Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Stuff!!

WOO HOOOO!!! I've won a giveaway!! Exciting right? I thought so. I entered Tee's giveaway at Brown Eyed Belle.  I don't normally win things. At least not in my adult life. Back in the day, I did win New Kids On The Block tickets on more than one occasion. Of course, that required me to stay in my room listening to the radio for entire weekends at a time only going to the bathroom & eating during commercials!! Fun times! I love to get mail & what's better than mail?? PACKAGES!! Sooo excited to know that I'll have  one waiting when I get home from San Diego! Tee is from Louisiana too,  has a family of boys that play baseball & she has a GORGEOUS home. Y'all know how much I like to look at houses & see how they're decorated! Hers is fabulous!! Thanks again Tee!

In less than 24 hours Lydia & I will be in San Diego!! How's the packing going you ask? Um, yeh, it's not. Haven't even gotten my suitcase out. We're going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night so I guess I'm going to have to get with it when I get home today. I HATE HATE HATE to pack. I always pack too much & I always feel like I'm forgetting something. I usually make a list which helps with the forgetting, but I haven't even done that. Possibly because I still don't know what to pack so I don't know what to put on a list! Then there's the dilemma of what to put in my carry on in case they lose my luggage. This has never happened but there is a first time for everything.  There's no wood in my office to knock on so everyone cross your fingers!!

Here's your latest McDreamy update. He was running the lakes & at the Oak Villa parks Tuesday night. Yep, I figured that out after the fact as well. I haven't confirmed what he was doing there but I know for a fact he was there. Like I said, no problem finding out where he's been, just where he's going. Ashley Judd is also in the movie with him but NOBODY has seen her. I thought that was kind of weird.

Every morning I listen to Kidd Kraddick on the radio. He's on from 6-10am & I listen just about the whole time. The cast of the show loves Chick fil A. They were talking about the greatness of it this morning & how no matter what time of the day it is the drive thru line is out in the road. How true this is! I went to Target the other day & there's a Chick fil A out front & the drive thru line wrapped around the building & was out in the street (Seigen Ln.). In Baton Rouge if you're just sitting on Seigen Ln. you're taking your life in your hands but I digress. All of the Chick fil A talk was making me hungry. While I was thinking about that Wendy emailed me. She works with me but in a different dept. Her email said "CHICK-FIL-A. Thanks a lot Kidd, now I want that for lunch." HAHAHA!! She was reading my mind so did Chick fil A for lunch. It was greatness as usual!!! A few weeks ago when I went for my free spicy chicken sandwich there was a survey link on my website. If you completed the survey within 2 days they gave you a code for a free sandwich. I'm all over that. So, today lunch was free! Well, I had to pay for the cole slaw & Dr. Pepper. It was a great day for free stuff!


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