Monday, November 2, 2009

Artsy Much??

Yesterday, I went to a class to learn how to paint a Fleur de Lis. One of my friends that lives down the street set it all up. It was at the Arts Council of Baton Rouge. A big group of us went. It's set up like Corks 'n Canvas in that you bring food & wine. Let me just say, I'm not an artist. Scott got all of the artistic ability in the family. Then add wine to it, it's not going to be pretty. I just went along because I thought it would be fun. I haven't been to Corks 'n Canvas but another of the girls had & she said that the fleur de lis will be drawn on the canvas in pencil & we just fill it in. That I can do. I like to color. Imagine our surprise when we get there & we all have a totally blank, white canvas in front of us. Hmmm. Then the teacher starts class & she starts talking about depth & shadowing & highlighting. Yeh, you lost me at depth. I knew some of the ladies could draw & they just weren't fessing up. I also knew that one of the girls is an Architect so I made sure I sat at the opposite end of the table from her. Supposedly, I was amongst all the people that had no artistic ability. Imagine my surprise when this was my finished product

Not perfect, but I thought it was pretty good considering I was the one that painted it. Here's a pic of the whole group

My friend that lives next door invited me to join a book club. This one apparently is a real book club unlike "the worst book club ever" that I'm a member of. I'm pretty sure the real one isn't going to be as much fun as the worst one but I'm going to try it. The first book is "A Dirty Job". Has anyone ever heard of this book? I haven't.

I volunteered for the Giving Tree Ministry at our Church. This is something we do at Christmas to help with a bunch of different non-profit organizations around town. The Coordinator asked me to help make the ornaments that represent each organization. She told me she had 2 ornaments that need to be done & I could choose the one I want. I said it didn't matter. Maybe I should've gotten more information. This is what I have

I am supposed to turn all of that into 75 lambs. I'm a little nervous. I may have to enlist the help of Amelia-Ann. How pathetic is it that I may have to get an 11 yr. old to help??

It's almost time for the Saints game. No Thugs is currently losing with very little hope of beating Commissioner Ian. Colston MUST have the game of his life & it wouldn't hurt if Carney played well or at least didn't miss any FG's or extra points like last week. I'm afraid that I'm seeing the turning point of our season & that's not a good thing.


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