Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Walk on the Wild Side"

That was this years theme for the American Heart Association Heart Walk which was today. I joined my sis-in-law Lydia's work team. It was a beautiful day & not too hot or too cold. Lydia pulled Logan in his wagon & we did the 3 mi. walk. There were tons of people there. Even Subway Jared was there! I'm hoping this is the jumpstart I need to do some sort of exercise program. Here's Logan as we start the walk. He loves his wagon!

Logan is very busy as I've said before. By the end of the walk I was carrying 3 bottles of water & a pair of Crocs & his mama had a bottle of water & his little hat. All objects started out on Logan or in his wagon & at some point they ended up being thrown into the street for Tante (me) to pick up. I've played this game before so I know better than to give the stuff back to him!!

When we got back to the tent area there were snacks. Smoothie King had smoothies, Subway had sandwiches & there was jambalaya. Logan even had a snack.

I know he doesn't appear to be very happy but he LOVED the strawberry popsicle thingy.
This is me, Lydia & Logan once we finished the walk.

Logan had on his AG "Walk On The Wildside" t-shirt but this was taken after his 1st wardrobe change. Logan was having a photo shoot after the walk since it was such a pretty day.

 I love this picture except for the milky drool. He's still so adorable! Logan's Aunt Sista was doing his photo shoot & I was taking pictures of the photo shoot. Somebody had to be around to capture stuff like this!

This is one of my favorites! We took some pictures at the new Alex Box Stadium. There's a big bronze tiger in front of the stadium. Here he's got the tiger by the tail! I think he looks soooo cute with his little hat on backwards!!

Once the shoot was over I came home & mama & daddy came over. We had Canes for lunch. Soooo good!!!! We watched the LSU game. They won last night & swept the doubleheader today. It's great to get a sweep on the road!.

I don't have anything planned for tomorrow besides Church. Dean left yesterday on a fishing trip & he'll be home sometime tomorrow. I should probably clean house!! I hope everyone had a great Saturday like me!


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  1. Thanks for coming with me Tante, I had fun.