Monday, June 15, 2015

Catching Up!

About a week ago I had routine blood work done. Checking cholesterol, thyroid, all that stuff. I haven't had it checked in years. When my mom had her heart cath, the Cardiologist said that me & my brother needed to have our cholesterol checked since it's hereditary & my mom suffers with it. 

I got the results last week. Not happy. My cholesterol is high. I know there are much worse things that could be wrong. When the nurse gave me the results she said to "increase your exercise & watch your diet & we'll check it again in 3 months". Um, ok. I thought that's what I'd been doing for the last 4 years. One of my friends said it was a good thing I didn't have it checked before I started doing those things. 

I've gotten the same response from everyone that I've told. They're surprised & don't see how I can exercise more. Well, I'm going to try. Granted I can definitely eat better. I don't seem to have much of a problem on that end during the week. The weekends prove to be more difficult. We will not stop going out to eat but I will try to make better choices. I didn't eat nearly as much chips & salsa as I normally do at Caliente Friday night! So "Operation Lower Cholesterol" is in effect. 

Aside from running, my workouts could be a little more intense. That's the one thing I find about working out at home versus taking a class (like when I took Yoglates). I'm not nearly as intense as the class is. Must change that. 

Last week I ran 3.5 miles Mon. & Wed. & did some squats & lunges on those days too. 

 Fri. I ran 3.1 so I'd have time to do more leg work. I also did a few intervals. 

Somehow I managed to forget to put on my heart rate strap so the calorie count isn't accurate. 

Saturday morning was arm day.

That calorie burn is much better than normal. I threw in some burpees too. As much as I hate them, they really do get your heart rate up. 

Me, Vicki & Allison had lunch at Newk's for Allison's birthday. We're celebrating Saturday but Vicki isn't able to join us so we had lunch.

 Newk's is new to Baton Rouge & this was our first time there. I really liked it.

I had the Greek salad. It was really good. 

Saturday night we had a couple's shower to go to. Dean's cousin is getting married.  It was a Mexican theme & I knew there would be cake which is why I ate salad for lunch. Not only was there amazing cake there were these!

The best cookies ever! Our friend makes them & seriously, they're better than any bakery cookies I've ever had. So amazing!

After the party we visited some friends that live in the same neighborhood as the party. It had been awhile so it was good to see them.

Yesterday morning I ran. These two were just hanging out in someone's front yard.

See that thing on the one in fronts head? At first glance I thought it was some sort of tumor! Once I got a closer look, it was like a plume of fur? Feathers? Not sure what you call it.  So I just stopped to google it & it seems this is a White Crested Duck  & the thing on its head is a genetic mutation that causes a deformed skull. Interesting. I thought it might mean that it was a female. It kinda looks like a hairdo or a little hat. 

This little guy ran right in front of me. 

So, I ran 4 miles. I would've like to run 5 but it was hot & I wasn't going to push myself too much. I ran far enough from my house that I would have to walk a little ways to get home. It was another 1.5 miles. Not bad for about an hours work.

Sunday afternoon was the highly anticipated LSU/TCU Baseball game at the College World Series. It DID NOT live up to the hype. It was awful. Embarrassing. Horrible. Pick a negative adjective & it'll fit. Let's hope tomorrow's game is better. If not, LSU will be on their way back to Baton Rouge. 

This morning was arm day. 

Not as good a workout as Saturday but it's better than my normal arm days. I fully expect to do all of this work & be hungry & my cholesterol to still be high but I'm trying. It's only 3 months right?



  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear you have high cholesterol. That really stinks!! I don't really know how you can exercise any more than you do--you're so good about being faithful and on track. Maybe it will come down and you won't have to do meds.... I bet you guys were not having a good evening last night after the game. Brandon was so mad!!

  2. Interesting about the duck's head!! It sure does look like a hat! so sorry about your cholesterol. My sister-in-law is super tiny and exercises all the time and also has high cholesterol (hers is also hereditary). Best of luck to you!

    1. Thanks! I would love to be able to get it down on my own but I think that may be a pipe dream!

  3. Several people I've known with really high "C" are super fit and trim....very active. Good luck!

  4. I agree---I would wonder how you could possibly exercise more since most of us don't do nearly what you do. Have you ever thought of comparing blood tests with those you had prior to your running? Just a thought.

    Cute ducks!!

    Jane x