Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Countdown Begins.....

I'm glad we didn't have a lot of plans this weekend because we ended up really busy Saturday. I had my hair cut & highlighted Saturday morning & then I stopped at my parents to visit & have lunch. We had Sonic. It was soooooo goood! I love Sonic but there's not one close to my house so it was a lovely treat! I went home & Dean's cousins Cassie, Cody, Emma, Leslie, Cory & Sam were there swimming. Isn't Sam cute?

Her first birthday was Friday. Here she is with her mama, Leslie, opening her gift. I just realized I didn't get a picture of the gift. It was a cute little swimsuit.

Emma's 2nd birthday was Monday. Here she is with her mama, Cassie, opening her gift. It was a cute little pink dress/swimsuit coverup.

This was the best we could get of Emma with her big brother Cody. It's still cute!

After they left I got in the pool. I wasn't in long when my neighbor stuck her head over the fence (we do a lot of communicating this way!) to see if I wanted to join her & Suzy (another neighbor) for a pedicure. Of course I'd just dunked my head under water so I had soaking wet hair. Oh well, I put on a hat. So, in the last two weeks, I've gone to Hooters for lunch with NO makeup on. We did that after the garage sale a few weeks ago. Everyone was starving & didn't feel like taking time to "get dressed". Anyway, so I did that & I went to the nail salon with a wet head. I can't figure out if I'm just getting too old to care or I'm just that lazy. The pedicure was very relaxing. We were also very excited to see it storm while we were there. We haven't had a drop of rain in a week & the pool water is ridiculously hot! The rain cooled it off a bit.

Once the pedicures were done we all went home to get dressed because we were going to neighbor Suzy's for a dinner party. When I left for my hair appt. I thought the dinner party may be at my house because Suzy's AC went out & she didn't know when the repairman would make it there. It all worked out though. The AC was fixed, dinner was delicious & the company was delightful.

Today has been a very relaxing day. I went to Ross. I haven't been there in awhile. I always forget about it so I decided to go check things out. I thought about while reading blogs. One of the ladies found some cute stuff there. Dean was cutting grass so off I went. I found a shirt for $5. It's nothing special, just like a pull over type thing but hey it was $5. I can always use an off white top. Then I found this.


I LOVE it! The best part? It was $5!!! I haven't decided where I'll put him but it will be somewhere out by the pool.

My countdown has started. In 6 days, I'll be in SAN DIEGO!!!! I can't wait. Lydia & I leave Saturday morning!! She's not nearly as excited as I am being that she has to leave little Logan. I'm sure she'll manage to have a little fun!



  1. San Diego? You lucky lady! I'm dying for another Cali visit. It's been years!

  2. You are getting older...but it's a "who cares" kinda attitude. I know it is with me. Yea, I'm excited about San Diego..but a little sad too.