Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I Learned At Lunch

Today I had lunch with my friends at work, Aaron & Stan & my boss Dean. Sidenote - my boss & hubby have the same name, first AND last. Weird, I know. Anyway, we all went to a little Mexican place by the office. I had a taco salad & it was really good.

Somehow our conversation led to some random things. I have a knack for remembering ridiculous amounts of useless information that I'll never do anything with. This lunch provided me with even more useless info. Bright colored birds are male while the duller colored ones are female. Black birds, you know the ones that fly around everywhere, can be eaten.  Why you'd want to is beyond me. If you dig a hole when there's a full moon & put the dirt back in the hole, you'll have too much dirt or if you do it with a new moon, you won't have enough dirt to fill it up. Again, why anyone would do this is beyond me. If you go to the trouble of digging a hole chances are you have something to put in it & it's not the dirt you just dug out. Although, it does make me wonder if this is actually true. I said it was random.

Speaking of birds, I have a bird problem. We have too many of them. Those little black birds that I spoke of earlier. They land on the top of the columns in front of my house & build nests, have baby birds & poop down the front of my columns. They've even pecked a hole at the top of one column. I need to figure out a way to stop this. I'm willing to put out a bird feeder & bird bath if they'd stay away from the columns but I kinda doubt that would work. I don't know how smart or cooperative birds are. Someone suggested I put out the bird feeder because it would attract the squirrels which would keep away the birds. Someone else told me to put speakers at the top of each column & when they hear the talking they freak out & leave. Speakers? Seriously? That sounds like an awful lot of trouble to go to for birds. When I was watching Steel Magnolias the other night I did wish I could just sit in the yard & shoot at them like Drum did. That's how much it irritates me. I could deal with the nests but the poop is driving me crazy!

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride. I decided to do that since I haven't gotten new shoes yet. That wasn't very smart. It didn't feel cold but it was windy & riding a bike in the wind isn't good when you have sensitive sinuses. I rode for 30 minutes & went home. Then I had a pounding headache the rest of the night. At least I did some sort of exercise.

It's been a slow week so that's all for now.


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  1. Hey -- you should have taken a picture of the birds on the column. That would have been funny. Which mexican resturant y'all went too? You know -- there's a La Cretta on Bluebonnet now. We are going at lunch.