Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Almost Over

I'm so happy that tomorrow is Friday. I'm only working until 12:30 so that's a great thing. I have a few errands to run but other than that I don't have plans. I may do a little shopping. It should be lovely.

Our niece & nephew are in town from Houston. They came swimming Tuesday. I managed to get an action shot of Camille & Dean!

I was surprised at how much they've grown & changed since I saw them last.

Drew looks so old!

Camille's birthday was May 28th. I tried to get a good picture of her but this is the best we could do!! I didn't take a picture of her gift but I got her a cute swimsuit & beach towel with her name monogrammed on it. Dean's Godchild & cousin, Lexie came too.

Isn't she so pretty?? She's growing up. I can remember when she was a little girl & it doesn't seem that long ago.

On the McDreamy front, I found out he was having dinner at Sullivan's again last night. He's also been spotted at Ninfa's. I've heard a rumor as to where he's living while he's here but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

I'm very excited about the Housewives of NY reunion show tonight. These shows are always wild. At some point everyone ends up yelling at everyone else. The NY ladies yell at each other so much during the season I can't imagine what this is going to be like. What's even better? It's coming on at 8:00 so I can watch it live without it interfering with my bedtime. That means I'll be able to discuss with Allison & Wendy tomorrow. YAY!!!



  1. Oooh, keep me posted on McDreamy! I wish I still lived in B.R.!

  2. TGIF indeed! Ninfa's - love that place. They closed the one in Austin, but we always time our trips to Florida so we can stop at the one in Baton Rouge :) Thanks for stopping by, hope that you aren't being impacted too much by the mess on the coast. Kathy