Friday, March 19, 2010

How Many People Does It Take To Pour Concrete???

Last night Dean & I went to dinner. We decided on Mexican. We really like Casa Maria & La Carreta. Dean's choice was Casa Maria but I wanted La Carreta because I wanted one of these.

That's a Rumrita. I LOVE these things. Besides, La Carreta is a little bit closer to our house & we wouldn't have to fight the awful traffic on College Dr. I have to deal with traffice everyday coming home from work & it's not my friend. I like to avoid it whenever possible. Off we go. There's lots of road construction going on between our house & anywhere we want to go. It should be fantastic when it's done but not so much now. So, we ate & I had a Rumrita & we left.  It was all delicious as usual! We weren't far from the restaurant when traffic stopped & was barely creeping along. There were construction workers at this particular intersection on our way but surely now that it's 7:15 they're not working anymore right? WRONG!! Not only are they still working but now there's 2 big concrete trucks on the scene & they're pouring concrete. I have a very strong dislike for this particular concrete company because one broadsided me when my Expedition was a mere 6 months old but I digress.  When we finally get close enough to see what's going on, this is what we see.

 I know this isn't the greatest picture. I was taking it with my phone through the window of the truck but I enlarged it so you can see. It's just a bunch of guys standing around. I don't think anything irritates me more than a whole bunch of people at a construction site standing around doing nothing. UGGGHHH!!! So, we get a little closer & there's this.

Yep, MORE people standing around doing nothing! Out of all these people (there had to be like 20 at least) 2 people were actually working. They were the ones spreading concrete. One guy that looked to be about 150 yrs. old lit up a cigar but I wasn't able to get a picture because at that point the light turned green & we were finally free to go. That's another thing. The red light is working fine but there's ANOTHER guy (also not in the picture) that is standing right below the light next to the first car at the red light holding a stop sign & when the light turns green he moves. Now, is that REALLY necessary??? Now I know why construction projects cost so much. There are a gazillion people that have to be paid.  Hopefully, I can make it home from work without a traffic incident.


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  1. Hope you made it home ok sister. Happy Friday!