Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We're Back!

And I'm totally not happy about it! Normally, I'm ready to go home. I was not ready. AT ALL!

We had a fabulous trip!

It all started Thursday, May 21st. Me, Alexandra, Dean & Cliff headed to New Orleans to meet the rest of our crew.

Only to find out that we were delayed. Imagine that. Weather was fine too. It's vacay so we had drinks. Finally, we were able to board. Then the weather got bad. Of course. There we sat. Apparently, it's not the plane that can't fly in the lightening. The problem was that the guys that load the luggage on the plane can't work. Every time there's a lightening strike within 3 mi., they're delayed like 30 minutes. It's just like a baseball game. Who knew. Eventually, we took off. I think we got to our hotel in San Juan sometime around 1:00 am. 

Friday morning we had a walking food tour set up.

Our first stop was a coffee shop that's owned by Ricky Martin's uncle. 

Me, Anna, Hillary, Ricky Martin's cousin, Alexandra, Allie & Jackie. This place had the best coffee ever! We had a really good sandwich that was a lot like a Monte Cristo only without the jelly.

The only thing that would've made this better was if it wasn't 150 degrees with 100% humidity INSIDE the coffee shop. Incidentally, you always knew when you were walking by an "American" store - you could feel the below zero temps coming from them. Whereas the native stores didn't have AC.

I really liked San Juan except for the heat thing. 

It was an adorable town.

There were some gorgeous views.

Cliff, Dennis, Jackie, Allie, Anna, Dean, Alexandra, Hillary & me. The rest of our crew was arriving in San Juan Friday night. Amelia-Ann & Maddy had exams.

The one thing I didn't like about San Juan was all the birds. UGH!

This area completely ooged me out. Pigeons everywhere! Those birds are not the least bit afraid of people. 

Another stop on the tour was for Popsicles.
The first was Strawberry Mango. It was so good we went back Saturday & I had a toasted coconut. It was my fave!

This is something I could get used to. 
Have a mani, pedi or massage while having a drink. This place had a full bar.

The BEST ceviche I've ever had! I had 2 of these little tastes. 

I learned that rice & beans are very popular in San Juan. I only like green beans & refried beans. Until now. The rice & beans they served us for lunch was delicious! I'm thinking I may need to try red beans & rice again because I may like them.

Another thing that's common Puerto Rican food is Monfungo.

We made our own. You use this thing & mash up fried plantains & garlic & add chicken. It was ok. Not my fave. Allie loved it & ate it several times in the 2 days we were in San Juan. There's talk of her making it at home. 

A really cute chocolate shop/bakery was one of our stops. They gave us little cups of hot chocolate, pieces of chocolate & a slice of cheddar cheese. I was completely grossed out until I tried it.

Our guide said to dip in in the hot chocolate. It was soooo good! We're planning to have it at our Neighbor Christmas Eve PJ Party.

The churros were delish too!

Last stop was home of the original Pina Colada.

So good!

Hillary, Dean & Dennis enjoying their pina coladas.

I don't remember what this was! I think it was guava & cream cheese. It was really good too. 

Next up was the Bacardi Tour!!

Me & Jackie

Me & Dean

Me (I don't know what I"m doing with my head), Hillary, Anna, Allie, Alexandra & Jackie

This little guy was running around.

We decided to do the rum tasting.

Some were good, some not so much.

We're certified now.

The Pina Colada's were delish.

I still have no idea what Cliff was doing. I think it has something to do with Monty Python. I'm not familiar but he's a fan. I also chalk it up to too much rum.

Anna volunteered to ride in the "trunk" area of the Expedition so we could get back to the ferry without having to wait for another taxi. Something I learned in Puerto Rico is the natives are not at all bothered by the whole not having enough seat belts for passengers in their vehicles thing. Once Anna was back here she decided she was claustrophobic. She was told to suck it up, she volunteered. LOL.

Later that night we had dinner at a restaurant that came highly recommended by Jackie's Puerto Rican family. SLOWEST SERVICE EVER! I was really tired so nothing sounded very good on the menu & I ended up with overcooked chicken fingers. 

The next morning we walked around San Juan some more & had breakfast before boarding our home for the next 7 days!

Royal Caribbeans Adventure of the Sea!


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  1. Love all the pics and can't wait for more! :) We took a cruise back in 2009 and spent just a few hours in San Juan. I remember those birds!!! I thought it was beautiful, but we weren't there long. We docked around 4 or so, and then did a walking tour. It was dark and we couldn't decide where to eat so we went back on our ship for dinner.