Anteaters. That's one of the great things about baseball, anyone can beat anyone else any given day.

Aside from the 2 losses we had a great weekend. Last night we went to friends to watch the game & today Lydia, Logan & my mom came over. We spent the afternoon in the pool. The water has cooled down some because we had almost 6 inches of rain this week. It was 88 degrees today which is perfect! When Logan wasn't eating I think he really enjoyed the pool. He ate those puff things, then those puff cheetos, then we figured out that maybe he'd like some lunch so he had some turkey, rice & gravy, green beans & carrots. He ate all this in the pool. I guess you could say we had a little picnic. Not a conventional one but picnic nonetheless. After he finished that he ate more puffs & cheetos. After that he caught sight of the container that his rice & gravy was in & he wanted more. I guess you can tell he's got some coonass blood, he loves that gravy!!! There wasn't any left so into the house we went & he had a piece of toast.  I guess we should've given him the bread sooner so he can learn to sop but I didn't think about it. Next time.

I took pictures but they're still on my camera. I'll post some later.

That's all for now.


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