Monday, May 19, 2014


I'm not talking about the 90's Sir Mix a Lot song. Saturday morning I went for my longest bike ride ever. I was riding with Allie & Cindy. Cindy started out doing Rocketchix several years ago & now she does a lot of "real" triathlons. She's a been a huge help. The plan was to ride 12 miles. We fell a little short because of some time constraints.
Cindy wanted us to stay under 4:00 min. miles but it didn't happen. I was happy to stay under 5:00. This was only my 4th bike ride. Our subdivision is a mile from the levee & there's a very nice bike & walking/running path on top so that's where we rode. It's so nice. I can't believe I never ran there when I was training for my half. That's about to change.

I learned some things during this ride:

1. I wasn't sitting on the seat properly. Who knew there was a right way but clearly there is because my lady parts weren't nearly as sore.

2. Close your mouth when biking. Bugs will fly in there. Luckily, this did not happen to me but there was a close call when a bug stuck to my sunscreened lips.

3. I don't like hills. Whether I'm running or biking up them, they're HARD!

Once we completed the ride I decided to join Cindy for a run. She HATES to run & hasn't been doing much of it. She recently started C25K again & was on week 3 so I just did that with her to see what's like to run after biking. The first run was 3:00 mins. I expected my legs to feel like jello but they didn't. My problem was my legs & feet felt sooooo heavy. We did the run/walk thing for 2 miles. It was the first time I ran after biking & I'm happy to say that overall it wasn't as bad as I was expecting but I have more work to do. I also really enjoy having people to work out with. Next up - I have to swim!

Speaking of

After our work out I got in the pool. It was really cold but I figured it was basically like taking an ice bath & would help my legs. I think it did because I wasn't sore at all on Sunday. Well, with the exception of my achilles but that's been sore since I started biking. Not sure what's up with that.

Thankfully, the weather is supposed to be good this week & the temps will be in the high 80's so hopefully by the weekend the pool will be warm enough to actually get in & enjoy!



  1. My brother and his fiance are into biking. My dad also used to ride 250 miles a week (along Pacific Coast highway down to Laguna Beach...get this...when he was 75 years old! He rode up and down pretty hills. You are an inspiration to keep fit and your pool looks wonderful!

  2. Oh that sounds like fun! Especially if you have someone to ride with. Oh, and about that seat thing, I must have not been riding correctly my last ride because I know exactly what your talking about, lol.