Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Don't We Work 2 Days & Have A 5 Day Weekend?????

Sunday is here. Of course you know what that means. Tomorrow is Monday. Yuck! Whoever came up with this work 5 days & be off 2 needs to be shot. This weekend wasn't a busy one which I guess is a good thing. I got a lot of rest. Friday night we went to the LSU game. They lost. I think that was the first game this season that I stayed the entire 9 innings. I'm wondering if I jinxed them. Baseball people are very superstitious you know. After the game we were talking with friends & I was able to try on this.

This is the 2009 National Championship ring the LSU Baseball team got. It's HUGE!!!!!

Saturday, I planned to go the game but the closer it got to gametime the more it looked like it was going to storm. I was not sitting in the rain. Been there done that & it's not happening again! I decided to take a nap. 4 hours later I woke up. Yep, I said 4 hours. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that BUT I figure if I slept that long I must have needed it. When I got up it was time to go to our friends Dennis & Jackie's. Luckily, they live 2 houses down so there's no travel time. Our old neighbors moved to New Mexico last year & their 3 girls were in town for spring break. We were getting together to visit with them because they were going home today. The game was on TV so we watched the end. They won. I wasn't there, hmmm.

I just realized that all the good pictures we took aren't on my camera.  This is Sarah, Allie, Amelia-Ann, Emily & Alli. Sarah, Emily & Alli are the girls that live in N.M. I really miss them. They're so sweet & they were always around. It's been hard to get used to someone else living in their house. Especially because we never see the new people! We were there along with 3 other houses on our street. The evening quickly turned into a vacation planning meeting. The 3900 Crew (that's what the teenagers came up with last time we went to Disney since all of our addresses are 3900 something) is planning a December trip to Disney. I'm very very excited! I love Disney & Universal!!!

This was the men giving their 2 cents on the trip. They had lots of opinions.

You can tell by the look on Sheri's face that this was one of the ridiculous suggestions one of the men had. Amelia-Ann set them straight real quick! She too had an opinion!!

Today I taught Sunday School. I just never know what I'm going to get. There was the week that the little boy told me he didn't have a mom because she died & this week I had a grandma tell me that if  her "soon to be former son in law" was to show up I was not to let him take his little girl. No biggie there, you just say if you didn't sign the kid in you can't sign them out. If he gives me too much trouble I've got secret service across the hall because the Governor's little boy is in the 5 yr. old class. Nana proceeds to tell me that her daughter is going through a very, very bad divorce & she's getting a restraining order tomorrow. This particular kid always gives me problems. She's very outspoken & doesn't have a shy bone in her body & she also doesn't listen well. Today was really bad. I just keep thinking that maybe her behavior is her trying to get attention due to the situation at home. Who knows. At the end of class the kids play & I was attempting to get them to pick up the toys by saying that "mama's & daddy's would be there soon". The little girl says to me "My nana is picking me up. My mom isn't feeling well AGAIN. She's sick AGAIN.  Sick sick sick. My daddy can't come because the policeman said he can't come around because my daddy says he's going to kill people". OK, Child Psychologist I am not, BUT WTH???? Why oh why would you tell or let your kid hear that??? I think this is just the beginning of lots of issues.

After Sunday School I did our grocery shopping  & I'm listening to the game. Nope, I didn't go again because today is FREEZING & the wind is blowing AGAIN at about 50 mph! I was so excited thinking spring was here. Well so much for that. At 10:30 last night when we came home it was like 70 degrees & at 6:30 this morning when we left for Mass it was 38!!!! Supposedly, it's supposed to be warm again Tuesday. We shall see!! I hope everyone had a good weekend & has a good week!



  1. Nobody on the team. Our friend is part of the Grounds Crew & they all got them.