Sunday, March 14, 2010


I know, I know, I've just had 2.5 days off but I was really busy! WARNING! This is a long post with lots of pictures!

Friday I had a short day so when I left work I went to World Market. I wanted to get some martini glasses & a shaker & I had a coupon. I found these.

So cute!!

Friday night Dean's cousin Cassie & her little boy Cody went to the LSU baseball game with us.

This was Cody's first game. I think he had a good time!

Aside from watching the game & seeing his picture on the scoreboard, we ate.

Soooo good! The icing is my favorite part! This is Cody with Dean.

Unfortunately, LSU lost but Cody didn't care!!

Saturday, I had to get up early because I was going to the St. Patrick's Day parade with Allison & her family. They picked me up at 8:00. The parade was at 10:00 & even being that early we had a really hard time finding a parking place. Well, I should say Joey (Allison's hubby) had a really hard time finding a parking place. He dropped us off with the rest of the crew & went to park. This is Cael on the way with his first treat of the day. He wanted an entire pack of Oreo's but his daddy talked him into a Cookies 'n Cream Hershey bar!!!

I stopped Friday night & got daiquiris for us to bring to the parade. We had mudslides, the breakfast of champions!!

This is some of the group. We passed the time waiting for the parade to start taking pictures. This is Jill, Nancy, Amy, Me, Allison & Sally.

Allison's little boy, Cael, wasn't the least bit interested in the parade. He was very busy.

He was also very interested in eating! Here we are with the treat of the minute.

This is Jill's baby Preston. He just turned a year old.

I could've just sat & watched people all day. There were so many interesting sites at this parade. Like these people.

I really don't understand what the point of this was or who they're supposed to be. Maybe the Krewe of Cutoffs??

This is me & Allison after the parade with a bunch of the stuff we caught. We both had to take a bunch of stuff off because we couldn't stand up straight!

We were starving by the time the parade was over so Allison, Joey, Cael & I had a late lunch at Brewbachers. It was delicious. They dropped me off at LSU for the ballgame after lunch. LSU managed to pull out a win after losing Friday night. After the game we went home & Lydia & Scott dropped Logan off. We got to babysit him for the first time. We had sooo much fun! He never stopped moving! He was walking all over the place but if he wanted to get anywhere in a hurry he got down on all four's & took off crawling. We went across the street to show Logan off to our friends. They have a yellow Lab & Logan loved her. He laughed & cackled! Sooo funny! He really liked the cabbage beads I caught at the parade.

He's a big fan of the remote too. Don't think you can fool him with one that doesn't work either.

He must have really liked the noise he made when he patted his hands on the seats of the bar stools because he kept doing it & smiling at me.

Logan likes to take a bath too. I can't wait until the pool gets warm enough to swim. He's going to LOVE it! Of course everytime we tried to get a picture of him in the tub when he was laughing he looked at us like we were crazy when he saw the camera!

He has a new trick & he's very proud of himself.

He claps!! It's so cute!

I love his little pj's. We had such a good time playing with him all night but he was very excited to see his mama & daddy when they came to pick him up.

Sunday morning we went to 7:00 Mass, which was really 6:00, which is entirely too early! I was exhausted so I took a nap when we got home. By the time I woke up & ate lunch it was time to go to the LSU game. Our niece & nephew are on spring break this week so they're staying with Dean's parents. Drew came to the game. He wouldn't allow me to take his picture. This is all I could get. At lease it's proof he was there.

Once we got home from the game, (LSU lost again), our friend/cousin by marriage Leslie came over with baby Sam. She enjoyed the cabbage beads too!

She played awhile & then just chilled a bit.

So, as you can see, I had a very busy weekend. It was so much fun but maybe I'm getting too old for all that fun in one weekend because I feel like I could really use a nap!


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