Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

I love long weekends! Especially, when they start at noon on Friday. Normally I get off work at 2:00 but since so few people were going to be in the office my bosses closed at noon. I was able to run a few errands & do a little shopping. Friday night was a low key night at Caliente. Most of our group was at Bayou Country Super Fest which is a big deal in Baton Rouge Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday morning I ran in a race.

We've become a little race group! Cael did the 1 mile fun run. Shauna Amy, Allie, me & Karen did the 5K & Allison was our cheerleader & holder of our crap because she's on Injured Reserve.

Me & Allie before the race. Pretty much all of the races in Baton Rouge are downtown. This one was went behind the Governor's Mansion by one of the lakes so that was pretty. This was a smaller race & we didn't have bibs or chip timing. There was someone at the finish that gave you your time as you crossed the finish line & then you turned it in. It worked fine. The only issue is that if you weren't in the front to start your time was a little off. I didn't start in the front but I wasn't all the way in the middle either. I may have lost a couple of seconds. No biggie.

The race started at 8:30 & I was concerned that it was going to be crazy hot & humid but it wasn't bad & it was overcast so that helped.
At this point I was happy to be finishing. I started way too fast for me. When I looked at my watch I saw that I'd ran the first mile in 8:44. I've never ran a mile that fast.

Allie finishing. I was too busy guzzling water & trying to stop sweating so I wouldn't be so red to take anyone else's picture!

We did get a group pic though. Amy, me, Allie, Karen & Shauna

The course was short. Only 2.72 miles instead of 3.05 that the website said. I'm not sure why they would only do 3.05 rather than 3.1 but it didn't matter. All the proceeds of this race go to St. Jude. My official time was 25:23 & definitely my fastest ever. That 9:21 average pace is faster than what I ran at the 5K earlier this month. I was excited!

That isn't a finishers medal. That's a 2nd place in my age group medal. I was super excited!

Cael got in on the action too. He came in 2nd place overall for the 1 mile fun run!

Once I got home I did a short weight workout & stretched. I've been really good about stretching & foam rolling & I can definitely tell a difference in my recovery.

Saturday night Dean fried fish & shrimp & we ate on the patio.

I opened a bottle of my favorite wine, La Crema & had some gouda to go with it. Delicious!

Sunday morning was a work outside day. Before we got started I cooked one of my favorite breakfasts.

Southwestern style egg beaters & I added artichokes, chopped veggies, feta, spinach & avocado. So so good! We worked for a long time. We pressure washed, washed the siding on the patio, pulled weeds & washed all the patio furniture. The rest of my afternoon was spent floating in the pool.

After 2 trips to Walmart - I hate those stupid things they have the bags on - I ended up leaving a bag & didn't realize it until I got home. UGH!!! All because I wanted to make garlic bread. Anyway, we ended up having another nice dinner on the patio with friends.

Monday morning I had a date with the bike. Cindy & I rode on the levee again. I currently have a flat tire because of a minor incident with some gravel. I haven't gotten turning at high speeds down yet. Especially, when other bikers are headed my way. I'm happy to say I DID NOT fall! I just ended up in a little gravel area instead of on the road.
All that & we still rode 12.5 mi. at 4:15/mi. pace. Not bad. I think we picked up a little speed when we rode right by the snake that was alive in the street! Several hours after the ride I discovered the flat. I should be learning how to fix that sometime this evening.

When I got home this happened.

Floating with a mimosa. Doesn't get much better!

This morning I got up bright & early, as much as I didn't want to because I didn't sleep good at all, & I ran.
Only 3 miles, 3 very slow miles. I had some very tired, heavy legs. The good news is it was harder so my heart rate was up so I burned more calories. I'll take it! The 87% humidity didn't help either. This may be my only run this week because it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. We'll see. 

How was y'all's weekend?



  1. So awesome! You have turned all speedy! :)

  2. I knew there would be food here!! That glass of wine looks soooo good!! I may just have to kick back with some tonight. Your pool water looks beautiful too. I am still so jealous that you can run, and I can't, lol, but the wine should help me get over it.

  3. Your training is going so well, Traci -- I am so proud of you! The pool and the mimosa would have been the highlight of my day....lol!