Friday, May 16, 2014


Whoop Whoop!! Imagine the hump day commercial. To say I'm a little bit excited for Friday is an understatement. Yes, I only had to work a couple of days this week but I was ready for the weekend when I got to work Wednesday. We don't have any plans for tomorrow except a visit from AT&T. When we got home from the beach our internet wasn't working. We had 7 inches of rain while we were gone so we thought maybe the modem was struck by lightening. Dean bought a new one & after  installing it & spending an hour on the phone with the internet gurus, it was determined that the problem is with the line. Oh joy.

When I leave work today I have lots of errands to run. There are birthday & graduation gifts to buy & a Sam's run too. Logan's birthday party is Sunday at the hell hole that is Chuck E. Cheese. I know he's going to love it & we'll endure it for him but geeze. I'm pretty sure I'll need a drink or 3 when that's over. Sunday night is Dean's Godchild/cousin's high school graduation party.

I have managed to get up early since we've been back from the beach to get my runs & workouts in. Wednesday morning I ran. I was feeling a little sick to my stomach when I got up but I ran anyway. It was super humid & my stomach got worse & I just felt nauseous the entire run.
I managed to get my 4 miles in but it was tough. It was a little preview of what the summer runs will be like when it warms up. Notice I said "when it" warms up. I'm beginning to think it's not going to. Some sort of crazy cool front came through & the last 2 nights it's been like 49 degrees. It's May & it's South Louisiana. We should be in the pool by now. It was almost warm enough for me & then BOOM, cold front..

Thursday morning I did a weight workout & after work Allie & I went for a bike ride.
8 miles with mile 8 at 4:11. I'd love to ride the entire race at that pace or faster. I'm not concerned about the 12 miles for the race anymore. I know I can do it now that I've been on the bike a few times but I also want to do well.

Anyone have good plans for the weekend?



  1. We pretty much have no plans and I'm looking forward to it. Although, I have a feeling I am going to need to find something to do because Brandon needs to study and write a paper! :) Imagine Cohen and Landry not being very conducive to that...

  2. Seems like everyone is getting rain lately...even Texas! But lets say a prayer for California. Scary and sad. My daughter leaves for San Diego in three weeks, I really hope everything is fine by then.

    Oh, the memories of Chuck E. Cheese! My kid's birthdays and all of their 800 friends over the years. Why is the carpet always so filthy? Thank God they served beer!

    So it is the heat that has your tummy upset? You are a trooper for hanging in there. :)