Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slowest Week Ever

I'm on a never ending quest to find fun things to do. Not the same old stuff but new things. Unfortunately, all things fun for me turn into a trip, Vegas, the cruise. See where I'm going with this? This is just a mini trip. In July we're going to Houston for our friends Katie & Sean's wedding. We've known Katie since like 2000 & we love her. She played volleyball at LSU & tailgated with us for years. She has sooo much energy & makes you happy just talking to her. She's also the tallest girl I know. We really like Sean a lot too & in keeping with the theme, he's the tallest guy I know! So, this leads me to our trip. The wedding is a Saturday in July so Friday night we're going to Minute Maid to see the Astros play the Cardinals. I'm not a huge fan of either team. Dean is a "Lastros" fan & we're both excited to see Albert Pujols being that he's a future hall of famer. I think it will be fun. Since I'm such an early bird buying tickets, we have AWESOME seats!!

We're in Section 122. I'm excited.

All week I've been attempting to eat better. I've also been trying to limit my Dr. Pepper intake. That's been the really hard part but I've been pretty successful. However, it may be coming to an end shortly. As I type this I'm having a craving. Like a really big craving.

I LOOOOVVVVEEE Cadbury Eggs! Love, Love, Love!!! I don't even know what got me thinking about them. Oh well, I'll have to deal with it for the time being because it's almost 9:00 & cold.



  1. I thought of you this weekend. My hubby bought tickets to the LSU/UT baseball game at the end of March- the same afternoon after he runs his first marathon! He is a big LSU baseball fan and hopefully he will feel like going. He got seats right behind home plate... :) Your trip sounds like fun!!!

  2. I'm a sucker for peanut butter eggs.